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Cole Bennett Net Worth FI

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What is Cole Bennett Net Worth?

Cole Bennett Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Cole Bennett is a famous videographer and music video director. He has around 17.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and a massive following on other social media platforms. Cole Bennett net worth is currently at $2 million!

Wondering how he got here? 

We have the answer! That, and the sour-sweet details of:

  • How he made his multimedia company, Lyrical Lemonade, from scratch;
  • His journey from making music videos for underground rappers to mainstream hip hop artists; 
  • His collaboration with the Jordan Brand and competition against juice companies – you’ve read that right;
  • A little peek inside his company headquarters; and…
  • And many more…

He’s pretty private about his personal life. But even though he has successfully separated it from his professional life, we managed to squeeze out some juices – enough to make some lemonade!

So, earphones on!

Let’s get the camera rolling…

Who Is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett Net Worth

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Cole Bennett Net Worth: $2 million
Source of Wealth: Videographer, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth: 14 May, 1996
Religion: Christian
Spouse/ Relationship:Dating
Current Occupation: Business executive, Videographer
Place of Birth/Nationality: Plano, Illinois, USA, American

Making it in the competitive hip-hop world is not an easy thing. But Cole Bennett burst through with the multimedia company that he built from scratch – Lyrical Lemonade!

YouTube Channel – Lyrical Lemonade

The multimedia company specializes in creating music videos for hip-hop artists. 

Cole Bennett usually works with underground rappers and upcoming rappers. It’s his way of promoting them and helping them gain a foothold in the hip-hop world.

 From local Chicago rappers…

Cole Bennett started gaining popularity as a music video director. 

The first video he made that got noticed was ‘Hit Em With It’ by Famous Dex.

In 2016, he began working with rappers Ski Mask the Slump God, Lil Pump, Yung Andy, Lil Skies, Roy French, and others. 

His work on the 2018 single ‘Betrayed’ by Lil Xan even earned Platinum certification from the RIAA. 

And a few million views later, he’s already working with mainstream rappers.

By the way…

Cole Bennett founded Lyrical Lemonade in 2013 – while he was a high school student!

Before it was a YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade was an internet blog. 

Then his mother gave him a video camera, and he started filming. He used to feature documentaries and interviews and the occasional music videos for local and Soundcloud rappers.

Now, the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel has 17.8 million subscribers!

How Old Is Cole Bennett?

Cole bennett is 27 years old and was born in Plano, Illinois, USA.

Height And Weight Cole Bennett 

Bennett height 6 feet 2 inches (178cm) or 1.78 meters tall and weighs is 78 kg or 172 pounds.

Music Videos

His career skyrocketed in 2018 when he worked with rapper Juice Wrld for the music video of his hit single, ‘Lucid Dreams.’ It has over 700 million views, making it the most popular video on the rapper’s YouTube channel. The single also ranked second on the Billboard Hot 100.

Besides that…

Cole Bennett made music videos for Soulja Boy, Kanye West, and Wiz Khalifa.

He’s also the director of two of Eminem’s 2020 music videos, ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Gnat.’ The former featured Dr. Dre and Mike Tyson and had 13 million hits on YouTube in just 24 hours.

Music Video Director

By going through his channel, one can see how Bennett sets himself apart from other directors and editors. 

His audience just loves how he mixes his original brand of animation into his music videos.

But not only that!

He’s also unique in the way that he promotes underground rappers and hip-hop artists. 

So he was sort of a ticket to stardom for most underground rappers who are now shining in the hip hop scene. 

A business executive with a purpose!

And true to his passion, Cole reportedly turned down a $30 million deal with a production company so he can remain independent. 

It shows that he’s not in it for the money!

Summer Smash

Wait, there’s more!

Another thing that keeps him busy is his Chicago music festival, Summer Smash

He started the festival in 2018 as a one-day event. Then in 2019, it became a whole weekend thing. 

Sadly for the hip hop party people, it skipped the 2020 summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it returned with a bang in 2021 as a week-long music bash!

Every year, Cole invites artists like Lil Pump, Ski Mask, and other big stars to be part of his lineup.


Cole’s music videos are not the only artistry he has.

