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Master P Body Statistics: Master P is best known as a rapper, business mogul, producer, and actor. That’s a given.

But, hold your horses – we won’t be talking about his astounding net worth or profession in this article.

Instead, we’ll zero in on Master P’s Vital Stats, including:

  • Master P height
  • His weight loss journey – wanna know how much weight he lost? Then read further.
  • His shoe size and his amazing luxury brand
  • And lots more!

Brace yourself as this would be the most comprehensive Master P vital stats article you’ll ever read. Intrigued why?

Read on, will ya?

Master P Man: Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

Master P Height

How tall is Master P? 

Master P Height

Master P’s height is actually 193 centimeters. That’s almost 2 meters – 1.93 meters to be exact!

This only Mr. Percy Rober Miller is six feet and four inches tall. He towers over almost every person he meets, I bet.

Master P Height

You can see in the image how Master P is towering over his friends. 

Anyway, I wonder if you already knew about this fact? If not, feel free to tweet us your reaction as we love to hear from you.

How Much Does Master P’s Weigh? 

Master P Weight

In 2011, Master P decided it’s time to shed off some pounds and do the 90 days weight loss challenge. 

But, his journey to his new size wasn’t easy. He had to invest a lot of his time and effort following a daily fitness routine, a strict nutrition-based diet, and a better lifestyle. 

Fast-forward to 2020 and the rapper (slash business mogul) now weighs 100 kilograms (220 pounds). A far cry from his former 260-pound weight, if you ask me.

Woah! That’s a lotta weight you lost there, Master P. I wish I could do the same.

What Are Master P’s Other Measurements? 

Thanks to his weight loss journey…

… Master P’s vital stats have been trimmed down too. His 45-inch (114-centimeter) chest size and 38-inch (196.52-centimeter) waist circumference are the way to go.

Keep at it, Master P! 

Besides all that, the hip hop star, who owns Moneyatti… 

… has a 13 US Men shoe size.

Bigfoot, is that you?

Master P Weight

Now that we know what his shoe size is, let’s talk about the business mogul’s own sneaker line.

Master P established Moneyatti, a brand that is often compared to Micheal Jordan’s shoe line. Created in Italy, his sneakers are sold for $250-$300.

Aside from selling shoes, the brand also offers a wide range of merchandise from slides to a clothing line.

So, if you are looking for another luxury brand to try some shoes at, Moneyatti might be your next choice!

Master P’s Style 

Street. Clean. Fancy. 

That’s how you best describe the OG Percy Miller style.

If you’re a big Master P fan, then you know that Miller is widely known for his style, which is a mix of street fashion and clean aesthetic. 

He’s often seen wearing signature brands like Versace, Dior, Off White, Balenciaga, No Limit Forever, and his ultimate fave, Louis Vuitton.

It’s like him saying “I have a lotta money” to our faces, really!

Master P Style
Master P Style
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Conclusion: Master P Height, Weight, Age

Oh, great! You’re still here at the bottom part of this article.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Did Master P’s vital stats shock you at all? What was the best part?

Mine would have to be discovering how tall he actually is. I’m also particularly amazed at how he was able to lose a ton of weight by simply sticking strictly to his diet – and, of course, a lot of firm dedication and perseverance. 

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