Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart
Horoscope (2024)

Bill Cosby Zodiac Sign

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Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope: With a tarnished legacy from controversial allegations, people may have forgotten him.

Good thing, astrology didn’t.

Known as “America’s Dad” and for his famous TV series “Fat Albert,” Bill Cosby has now spent several years behind bars after he was convicted of numerous sexual assaults.

In this article, we’ll fill you in on Bill Cosby’s birth zodiac, including:

  • What Bill Cosby zodiac sign says about him
  • What the stars have in store for him in matters of the heart, friendships, and career
  • Other celebrities bearing the same zodiac sign as his
  • And lots more…

I won’t keep you waiting. Let’s start in 3…2…1…

Bill Cosby Birth Chart:

The birth chart of Bill Cosby reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where Cosby was born.

The designation of the houses is centered around the birth time of Bill Cosby and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. 


… an astrological orb is connected with the aspects. The orb is the margin of the aspect which influences the sign.

Bill Cosby Birth Chart

The orb follows these aspects: square, conjunction, trine, sextile, and opposition,as well as the minor aspects of a quintile, semi-square, semi-sextile, sesqui-quadrate, and quincunx.

Most astrologers limit an aspect within the orb. The smaller the orb, the greater and more significant the influence of the aspect.  

Did you know?

The point on the eastern horizon of your birth is called the Ascendant.

The Ascendant is often thought of as the mask one wears when meeting others. It shows how we carry on with everyday issues and our natural defenses.

The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are the clearest and most obvious. They show an individual’s first and natural reaction to new people.

The Ascendant shows a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future and describes how you deliver the energies depicted by the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart into life.

This birth chart shows the planets’ positions for Bill Cosby.

But wait, there’s more.

The Sun represents outward-shining creative energy, vitality, and a sense of individuality.

Sun in Cancer natives has a strong survival instinct.

In this birth chart, the Sun is in the ninth house which defines travel, philosophy, and higher education.

The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious predestination, and self-image.

His Moon is in Virgo, and those with a Virgo moon placement are satisfied by logic, organization, and structure.

Lunar Virgos are practical.

This chart shows the Moon is in the tenth house which is the apex of your unique story.

The highest point (the Midheaven) is often linked in the Tenth House, which signifies the height of one’s success.

The Tenth House determines professional aspirations, career achievements, and public image.

You might be wondering…

… what does it mean when the Mercury is in Cancer?

Well, the mood or emotional impressions of a Cancerian shape their perception. Cancerians in astrology rely on their intuition to make decisions.

So with Mercury in Cancer, their approach is to “feel out” the dilemma.

Mars represents the desire for action and physical energy.

Mars is in Scorpio – these people love to challenge themselves to do the impossible and tend to have a black-or-white philosophy in life. 

They know life isn’t fair. 

In this chart, Mars is in the first house.

It represents the body you were born with, your physical appearance, and your general temperament. 

Since this is when planets in the sky transit into this house, it’s the point when our goals are determined. It’s also when new projects, ideas, or perspectives finally take form. 

Not only that…

Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart

Jupiter represents expansion and grace.

Jupiter is in Capricorn which means a sense of reason and wisdom.

Here, Jupiter is in the third house. Communication, transportation, and the local community are all governed by the third house. When planets transit the Third House, we often receive important information about our immediate network. 

Saturn represents contraction and effort.

Saturn is in Aries – this is concerned with discipline about the body, actions, and leadership.

Saturn is in the fifth house, and this playful zone of the fifth house is linked to creativity, romance, and children. 

Uranus represents individual liberty – egoistic liberty.

Bill’s Uranus is in Taurus. It’s a planet that forces Bill out of his comfort zones and encourages him to change for the better.

Uranus is in the seventh house, and in the Seventh House, the concept of perspective is introduced. Planets moving through the Seventh House help us close deals, securing our bonds by signing contracts and making things official. 

Neptune represents transcendental liberty – non-egoistic liberty. Bill’s Neptune is in Virgo, which indicates the ability to predict future events.

Neptune is also in the tenth house.

Pluto represents transformations, mutations, and elimination, and it has to do with great changes – mostly physical.

Black Moon Lilith represents our darker, deeper natures that may be repressed or buried.

Lilith is in Sagittarius, which is the pure expression of the wild and free unleashed spirit.


… Cancerians with a Scorpio ascendant has a lot of presence. He/She values so much, it can border on paranoia. 

As if that’s not enough…

… while the sun exposes our truth and the moon reflects our emotions, the Ascendant reveals our personal landscape. 

The Ascendant also reveals the birth chart’s ruling planet.  