Stay tuned for more! 

How Much Is Cole Bennett Worth?

We weighed in his YouTube channel subscribers and views, his music video directing gigs, revenues from Lyrical Lemonade, and his other business ventures. Cole Bennett net worth is estimated to be $2 million!

Cole Bennett Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$1.8 million
2020$1.9 million
2021$2 million

Cole Bennett Music

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Unisex T-shirts for kids


The American business executive is not just all about the music. 

He ventures into merchandise, too, including lemonade beverages called – wait for it Lyrical Lemonade! His goal is for his beverage brand to be as famous as juice companies like Minute Maid.

Not only that!

Lyrical Lemonade collaborated with apparel companies such as Jordan Brand and FTP to make shoes, a long-sleeve t-shirt, hooded sweatshirts, and even co-branded cans of lemonade!

This guy’s not joking around!

The Young Cole Bennett

Young Cole Bennett

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Cole Bennett was born in Plano, Illinois, on May 14, 1996. 

Even in his early life, he knew what he was going to be. 

When his mother gave him his first video camera, he immediately started making videos and editing them. It was also his mother who came up with the name for his blog.


He graduated from Plano High School and went to DePaul University in Chicago. 

However, he dropped out of college to pursue his music video editing and videography career.

Wise choice, wasn’t it?

Mainly since his whole family, including his siblings, always supported him as he went for his dreams.

Cole Bennett Family & Relationships

Tay Money – Cole Bennet Girlfriend

Cole Bennett Ex

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Since 2019, Cole Bennett has been dating rapper Tay Money. Her songs include ‘Trapper’s Delight’ and ‘Moneyway.’

Lana Marie – Cole Bennet Ex-Girlfriend

Cole Bennett Ex

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Cole Bennett was reportedly dating pretty photographer Lana Marie in the past. 

You see…

We got curious about what a famous multimedia company HQ looks like. So we rummaged the web just to find out, and we brought it here to you!

But before that…

Let’s take a look at Cole’s most popular music video productions (based on YouTube views). They deserve to be on the List of Fame – it’s a real thing! – for they contributed much to Cole Bennett’s net worth.

And don’t forget to keep scrolling to know more fun facts about him!

Cole Bennett Career


  • Ski Mask (22M views); 2016
  • F*** A Swisher (w/ Xavier Wulf; 13M views); 2017
  • Regrets (2.3M views); 2017

Famous Dex

  • On My Waist (w/ Warhol.ss; 1.7M views); 2016
  • Shoot (1.1M views); 2016
  • With Yo B!tch (10M views); 2016
  • With Yo B!tch (Remix (w/ MadeinTYO; 1.5M views); 2017
  • Xans (2.5M views); 2017
  • Talkin S*** (w/ Lil Pump; 5M views); 2017

Cdot Honcho

  • 2017 Freestyle (2.5M views); 2016
  • Zaytiggy (1.8M views); 2017
  • 02 S*** (5.2M views); 2017
  • Another One (2.3M views); 2017

Yung Pinch

  • Look Like (10M views); 2016

Xavier Wulf

  • Look Like (10M views); 2016

Ski Mask the Slump God

  • Achoo! (w/ Keith Ape; 30M views); 2017
  • Catch Me Outside (111M views); 2017
  • BabyWipe (95M views); 2017
  • Faucet Failure (55M views); 2019
  • Nuketown (feat. Juice Wrld; 37M views); 2019
  • Burns the Hoods (7.2M views); 2020


  • Мне Похуй (14M views); 2017

Lil Pump

  • D Rose (189M views); 2017
  • Flex Like Ouu (103M views); 2017

Lil Xan

  • Betrayed (274M views); 2017

Lil Skies

  • Red Roses (feat. Landon Cube; 212M views); 2017
  • Nowadays (feat. Landon Cube; 288M views); 2017
  • Creeping (feat. Rich the Kid; 137M views); 2018
  • I (75M views); 2019

