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Bill De Blasio Net Worth, Biography Wealth & Earnings: Bill de Blasio, born Warren Wilhelm Jr., later Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm is an American politician with a net worth of 1.5 million and has served as the 109th mayor of New York City since 2014. 


I know that there’s so much to unveil about Bill’s net worth, how he manages his salary, and more, but we’re gonna be diving first into his personal life and public career as a New York mayor.

If you’re wondering…

…about some not-so-well-known facts about the politician’s life, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Bill’s career in his net worth,  and we’ll be looking at:

  • New York City Mayor Bill’s $1.5 million net worth;
  • HIS rise in the political scene;
  • Projects and reforms for New York City as a mayor, his challenges following official appointment;
  • His personal and political investments;
  • Lots more…

Buckle up.

Let’s get started…

Who Is Bill De Blasio

Bill de Blasio was born on May 8, 1961, and has a net worth of $1.5 million. 

From 2010 to 2013, Bill served as the Public Advocate of New York City, a position he retained as a member of the Democratic Party.

Here’s an interesting fact…

On the other hand, De Blasio graduated from

Bill De Blasio Net Worth

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in 1979, in which he was a member of the student council and was dubbed “Senator Provolone” by his classmates.

He holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Metropolitan Studies and an urban studies degree from New York University, as well as a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and was a Harry Truman Scholar during that time.


Politician Career Experience

New de-escalation instruction for police officers, decreased cannabis arrests, the introduction of police body cameras, and the removal of the post-9/11 surveillance network of Muslim citizens were among De Blasio’s reform proposals.

He also introduced free universal Pre-K in the city during his first term.

In the city’s economy, urban planning, public education, police relations, and privatization, he has advocated socially liberal and progressive initiatives.

Not only that…

For the 2020 presidential race, De Blasio competed in the Democratic primaries while former president Donald Trump was a part of the Republicans. 

Just, a quick trivia…

Former President Barack Obama supported him in his 2013 Mayoral campaign although he had very poor results. 

Borough Park, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, Kensington, Park Slope, and Windsor Terrace are all located in Brooklyn, and de Blasio campaigned for the 39th district of the New York City Council in 2001. With 32% of the vote, he dominated the densely populated primary election.

This is where the work begins…

During the Nicaraguan Revolution in 1988, he headed to Nicaragua with the Quixote Center to launch their hospitality project and stay there for ten days to help provide food and medical supplies to people in dire need.


De Blasio moved to New York City after arriving from Nicaragua, in which he operated with a nonprofit focusing on improving health care in Central America.

After all of that work…

For his effective 1994 reelection campaign, U.S. Representative Charles Rangel hired de Blasio as his campaign director. 

Under President Bill Clinton’s presidency, he was named regional director of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for New York and New Jersey in 1997.

Below are some of the events that have happened in his home state, and check out his responses to each of them: 

George Floyd Protests

Bill De Blasio Net Worth

De Blasio put out a statement on May 31, 2020, condemning protesters by being in the way of two cop cars that rammed into a barricade. “We will be transitioning money from the NYPD to youth programs and social services,” he said in June 2020. 

For fostering and promoting violent protests, De Blasio criticized “anarchist” activists.

Catholic Charities & Project Hospitality 

Part of a mayor’s role is to always check the welfare of its constituents, that’s why Bill always makes time to lead and help organize Catholic charities and Project Hospitality which both aim to help the society. 

Housing Projects

Building more affordable housing has been a major priority of de Blasio’s mayoral term, with a target of 200,000 units. His proposal was approved by the City Council, but it sparked a debate.

Of course, it’s not always a go for the others…

New York Communities for Change, for example, spoke out against the scheme, claiming that it encourages gentrification.“Invite developers to build up neighborhood streets in exchange for more affordable housing units,” the proposal says. They want to spend money on new trees, parks, bridges, schools, stores, and restaurants, all of which would improve services.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio  & Governor Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo and De Blasio are both longtime nemeses of each other, so whenever there’s a claim pertaining to one another, they are both ready to strike each other. 

Just like when an alleged harassment claim was put on the news which New York City Mayor De Blasio condemned Governor Andrew Cuomo for. In an interview, De Blasio made it clear that it’s not something a man like Andrew can get away with, and laughed off. 


Let’s leave the feud between the two, and let the media comment whatever they want, shall we?

Bill De Blaiso Net Worth : $2.5 Million
Date of Birth: May 24, 1969 (Bill De Blaiso’s age now is 54.)
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Light Brown
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
No. of Children: 2
Tattoos: None
Religion: “Spiritual but not religious”
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: Married
Place Of Birth: Manhattan, New York City,
Profession: American politician
Favorite Color: Black
Smoking/Drinking: Yes
Language: English

How Much Is Bill De Blasio Net Worth?

Bill de Blasio is a $1.5 million worth American politician.

