John Oliver Height, Age, Weight: Body Statistics [UPDATED]

John Oliver Vital Stats

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John Oliver Height, Age and Weight: Whether you’ve known him from his show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver or as a voice actor for the movie “The Smurfs”…

… British comedian, actor, writer, voice talent, and producer John Oliver will always be known for his sneaky side comments about going to the gym and using diet supplements.

Here’s the kicker: The television host explicitly stated, ‘exercise is like reading for your muscles.’ 

Spoiler alert! The host also took down Dr. Oz’s diet supplements through his daily show.

I bet you’re wondering why he said those – so you should stick with me to find out. 

Besides, we’re thrilled to give you the inside scoop to John Oliver’s Vital Statistics. That’s why today, let’s jump right into:

  • Brief Overview
  • John Oliver height
  • His secrets to how he maintained his weight through time
  • The Christ’s College alumnus’ other measurements
  • His shoe size and fave kicks
  • And more info on his height, weight, body, etc.!

I bet you’re ready…

So sit tight, relax, and let’s start the show.

John Oliver Vital Stats (2024): Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

John Oliver Height Weight and Age
MotherCarole Oliver
FatherJim Oliver
Date of BirthApril 23, 1977
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignTaurus
Eye ColorBrown

Who is John Oliver?

In case you’re wondering…

… John Oliver is a British comedian, writer, producer, political-commentator married to Kate Norley. 

Oliver was born to Carole and Jim Oliver. His father was a social worker, while his mother was a music teacher. 

Growing up, he enjoyed playing the viola and never thought of becoming a host someday. 

But when he went to Christ’s College Cambridge to finish his English degree, he began showing some interest in theater and the arts.

Later on, he pursued a career in hosting, voice acting, and became one of today’s notable celebrities.

Learn more about his story in our exclusive John Oliver biography at BounceMojo.com for more.

What is the John Oliver Height from the Last Week Tonight show?

Stand-up comedian John Oliver Height is 182 centimeters tall, which is around 6 feet or 1.82 meters.

John Oliver Height Weight and Age

Considering we’ve mostly seen him sitting on his The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Last Week Tonight With John Oliver shows…

… it was never obvious how tall the Peabody Award recipient is.

How Old is John Oliver

John Oliver born in April 23, 1977 making him now 46 years old.

What is John Oliver weight?

Currently, the radio show star weighs 170 pounds or 77 kilograms. 

And after all the years he’s been in the industry, he still maintained his weight through time. 

Isn’t that just amazing?

Well, his secret is pretty simple, and it revolves around one thing – discipline. 

The actor-writer believes he should exercise and eat healthily…

… to become a better person (physically and emotionally). I mean, wouldn’t you be too?

John Oliver Height Weight and Age

Fun fact: The star isn’t fond of diet supplements. That’s why Oliver prefers to have a healthy diet plan rather than relying on those.

He even talked about the pros and cons of using these products and emphasized how unhealthy it is. 

Way to go, John!

What are John Oliver’s other measurements?

Since the award-winning writer and producer maintained his weight through time…

… it means his chest size is still at 35 inches, while his waist measures at 28 inches. 

On the other hand…

… the ‘The Daily Show’ senior British correspondent has a shoe size of US Men’s 10.

Fun Fact: John William Oliver loves his formal black shoes – AKA the classic black oxford ones. 

Unfortunately, he never spoke about the brand of his fave kicks. 

It could be a Christian Louboutin or an Allen Edmonds – I guess we’ll never know.

But one thing’s for sure – the Emmy Awards recipient sure does know how to mix and match his oxfords (both black and dark brown ones are his go-to) with his suit and tie.

John Oliver Height Weight and Age

Now that we know about his fave kicks…

… let’s talk about some of his infamous gold sneaks.

Yes, you read that right…

… the Christ’s College Cambridge alumnus dared Adidas, Budweiser, and McDonald’s on his Last Week Tonight show…

… where he said he’d gladly promote them if they’d pull out their deal with FIFA. 

Surprisingly enough, the unthinkable happened. 

It led to Oliver enjoying some McDonald’s and bro-chugged Budweiser’s Bud Light Lime while sporting a pair of gold Adidas x Jeremy Scott sneakers on his talk show. 

What a plot twist, right?

How John Oliver Styles Himself

John Oliver Height Weight and Age

Formal. Simple. Classis. 

These words best describe the outfits we’ve seen John William Oliver in during his career. 

John Oliver Height Weight and Age

You can see in the image above how John Oliver styles himself during formal events. 

Simply enough…

… he either wears a suit-and-bow combo or suit-and-tie pairing – depending on his mood for the event.

John Oliver Height Weight and Age

Yes, we made sure to include a rare photo of the television host in his everyday outfit.

This guy may have a $30-million net worth, but he’ll still prefer wearing a comfy t-shirt and shorts outfit whenever he’s out public.

Conclusion: John Oliver Height, Weight, Age

Alright! That was our in-depth overview of John Oliver’s Vital Stats. 

By the way, I wonder which John Oliver vital stat surprised you the most? Mine would probably be his height.

I mean, can you believe this guy is 6 feet tall?

But hey, I’m incredibly amazed at how he dared those big companies against FIFA. 

Did you enjoy reading? I bet you did as much as I did writing this. 

If you want to know more about the Last Week Tonight star, you can check out memes articles on BounceMojo.com.

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