Juice Wrld

  • All Girls Are the Same (190M views); 2018
  • Lucid Dreams (702M views); 2018
  • No Issue (w/ Future; 14M views; 2018
  • Armed and Dangerous (186M views); 2018
  • Robbery (295M views); 2019
  • Bandit (feat. NBA YoungBoy; 259M views); 2019
  • Tell Me U Luv Me (feat. Trippie Redd; 30M views); 2020
  • Bad Boy (feat. Young Thug; 34M views); 2021

Lil Mosey

  • Noticed (220M views); 2018
  • Kamikaze (70M views); 2018
  • Bust Down Cartier (13M views); 2019
  • Blueberry Faygo (184M views); 2020

Wiz Khalifa

  • Fr Fr (feat. Lil Skies; 84M views); 2018


  • Thotiana Remix (feat. YG; 73M views); 2019
  • Thotiana Remix (feat. Cardi B; 209M views); 2019
  • Bussdown (feat. Offset; 39M views); 2019
  • Baby (7.3M views); 2020

Lil Tecca

  • Ransom (291M views); 2019
  • Out of Luck (27M views); 2019
  • Dolly (feat. Lil Uzi Vert; 13M); 2020

NLE Choppa

  • Shotta Flow Remix (feat. Blueface; 189M views); 2019
  • Camelot (155M views); 2019
  • Shotta Flow 5 (58M views); 2020

Oh, and did we mention?

Cole published a short film called Lone Springs’ in 2017. Even with limited resources, he did an amazing job!

Cole Bennett Scandals & Controversies

Relatively new to the scene…

Cole Bennett doesn’t have controversies to read about except for the rumors involving Elliot Montanez. 

He’s Cole’s friend and business partner who’s directly involved in the management of Lyrical Lemonade.

Elliot once surprised Cole with a trip to Coachella. Then the gender questions popped up around the internet. 

But both dudes quickly shrugged them off and went on with their careers.

How Cole Bennett Spends His Money

Young, single, and just at the beginning of his rise to the stars, Cole Bennett focuses his energy – and money – on his business.

Lyrical Lemonade HQ 

Cole Bennett House

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The Lyrical Lemonade empire headquarters is located in Chicago, where Cole was first inspired to pursue his passions. It also served as his super cozy crib. 

Fun Facts About Cole Bennett

  • Cole Bennett is a big fan of ‘The Simpsons.’
  • He once delivered a TEDx Talk at the University of Illinois about optimism.
  • He’s planning on getting into philanthropy in the future.
  • Cole was able to book Lil Uzi Vert by searching “how to book Lil Uzi Vert” without even knowing who the artist was!
  • He was first caught by the hip-hop industry when he went to see Chance the Rapper. But his filmmaking idol is Austin Vesely..

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Cole Bennett

  1. What’s $30 million added to your net worth if you’re not true to yourself? And who knows? Lyrical Lemonade might just be worth more than that in the near future!
  2. Education is essential, but you have to know where your passions really lie.
  3. Don’t be scared to take risks.
  4. Don’t focus on the money. Just be the best in what you do, and the big bucks will come to you running!
  5. Expand your product lines! Who would’ve expected a music promotion company to be the next elite lemonade company, right?

Top 3 Quotes From Cole Bennett

  • “Everything happens for you, it never happens to you. Always remember.”
  • “Happiness will always be more important than money. Way more important. Remember that.”
  • “The day you give up your dream could be the day before your dream comes true and changes your life forever. If you really want it, let the passion drive you through the finish line.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cole Bennett gay?

No, Cole Bennett is not gay.

Who is Cole Bennett dating?

Cole Bennett is currently dating Tay Money, a rapper.

Is Cole Bennett dating Lana Marie?

Cole Bennett’s no longer dating Lana Marie.

Does Cole Bennet have a college degree?

Cole Bennett doesn’t have a degree. He went to DePaul University but later decided to drop out.

Conclusion: Cole Bennett Net Worth and Biography

And… cut!

That’s a wrap on Cole Bennett’s net worth, bio, and lifestyle…

…but not in his career!

Even with his directing prowess, achievements as a business executive, and the rate by which he’s reaching his goals, you can tell that this guy’s just getting started!

And his optimism is going to take him places!

I hope you enjoyed this article – Check Out: Cole Bennett Lyrical Lemonade Hoodie Sweatshirts.

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