He managed to obtain some of his wealth through victorious political campaigns for numerous politicians he worked with namely, Charles Rangel and David Dinkins, as well as his allowances.

Bill De Blasio Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$2.5 million
2020$2.5 million
2021$2.5 million

The Young Bill De Blasio

Young Bill De Blasio

During his younger years, Bill loves to connect to people and roam the streets as if he’s campaigning. 

He has established good connections with reliable people, and is actively engaged in society activities.

Look at that 6”4 ft man, with curly hair! At first glance, you wouldn’t really believe it was him, but after spending some time staring at his face, you’ll notice. 

Bill De Blaiso Family & Relationships

Bill De Blaiso’s wives

Bill De Blasio Wife

Chirlane McCray (wife)

De Blasio and his partner, activist, and writer Chirlane McCray, married in 1994 when both were working for Mayor Dinkins’ office. In defiance of a US immigration ban, the pair honeymooned in Cuba.

Before settling into Gracie Mansion…

… the home of New York City mayors, they resided in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 

Dante, and Chiara are their two kids.

Bill De Blasio Kids

Bill De Blaiso Scandals & Controversies

Federal Campaign Finance Investigation

To further his cause, de Blasio founded the Campaign for One New York in 2013. In 2016, the now-defunct group was investigated by the federal government for alleged financial crimes.

Thousands of emails and records from the mayor, his associates, and contributors to both his 2013 election campaign and the Campaign for One New York were issued a subpoena by federal authorities from the Southern District of New York to see whether contributors obtained preferential treatment from the de Blasio regime.

As a result…

The investigation resulted to the prosecution of two de Blasio contributors who subsequently appeared as collaborating witnesses: restaurateur Harendra Singh, who confessed to trying to bribe the mayor with straw contributions received to his official campaign fund, and real estate developer Jona Rechnitz, who agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy charges and eventually spoke about his close connection with de Blasio and other gains as a Democrat.

Real Estate Purchase Controversy 

The Podolsky brothers, a team of owners notorious for their many building code and rent law breaches, ended up selling 17 buildings to New York City for $173 million.

That said…

During the real estate talks, the attorney representing the Podolskys, Frank Carone, is a long-time supporter of de Blasio who, according to emails, had leverage in City Hall and contributed the legal limit of $5,000 to de Blasio’s Fairness PAC, which the mayor has been using to consider a presidential run.

He also raised funds on de Blasio’s behalf immediately before the transaction was finalized.

How Bill De Blasio Spend His Money

Just like most celebrities, Bill will probably use his wealth and salary to invest in real estate properties and the education of his children. 

Wonder, why?

As mentioned above, New York City mayors live Gracie Mansion, for your reference you can check it out below: 

Bill De Blasio House

Bill De Blasio House

Gracie Mansion: The Archibald Gracie Mansion (popularly known as Gracie Mansion) is the Mayor of New York City’s main residence.

It is housed in Carl Schurz Park, at East End Avenue and 88th Street in Manhattan’s Yorkville district, and was constructed in 1799. The mansion has a view of the East River’s Hell Gate channel.

Bill De Blasio Philanthropy

De Blasio has supported a lot of movements to help society including Animals, Children, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Slavery & Human Trafficking. 


He cooperated with PETA, UNICEF, and the United Nations Environment Programme, attended press conferences to make it fully accomplished.

Fun Facts About Bill De Blasio

  • De Blasio is indeed the city’s tallest mayor, standing at 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters).
  • De Blasio, an Italian-American, speaks in Italian at times during interviews, press briefings, and addresses.
  • Despite becoming the mayor of New York, de Blasio is a die-hard fan of the New York Yankees’ archrivals, the Boston Red Sox, and has expressed his “strong devotion” to the team.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Bill De Blasio

  1. Save while you’re young.
  2. Never trust someone with no intention of helping you spend your money efficiently. 
  3. Always aim for the long term.
  4. Get yourself registered in a bank.
  5. Establish a business.

Top 3 Quote From Bill De Blasio

  • “I think a lot of the best ideas come from the grassroots; I’m someone who does not like a bunker mentality and does not like groupthink.”
  • “This country has wasted too many years pretending it had the luxury of debating climate change.”
  • “I love the MLB app because I’m a pretty obsessed baseball fan.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Bill De Blasio Net Worth?

Bill De Blasio Net Worth is $1.5 million. 

Who Is Bill De Blasio’s Wife? 

Bill De Blasio’s wife is a poet and advocate named Chirlane Mccray.

Summary: Bill De Blasio Net Worth

So there you have it! I hope you had an informative read today about Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

That he had such a strong impact on his city and his country overall is an understatement. 

We also love how he values his privacy as any good family man would do. 

Feel free to share your new-found knowledge about him and I hope you enjoyed this article. If you intend to read more about his bio, and quotes among others, just visit bouncemojo.com

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