20+ Best Jason Nash Jokes

Jason Nash Jokes

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Jason Nash Jokes: Jason Eric Nash is an American actor and comedian best known for his hilarious videos on his YouTube channel along with his “vlog squad.”

But that’s all I’m going to tell you…

…because today, we won’t be focusing on his career and life issues but instead, we’ll be making fun of the great comedian himself. 

Buckle up and drop what you’re doing (or eating, because this might choke you.), and let’s take a look and a big laugh with the best Jokes with Jason Nash!

Let’s get started…

Jason Nash Joke #1

Two lithium atoms are walking along, and one says to the other, “Phil, I think I lost an electron back there.”

So Phil says, “Really, Jason, are you sure?”

And Jason replies, “Yeah, I’m positive!”

Jason Nash Joke #2

Two friends named David and Jason went to a movie theater. Dave went ahead to grab the tickets leaving Jason waiting behind. 

While queuing for the tickets, David chats up the gentleman in front of him, “Hey, I’m David,” he says. The gentleman amicably replies, “Hola, soy Santiago.”

Hearing the man’s response, Dave immediately runs away and returns, alarmed to his friend, shouting, “There’s a Spanish in the queue, Jason.”

Frankly, Jason wasn’t expecting it.

Jason Nash Jokes

Jaoson Nash Joke #3

My wife wanted one of those “unique” names for our son, so we named him Jason.

The ‘J’ sounds like ‘Th.’ The “ason” is silent. You add “omas” at the end.

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Jason Nash Joke #4

A joke for everyone who isn’t called Richard.

I was chatting with a lovely Blonde the other day. Ruth, she said her name was.

When she asked my name, I said, “Jason, but everyone calls me Dick for short.”

“How do you get Dick from Jason?” she asked

I replied, ‘Ask nicely!’

Jason Nash Joke #5

Those DANG mosquitoes!

After several unpleasant experiences, one night, in total darkness, Gramps opened the cabin door and said, “You see, children?” “Pesky mosquitoes are attracted to light! Now, we’re safe.”

Soon after they entered the cabin and the door was shut, Jason noticed a handful of tiny blinking lights (glow bugs).

“OMG! Gramps! They’re back, and this time they have flashlights!!”

Jason Nash Joke #6

Hey, I heard you call yourself Jay-san. What a weeb.

“My name is Jason.”

Jason Nash Joke #7

Jason, I’m pregnant!

Hi pregnant, I’m Dad.

Jason Nash Jokes

Jason Nash Joke #8

What do you call a man named Jason standing by an advertisement?


Jason Nash Joke #9

My firstborn son’s name will be Jason.

My name’s Jay

Jason Nash Joke #10

Did anyone else think that David Dobrik had a friend called Jason?

I can’t take credit for this one, but I’ll add a screenshot if mods allow it!

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Jason Nash Joke #11

What do you call when Jason Eric Nash gets turned into a werewolf?

A lycansubscribe.

Jason Nash Jokes

Jason Nash Joke #12

Jason Eric Nash loves “The Legend of Zelda”…

There’s almost always a link in the description.

Jason Nash Joke #13

How do you support a werewolf, Jason Eric Nash’s YouTube channel? You lycan subscribe.

Jason Nash Joke #14

What is Jason Eric Nash’s favorite line?

Leave it in the comments down below.

Jason Nash Jokes

Jason Nash Joke #15

Jason Nash’s wife: Stop pretending your life is a youtube video!! It’s getting in the way of our marriage!

Jason: Do you guys think it’s ruining our years in marriage? Let me know in the comments below!

Jason Nash Joke #16

How does Jason Eric Nash get in swimming pools?

They just *jump into it*

Jason Nash Joke #17

How many shitty obnoxious Jason Eric Nash does it take to change a lightbulb?

You won’t find out, at least in the next 10 minutes and 5 seconds, but who cares when there’s such a SICK DEAL at dollar shave club? Now SUBSCRIBE AND SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!

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Jason Nash Joke #18

Jason Nash’s wife thinks that their obsession with YouTube is killing their marriage.

Well, do you guys think that it is? Comment down below! Subscribe to my channel and check our latest videos.

Jason Nash Jokes

Jason Nash Joke #19

Why can’t you tell a Knock Knock joke to Jason Eric Nash?

Cause he’ll ask you to subscribe to the bell icon!

Jason Nash Joke #20

Jason Nash Gets Married

Unboxes His Wife.

Conclusion: Best Jason Nash Jokes Ever

We’ve come to the end of this fun fest. Are you still alive? 

Jason Nash is effortlessly funny, that’s for sure. 

Share the LOLs with your friends! 

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