Bill Cosby: Height, Age, Weight, & Body Statistics [UPDATED]

Bill Cosby Vital Stats

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Bill Cosby Height, Age, Weight: William Henry Cosby Jr., or Bill as we know him, was an astonishing American stand-up comedian, actor, and author before being convicted as a disgraced sex offender. 

With $400 million of net worth to his name back in the early 2000s, Bill and his rude awakening were all in the public eye. 

In this article, we’ll go soft on you and give you the American Dad’s vital statistics.

Get your tapes on, join me as we examine Bill Cosby’s physical attributes. 

Let’s get this show on the road! 

Bill Cosby Vital Stats

What is Bill Cosby Height?

Bill Cosby is 6’1’’ (1.85m) (185cm) tall.

What is Bill Cosby Age?

Bill Cosby is 86 years old, his date of birth is July 12, 1937.

What is Bill Cosby Weight?

Bill Cosby Weight is 81kg (178 lbs) (12 st 10 lbs).

Bill Cosby Height, Weight
Bill Cosby Height is 6 foot 1 inche, (1.88 m), (185.9cm) tall and date of birth is July 12, 1937.

What you need to know about Bill Cosby:

What is Bill Cosby Shoe Size?

Bill Cosby Shoe Size is 11 (US).

What is Bill Cosby Eye Color?

Bill Cosby Eye Color is dark brown.

What is Bill Cosby Hair Color?

Bill Cosby Hair Color is black.

After dropping out of high school, young Cosby tried to live an everyday downbeat life by joining the US Navy. 

He later dropped out of college to pursue a career in comedy and entertainment instead. 

He had the power of speech, and he learned at an early age that humor was a way to get what he wanted every time – attention. 

Significantly, he was a sly fox who excelled at making people believe in lies. 

His teacher once said, “ “William should become either a lawyer or an actor because he lies so well.”

Despite the troublesome end to his career – Bill played a big part in uplifting the image of Black people in a country full of racism.

No black man was able to match what he did to change the industry using his talents alone.   

His first acting assignment in the I Spy series made him the very first Black Actor to co-star in a dramatic leading role on nationwide television. 

Furthermore, he also got himself an Emmy Award.

What a feat! 

The Cosby Show came next, his most successful work! 

Aired between 1984 and 1992, it became the highest-earning and most popular sitcom for several years.

He was earning a butt load of money! 

He cleanly got about a million for every episode, which is the same as earning 8 million today.

That figure excludes the royalties he was earning, too. 

It’s no exaggeration to say he might’ve been the wealthiest comedian in the 21st century. 

But one major slip-up caused all of that down the drain.

He was convicted and found guilty of 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault back in 2018.

Contracts were withdrawn, his name erased from company records, and honorary degrees from different colleges were canceled. 

He’s currently locked up and serving time at the State Correctional Institution – Phoenix in Pennsylvania.

The once bright and well-kept Bill now has distinctive features of a bulbous nose and a partially bald head after being incarcerated for so long. 

It’s easy to forget… 

He’s the same guy who received numerous Grammy, NAACP, Emmy, and People’s Choice awards.

Who could forget that he was also awarded the 2002 Presidential Medal of Freedom? 

No one would’ve guessed a sexual predator was lurking behind the smile of an utterly brilliant comic.

Bill Cosby Height, Age, Weight, & Body Statistics

Bill Cosby continues to be remembered to this day. 

His story is a hard pill to swallow for his followers. 

However, the good thing here is that America’s Justice System won again.

I hope this article placed the Bounce in your Mojo today. 

Tweet us what you think about Bill Cosby’s rollercoaster of a life.

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