20+ Best Nick Jonas Jokes

Nick Jonas Jokes

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Nick Jonas Jokes:  Nicholas Jerry Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, and actor – Today we have a treat for you with these laugh-out-loud jokes.

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Nick Jonas Jokes
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1. “Kevin Jonas had his first child at 26 in 2014. Assuming approx this rate of birth in the Jonas line, his great great great granddaughter would be born around ~2092. Therefore, to be in the year 3000 she would need to be 908. Which begs the question…would she be doing fine?” – Minna (@minnascule)

2. “Nick Jonas really had me at 10 years old thinking he was about to drop dead from diabetes at any given moment.” – E$AP (@elhammohamud)

3. “[jonas brothers concert] Joe Jonas: I gave my all for you, now my hearts in two – Doctor in crowd: clever, physically impossible, but clever” – john is toast (@johnistoasted)

4. “Mama Mia but the three dads are played by the Jonas Brothers and they sing Jonas Brothers’ songs” – Maggie (@MaggieWasLike)

Nick Jonas Jokes
Source: Insider

5. “*first date*

Me: what do you think about JB?

Guy: Justin Bieber?

Me, signaling to the waiter: Jonas Brothers. Lose my number.” – sarah schauer (@SJSchauer)

6. “Jonas brothers: This is an sos don’t want a second guess this is the bottom line it’s true i gave my all for u now my hearts in 2 and i can’t find the other half it’s like I’m walking on broken glass 12 year old

Me: BETTER BELIEVE I BLED” – gary from teen mom (@garyfromteenmom)

7. “More men would’ve liked the jonas brothers if they hadn’t been marketed as a boyband. They have genuine musical talent and could’ve easily been a popular alt-rock group, but Disney focused on their female fan base, ultimately hurting them

Karaoke DJ: Please give me the mic back” – viking (@notviking)

8. “Joe Jonas is engaged. Wow I just think it’s funny how he made eye contact w me during hello beautiful at their concert in 2008 but it’s fine” – emo morgan (@morganhoodiemob)

Nick Jonas Jokes
Source: Deadline

9. “Sad that Nick Jonas is no longer single but happy that Priyanka is officially replacing Kevin as the third Jonas Brother.” – Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai)

10. “Nice ring Priyanka, I hope u know how many Jonas Brothers concerts I attended to help fuND IT” – Rosie (@rosieex3)

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11. “Him: You’re stuck in the past me turning down the volume of when you look me in the eyes by the Jonas Brothers: what” – gary from teen mom (@garyfromteenmom)

12. ““Jonas Brothers recorded “Year 3000” in 2006, and the main explanation for a society underwater is global warming. However, global warming was not really talked about until about 2008. The only logical explanation is that they did travel to 3000. In this essay I will.” – Not Mad, Disappointed Max (@max_walton_)

Nick Jonas Jokes
Source: Today

13. “If you play “Year 3000” by Jonas Brothers on NYE at 11:59:20 PM and keep it on repeat 159,409,615 times, the first time it says “Year 3000” will play exactly at midnight on January 1, 3000. Start your great great great granddaughter’s year off right.” – Jessica Page (@jessica_page28)

14. “‘Are you ready for your boyband lessons?’ One Direction gulped. N’sync nodded. Pretty Much shuddered. The Backstreet Boys shook in fear. Brockhampton blinked nervously. ‘Yes, Jonas Brothers.’ They all said in unison.” – xoxo, kylie (@meanspice)

15. “I can’t believe the Jonas Brothers coming back solves every single one of my adult problems.” – L1Z (@jonasfanlady)

16. “Wait a minute…did Nick Jonas really write a song about loving bacon more than women? You’ve gained my respect.” – Eryn McCabe

Nick Jonas Jokes
Source: Economictimes

17. “Nick Jonas, Kendall Jenner reportedly dating – Gigi Hadid played matchmaker. If you don’t know what this means, you’re over 30. @absrdNEWS” – Charles Lake

18. “Just heard a great Miguel song, and then I realized it was Nick Jonas.” – Adam Nobler

19. “I think I like this Nick Jonas song ‘Bacon’ more than I like actual bacon.” – Josh Levesque

Nick Jonas Jokes
Source: Hollywood Reporter

20. “Imagine being Frankie Jonas and having your brothers form a band without you for the SECOND time.” – Dana Gilbertson (@__danasaur)

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