We use the Ascendant not only to gauge our individual terrain but also to create the birth chart’s distinctive architecture.

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What is Bill Cosby Zodiac Sign?

Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart

Born July 12, 1937, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, William Henry “Bill” Cosby Jr. is a Cancer, which has the tendency to be one of the most challenging zodiac signs.

Why? Stay tuned to find out!

Cancer represents the element of water – like Scorpio and Pisces.

Guided by their heart, they could have a hard time blending into the world. They’re very emotional and sensitive.

I think at times, he was guided by different body parts, but hey…

… a Cancerian is sympathetic and family-oriented.

They’re quick to help others too.

No wonder…

… a person born with their Sun in Cancer is very loyal and has a feel for other people’s pain and suffering.

The phases of the lunar cycle may deepen their internal secrets and create uncontrollable emotional patterns as they’re ruled by the Moon.


Later in life, the lack of patience will become visible through mood swings as well as selfishness, self-pity, or manipulation.

When at peace with their life choices, Cancerians find contentment with a loving family and harmony in their home.

Sadly, not so for Bill.

“The Brave Crab” isn’t an animal aware of its strength and knows its direction only once life lessons and independence sink into it.

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What Does Bill Cosby Zodiac Sign Mean?

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer gives people great emotional sensitivity – they’re often reserved and shy. Their reasoning, thinking, and behavior are very dependent on their mood.

These people love their home, parents, and family and work for a comfortable life for everyone.

A person under the Cancer zodiac isoften very artistic – sometimes coming across as impractical in life.

They’re peaceful and shy, but they’re also very intelligent and smart. 

Rather than anger…

… they reflect grief and regret, and they’re introverts who don’t like to attract the attention of others – making them fascinating to outsiders.

The Moon is in Virgo for Bill Cosby, which means…

… his feeling of safety is related to order and clarity – also the same for his emotions. He always has the urge to organize everything he sees as chaotic and disorganized.

Friendly tip: Try being more tolerant and accept the imperfections of life.

He’s also afraid to show his dark side. Problematic passions can turn into a hidden inner desire – or not so hidden.

Great emotional intensity and suppression of natural emotions can lead to solitude, so it’s better to let life run its own way.

People with Scorpio as the Ascendant need to fight against dark and destructive powers. This power can come from within – in the form of jealousy, envy, or lust.

The dark and hidden emotions in the soul will soon come out.

Interesting Facts about Cancer

Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart

Inborn Scribblers

Cancers are amazing writers. Because of their hard shell, they’re better at written words than spoken.

Fine As Wine

“Many are blessed with the ability to look much younger than they are.” And for that, you can count Cancer people in.

The Little Things Are the Big Things

It’s the little things in life that mean the most to a Cancer.

Mushy Much

Cancer is the most sentimental of all the zodiac signs – bar none.

Hear Me, and Hear Me Good

An irritated Cancer gives zero care about your feelings.

Cancerians don’t cry a lot in front of any people. They can only show tears to someone whom they are completely comfortable with.

Bill Cosby Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Born on March 20, 1944, Camille Cosby is a Pisces.

Bill Cosby’s partner might be attracted to his vivid, irresistible style.

But in reality, what’s hidden inside him can make things pop.

Cancerians need a stable, conservative type of 

Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart
Source: Wikimedia

relationship that provides comfort and satisfaction for their inherent desires and values.The shell and fear of Bill Cosby to show his sensitive areas could lead to a gap between them.

Cancer and Pisces are linked by romantic love. Their sexual connection is often emotional.

A Pisces partner might be a bit weird and kinky to a Cancerian, but they should be strong enough characters for both of them to step up their sexual relationship.

You see…

… the Cancer zodiac brings intimacy into one’s sex life. They care about their pleasure, giving them a steady and safe approach.

A Pisces will bring in change, creativity, inspiration, and a lot of sensuality. A Pisces will also be tender enough to inspire a Cancerian partner to let go of stiff attitudes and give in to the sexual exchange of emotions.

As two Water signs, Cancer and Pisces will attach through emotions.

Their biggest problem lies in their priority to different types of love in their life.

What’s the bottom line?

Don’t be terrified to trust your partner and reveal your soul.

