10+ John Oliver Memes
[Funniest Collection] (2024)

John Oliver Memes

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John Oliver Memes: Nowadays, we usually find ourselves in front of our computer screens binging on whatever internet craze we stumble upon on our social media timelines.

The more we can relate to it and the funnier it is, the more we share and consume it.

The most common internet craze that has been dominant all over our respective pages are…

…you guessed it, memes. 

It’s happiness in a box with a side of wit and sarcasm.

This article will show you memes of today’s popular John Oliver.

John William Oliver is a British reporter and comedian who’s known for being the program host of the American late-night talk daily show series called Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 

This half-hour comedy news program became a sensational source of his hilarious and informative memes.

Hold off your laughs for now and take a look at our top 10 picks of John Oliver memes.

1. Business daddy said it be nice if I act more American on my daily show. Is this enough American for you, business daddy?

John Oliver Memes

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John Oliver may look like a geek in a suit or better yet may symbolize your friendly next-door neighbor who’s never late for work, but this meme will remind you not to push him to his limits…

or else he’ll blow off on you like a canyon.

 He can get really passionate in his talks and get over his head with his conspiracy ideas. 

Talk about information overload on the daily show live on TV!

And ironically, he’s a BRITISH man hosting an AMERICAN program so excuse him if he goes a little bit English on your ass.

It’s all in the accent, people.

2. Every time you see an old image of John Oliver… Let’s all acknowledge for a moment that this is weird.

John Oliver Memes

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<a href="https://bouncemojo.com"><img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/John-Oliver-02.jpg" alt="James Oliver" ></a>

There’s talk that HBO made him change his hairstyle for the daily show.

Do you buy it? 

Anyway, this meme makes you feel awkward looking at a younger version of John.

You can’t help but compare it to the Last Week Tonight John who seems to have aged overnight.

The John in this meme looks like a WHO scientist who has just recently discovered the cure for COVID-19.

And Last Week Tonight John?

He looks like a Wall Street stock exchange broker getting a run for his money.

I give this meme of memes a 10!

3. Someone says something sad…Yeh, it’s true.

John Oliver Memes

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<a href="https://bouncemojo.com"><img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/John-Oliver-03.jpg" alt="James Oliver" ></a>

If you don’t get this meme, then you’re out of the John Oliver fans club.

It’s pretty much obvious how John always says this statement in almost every episode. 

Leave it to the internet to use this as a reflective interpretation of everyone’s feelings. 

You can really use and apply this John signature to every situation you find yourself in. 

Just leave it to John to do the talking for you – that’s apparently a thing.

4. This didn’t age well…

John Oliver Memes

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How presumptuous of us to assume that 2016 was the worst year of our lives. 

2020 must be laughing his heart out in the corner.

Compared to 2016, 2020 was the ice age era for a lot of us. 

The pandemic has greatly affected our lifestyles, and John couldn’t agree more. 

This meme reminds us that there are always worse years possible.

Check Out John Oliver Memes they are seriously funny

5. Just found a rare picture of a young John Oliver

John Oliver Memes

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<a href="https://bouncemojo.com"><img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/John-Oliver-05.jpg" alt="James Oliver" ></a>

Ever heard of the John Oliver conspiracy theory? 

The theory states that John Oliver originally didn’t come from England, but he was from a cartoon – and this meme just confirms that suspicion! 

But I dare say that there is quite a resemblance if you look at it. 

From the suit down to the nose and glasses, not to mention the tie-fixing pose, I might even be convinced that John Oliver has a twin.

Also, the one who can guess the name of that cartoon gets a John Oliver-rated approval!

6. This picture has not been Photoshopped…

John Oliver Memes

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<a href="https://bouncemojo.com"><img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/John-Oliver-06.jpg" alt="James Oliver" ></a>

“I’m gonna be a mighty king, enemies beware!” sings our young little Simba. 

I can feel John’s – I mean Zazu’s – disapproval from miles away.

Kidding aside, we know how John often jokes about him looking like a bird, and someone finally had the balls to do a DNA test for us to test out the hypothesis. 

Images like this really play tricks with us – seriously!

What do you think? Is Zazu John? Or is John Zazu?

Maybe John did Zazu’s voice in the Lion King and we just don’t know it!

He’s John Oliver memes fodder, alright!

7. If there’s hope for him, there’s hope for all of us.


John Oliver Memes

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This meme is insanely inspiring for everyone who wishes to experience a glow-up. 

This was how John Oliver started – a freckled, bushy-browed, spec-wearing, acne-prone wiz kid who looked like he could be the next Albert Einstein.

The dashing, elegant, sometimes unruly and mouthy – not to mention crazy – man we see every week?

Now, who would have thought that this kid right here could bloom into an Adam Driver fanatic? 

Color me impressed! 

There’s still hope for us out there – just hang on.

Check Out John Oliver Memes they are seriously funny

8. We used to laugh at comedians and listen to politicians. Now, we laugh at politicians and listen to comedians.

John Oliver Memes

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This meme has become a crowd favorite for it has a deeper and relative meaning. 

It’s the truth layered in satire – a perfect metaphor to describe John Oliver.

It’s sad that stand-up appearances of comedians or other celebrity entertainers have more valuable input towards societal matters compared to those seated in power. 

How the tables have turned indeed.

And John Oliver is a leading character in this scenario.

This meme depicts the current state of America during the Trump Administration and even hints at other sleazy politicians, too – be it a Republican candidate or Democrat.

Way to go, John! Now you have hundreds of John Oliver memes.

9. The animal crossing spirit animal of John Oliver…

John Oliver Memes

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Remember John Oliver’s affinity for bird jokes? 

Well, we thought this meme was a screen capture from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, but upon a closer look at it, we realized it wasn’t the case. 

But I’m pretty sure this fellow right here looks identical to John.

Are you sure this isn’t another episode being aired?

Or maybe this is a spin-off series but cartoonized. 

Will John be doing a voice-over?

10. Oh, this…this is beautiful!

John Oliver Memes

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As much as we love John and his comedic program, the British star doesn’t hold us in the same regard.

His heart and loyalty will forever be with Adam Driver and Adam Driver alone. 

John loves Adam Driver 100 times more than his love for Last Week Tonight and just as inappropriate in his affections for the actor. 

I bet John has a secret Tumblr account dedicated solely to worshipping Adam Driver.

Conclusion: Best John Oliver Memes

Okay, you can laugh now! 

I’m pretty sure your eyes are leaking from all the laughs you’ve held back just by watching these John Oliver memes, so now is the time to release them all out.

Memes are great de-stressors – we need all the good vibes we can get to push through these trying times. 

And memes are companions when you just need to laugh it out.

You have to admit that all those memes were funny and on point in terms of John and his character. As much as we love seeing John in Last Week Tonight, we love him just as much on our internet pages and stories, seeing him in all his meme glory.

If you enjoyed reading and laughing through this article, why not check out our content for more similar ones. You can never get enough John Oliver memes for your much-needed meme fix!

Put the Bounce in your Mojo today!

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