Jason Nash Net Worth (2024)
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Jason Nash Net Worth

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Jason Nash Net Worth & Earnings: his is not your average net worth article. We’ve gathered just the juiciest bits from insiders just to give you the lowdowns and then some. 

After hours of research, we’re stoked to bring you the details of Jason Nash Net Worth.

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Jason’s career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • How much money does Jason Nash make
  • his milestone deals
  • his assets – property, cars, boats, planes, etc. 
  • how he likes to spend his money

It’s an exciting career – my favorite part is where he, too, started with the usual, ordinary platforms just like the million other comedy aspirants- but made it big!

Buckle up.

Let’s get started…

Who Is Jason Nash

To all of you who think that vlogging doesn’t earn that much money, think again. In this article, we will be talking about an American actor, comedian, and youtube personality – Jason Nash.

Jason Nash was born in Boston, Massachusetts, then later moved to Los Angeles. 

There, he started working on his career. He was a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing in 2010 and had a one-man show called In The Land of Tall Buildings and Red Fire Engines.

And as if that’s not enough,

Jason Nash Net Worth

He has his own youtube channel with over 3 million subscribers. He also featured friend and fellow YouTuber, David Dobrik, and their duo never failed to make any audience laugh out loud. 

To top it off…

Jason Nash is best known for his channel on vine where he has more than 1 million followers. With this many sources of income, it’s no surprise that his net worth amounts to a whopping $1 million!

Worth: $1 million
Date of Birth: May 23, 1973 (Jason Nash’s age now is 50.)
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
No. of Children: 2
Tattoos: Yes
Language: English
Last Updated: 2024
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: Divorced
Place Of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, United State
Profession: Actor, Comedian
Favorite Color: Baby Blue
Favorite Food: Vegan Chicken
Religion: Not Religious
Smoking/Drinking: Yes

How Much Is Jason Nash Net Worth?

Jason Nash is busier than a bee when it comes to his career. All his hard work had paid off since Jason Nash’s net worth is a jaw-dropping $1 million!

Jason Nash Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2014$1 million
2015$1 million
2016$1 million
2018$1 million
2019$1 million
2020$1 million
Total$10 million

Jason Nash Net Earning By Year

2016$170 thousand
2017$170 thousand
2018$170 thousand
2019$170 thousand
2020$170 thousand
Total$850 thousand

Jason Nash Business Ventures 

Jason Nash is Married

Jason Nash’s character is met with many challenges that led him to understand marriage’s true meaning.


Two unlikely friends work together to achieve the same goal – reach a million followers.

Like, Share, Die

A collection of animated sketch comedies that mocks our foolish decisions in life.

Alexander IRL

Two brothers try to win over a girl with their nerdy, tech skills.

Poop Talk

A compilation of stories by comedians about poop that is relatable to everyone.

The Young Jason Nash

Now, this is a guy who ages like fine wine. And not just with his looks but also his career.

He began building his reputation as a vlogger at an early age and is now enjoying the passive income that comes with it.

Young Jason Nash

Jason Nash Family & Relationships

Marney Hochman (Spouse) – divorced.

Jason Nash Relationship & Family

Jason Nash was married to Marney Hochman but divorced in 2017. Although their love had died, it lives on in their two beautiful children.

Trisha Paytas (Ex-girlfriend)

Jason Nash Relationship & Family

Jason Nash dated Trisha Paytas and the two had a beautiful relationship for a while. They’ve had fans rooting for them, and they even shared YouTube videos. But a natural disaster by the name of David Dobrik tore them apart.

Wyatt Nash (Son)

Jason Nash Relationship & Family

Wyatt Nash is the firstborn child of Jason Nash. They have a good relationship as father and son. Surely this young boy will grow up to be as successful, if not more, like his father.

Charley Nash (Daughter)

Jason Nash Relationship & Family

And of course, what kind of a kingdom would their home be without the cute little princess. Charley Nash was once featured in Jason Nash’s videos, and it’s the most adorable sight anyone has ever seen.

Lorraine Nash (Mom)

Jason Nash Relationship & Family

You may be wondering what’s Jason’s mom doing in a wedding dress? Well, I hope you’re sitting down because you’re in for some bonus tea! 

Lorraine Nash, Jason’s mom, got married to Jason’s best friend, David Dobrik!

I guess that’s one way to make your father your best friend, eh?

Robert Nash (Father)

Jason Nash Relationship & Family

Robert is a lowkey type of guy since he doesn’t appear much in Jason’s videos which is weird because his son is one hell of an extrovert. Nevertheless, he did a great job of raising Jason into the fine man he is today.

Barrie Nash

Jason Nash Relationship & Family

Barrie Nash is Jason’s older sister. As you can see in the picture, they look so much alike that you could easily mistake them as twins.

Controversies & Scandals

With great fame comes great reputation. And the bigger the reputation, the bigger the drama is when you mess up. 

And the bigger the drama, the happier we tea-lovers are. 

Get your teacups ready…

…because I’m about to serve some tea.

Jason Nash and David Dobrik vs.Trisha Paytas

Jason and Trisha were such a happy couple then, as evidenced by their social media posts. But then everything changed when David Dobrik interfered. Trisha exposed David as the reason behind their breakup. 

Juicy, am I right?

In her own YouTube video, Trisha pointed out that David didn’t want her dating his best friend, and Jason listened to him.

Could it be that David was only looking out for his friend? At this point, we can never know for sure.

How Jason Nash Spend His Money

As a YouTuber with over three million subscribers, a massive house overlooking the city is both an investment and a fruit of your labor. Jason Nash’s Home in Los Angeles is often featured in his videos which makes them very pleasing to the viewers’ eyes.

Take a peek at the inside and outside of Jason Nash’s humble yet majestic abode. 

Los Angeles House

Jason Nash House

Jason Nash Cars

You know what’s the most beautiful car ever?

A FREE car!

That’s right. Jason Nash’s Tesla is a gift from his dear friend David Dobrik. 

So what are you waiting for? Show this to your friends and you might just score a new toy car, too. 

Check out this sweet ride!


Jason Nash Car

Fun Facts About Jason Nash

  • Jason Nash graduated from Medfield High School
  • He studied college at the University of Massachusetts then left to work for Norm Macdonald as his assistant on Saturday Night Live.
  • Jason earns around $474.89 per day.
  • Jason Nash was born in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Jason Nash is a Gemini.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Jason Nash

  1. You can earn money and have fun at the same time.
  2. College is an advantage but not an assurance to be financially successful.
  3. Hard work now will eventually pay off in the long run.
  4. Choose your companions wisely, for they are your source of support.
  5. Plant the seeds of your career today, nourish it, and you are sure to reap the rewards.x

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Jason Nash make per hour?

Jason Nash earns $19.79 per hour.

How much does Jason Nash earn from his YouTube channel?

Jason Nash earns $1.1 million from ads and subscribers on YouTube

Summary: Jason Nash Net Worth

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree, Jason Nash has had a hell of a career.

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from his mistakes and his successes.

His journey to a prosperous life only goes to show that everything is still possible!

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Jason Nash’s Bounce Mojo Jason Nash Top List

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