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Other Cancer Celebrities

The following celebrities are also Cancerians:

  • Cheech Marin
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Harrison Ford
  • Tom Cruise
  • Ned Beatty
  • Liv Tyler
  • Sydney Pollack
  • Anjelica Huston
  • Vin Diesel
  • Chris O’Donnell
  • Janet Leigh
  • Ariana Grande
  • Harry Dean Stanton
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Forest Whitaker
  • Connie Nielsen
  • Tom Hanks
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Stephen Boyd
  • Post Malone
  • Kevin Hart
  • Kristen Bell
  • Selena Gomez

Know More About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Love lifeComing from the ruling of Mars which came from two sextiles from Jupiter and Neptune, Cancerians carry a strong sex drive. Although these aspects don’t guarantee bad behavior, Bill Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004.
CareerWhen it comes to money matters and living standards, they know how to be successful. The TV success for “Fat Albert” and “The Cosby Show” raised his net worth to $400 million.
FriendshipCancerians are loyal, and friendship means a lot to them. They’ll love you like family and keep you close to their heart. During the Cosby trial, actor friends Keshia Knight-Pulliam, Joe Torry, and Sheila Frazier showed support for Bill Cosby in the courtroom. Their friendship evolved into the feel of a family.
FamilyCancer is the sign of the family – deeply sentimental. They tend to preserve family memories, keeping them close for years. In his book entitled “Fatherhood,” Bill Cosby gets to the heart of the matter between husband and wife, father and children, and the pressures exerted on them all by peers and culture.

How Compatible Are You With Bill Cosby

It’s very likely that a person from a Cancer star sign will depend on people with strong personalities and choose partners they can lean on.

Their romantic dreams and mood swings show they can’t stay faithful to their partner.



… Cancerians are the ones who suffer from it. And yet, they still take action that eventually leads to more suffering – it’s like they enjoy it.

Their character is influenced by the Moon which causes emotional uncertainty. They actually influence their surroundings and complement others with their charming emotional personality.

In all seriousness…

… Cancer is a very emotional sign, and feelings come big in their relationships.

Gentle and caring, they’ll show their sensibility to the world without hesitation. For partners, they like someone who gets them non-verbally.

A silent contact of some sort.

Their affection won’t last long with unreliable partners.

Due to their lack of initiative, their sex life won’t be like they imagined or hoped. If they don’t find a partner who makes them feel calm, protected, and free to express themselves, it’ll be a switch off.

Shared responsibility with their partner makes them feel ready for the next step in life.

In love with children, parenthood, marriage, and traditional values, a Cancerian often gets fooled by people they admire and trust.

Compassion and understanding get the relationship going for a Cancer.

Yes, you read that right!

15 Facts About Bill Cosby Zodiac Sign

Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart
  1. Cancer is the moodiest zodiac sign.
  2. Cancers turn to food for comfort.
  3. These people feel they need to nurture others.
  4. Cancerians can be icy and cold at first.
  5. Cancer people are close with their parents, most especially their moms.
  6. These people have amazing empathy for others.
  7. Cancers make the best cooks.
  8. Cancers hate being told what to do.
  9. Cancerians are introverts for a reason.
  10. Cancers are built for long-term relationships.
  11. Cancer men make the most amazing dads.
  12. Cancer men, represented by the crab, hold on tight to relationships.
  13. They dress very well.
  14. They’re ocean lovers.
  15. Cancer women are sensitive to the color red.
10 Facts About Bill Cosby Zodiac Sign Cancer You Should Know

How Similar Are You With Bill Cosby

Strengths: Tenacious, very imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive

Weaknesses: Moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure

Cancer Likes: Art, home-based hobbies, relaxation, helping loved ones, a good meal with friends

Cancer Dislikes: Strangers, any criticism, personal life revelations

Ouch! Sound familiar?

What is Bill Cosby’s Birth Stone?

Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart
Source: Wikiwand

Ruby, the birthstone of July, is a famous deep red stone. With its color ranging from blood red to flirty pink, this stone surely captures awe from lookers.

Radiating energy and beauty…

… this stone can increase sexual desires and help overcome sexual dysfunction.

Ruby’s name came from the Latin word “Red.” The gemstone can be found in many places across the globe, including the USA, India, Mexico, Russia, Kenya, and several other countries.

With its worldly beauty…

… it radiates powerful energies accumulated during the stone’s creation.

The stone is formed deep inside the earth with extreme heat and pressure. It radiates these energies to the wearer, including heightened awareness, courage, and several more sensual energies. 

Conclusion: Bill Cosby Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

Moral choice over what you do with your birth chart is up to you. The factors in the birth chart of Bill Cosby are not a guarantee he’ll do evil things.

Of course!

That’s on the actor, not his birth chart.

Prosecutors say Bill Cosby won’t qualify for early release.

What does Cosby feel about this? Will he ever see the light of day again?

As an expert astrologer can unravel these questions, we can perhaps believe it’s never too late for the disgraced comedian.

Here’s why…

“I want to get back to the laughter and enjoyment of things that I’ve written and things that I perform on stage,” he said in an interview once.

Put the Bounce in Your Mojo Today!

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