10+ John Oliver Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION] 2024

John Oliver Jokes

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John Oliver Jokes: John Oliver is a British comedian, political commentator, writer, producer, actor, and television host. He’s also the host of the Last Week Tonight Show on HBO.

And today you’ll be reading his crunchiest cracks of jokes!

We often hear him joke a lot, yes? 

But in this article, ta-daaa, you’ll read jokes about him. 

If you’re a John Oliver fan or just looking for a good laugh, you came just right. 

We’ve prepared 10 memes about the meme-maker.

So prepare your stomachs and buckle up.

Let’s get started…

1. You probably didn’t hear anything about John Oliver’s religious views. Uhuh, because he’s the person who’ll call you bullshit once you tell him that your church donations will make your sins lighter.

But do you know who he is becoming when he joins Sunday masses? 

He’s John Holy-ver.

John Oliver Jokes

2. We know John Oliver as a smart and sharp person who is very vocal in socio-political matters. He gets his facts straight through satirical witty jokes. But the only thing he’s gonna be smart enough is remembering  Neftlix passwords.

John Oliver Jokes

3. Do you know why John Oliver throws satire jokes on Trump? Because Oliver said he “cares about oxygen and imbibing enough water a day to live.”

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4. What is a big joke but not a comedy? 

    It’s politics, mate.

John Oliver Jokes

5. John Oliver’s aura is very neat in televisions. A fly may be embarrassed to touch him.

But what do we call him without a bit of grooming? He’s John Oily-ver.

6. John Oliver graduated from Christ’s College but he graduated as a boy with no Christian beliefs. Amen, mate.

John Oliver Jokes

7. Do you like Messi? Uhuh, John Oliver likes Messi too. The kid who once dreamed of becoming a football player became a comedian.

What a twist of fate, mate.

John Oliver Jokes

8. In Edinburgh Festival Fringe, John Oliver acted as an “oleaginous journalist.” Yeah, right. Greasy. Greasy journalist? Well that makes sense, John Oily-ver. 

Or he could be John Olive Oil too.

John Oliver Jokes

9. For those who want to be the wife of John Oliver oops oops oops, you cannot go beyond the line. He already has a wife, Kate Noley which he is very loyal with but I cannot give you a marriage story wall. 

Do you know why is he very loyal to her? Because he says, “O-liv-her very much”

Conclusion: 10+ Best John Oliver Jokes

That’s all for today, hope you had your daily dose of guffaw.

John might be too opinionated for his own good, but at least we’ve all had a good laugh!

If you want to know more about this witty host and commentator, check out John Oliver Height, Age, Weight and John Oliver Memes on BounceMojo.

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