Jeffree Star Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope [Visual Guide] 2024

Jeffree Star FI

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Jeffree Star Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope:  Ethereal. Untouchable.

A force to be reckoned with.

It’s impossible to describe Jeffree Star with mere words. But we do know he’s one rare specimen you just can’t help but tune in to.

Jeffree may look ice-cold to some, but people who love him say he’s as warm as hot choco on a Christmas morning.

So, which one is true?

Good thing, his Astrology doesn’t lie.

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into:

  • Jeffree Star’s Astrology and what it means for his career and relationships;
  • Compatability with Jeffree Star;
  • His Birthchart – based on his time and place of birth;
  • Much more…

The ice queen we have known today was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. on November 15, 1985 and hails from Orange County.

And in case you didn’t know…

… he’s an internet personality, makeup artist, musician, and entrepreneur who founded and owns the Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star Astrology Birth Chart

Jeffree Star Birth Chart

Jeffree Star’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where Jeffree was born.

The designation of the houses is centered around Jeffree Star’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). It continues anti-clockwise.

With a birthday on November 15, 1985 and a birthplace of Orange County, California, below is Jeffree Star’s natal chart.

Air and water are the most dominant elements in Jeffree’s chart.

Now, what does this mean?

Jeffree Star Birth Chart

Air represents travel of all kinds, may it be real with the mind, ideas, or speculations. 

Meanwhile, we all know that water represents sensitivity and elevated feelings – being emotional.

This explains Jeffree’s impressive intuition. We can see it in the way he calculates things. Whether he likes to be the center of attention or keep it low, he seems to always know what to do.

That’s because he has people all figured out. With his sensitive intuition, he can anticipate how people would react to something.

The most influential planets in Jeffree Star’s birth chart are Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter.

Mars represents energy and the desire to take action. People with an influential Mars tend to be the risk-takers who are not afraid to cross rivers and move mountains for an adventure.

They’re active, willing to fight, and dynamic.

The catch?

Well, interestingly, Jeffree’s Mars is in Libra. And as we all know, Libra represents freedom.

The result is an energy and enthusiasm for a cause.

You might say Jeffree Star is not very well known for charities and causes.

That’s another story. But, with a closer look, we see this quality manifests itself whenever Jeffree feels the need to stand up for the underdogs.

Fans know how the beauty guru tends to speak out whenever he sees a smaller brand being imitated or have their ideas stolen by bigger companies.

Jeffree Star Astrology Birth Chart

Suffice it to say…

… that’s one of the reasons why people love Jeffree despite his controversial personality.

Meanwhile, Jeffree’s Neptune is in Capricorn.

Neptunian Capricorns are very intuitive and may see things most people don’t. They also have the tendency to be very spiritual.

As a result…

… most of the time, this quality gives them somewhat of a dreamy and mysterious aura.

The planet Jupiter is also greatly emphasized in Jeffree’s chart.

Jupiter represents expansion, organization, power, and grace. Jeffree Star’s Jupiter is in Aquarius.

Jupiterian Aquarius people value freedom the most, especially freedom in ideas and methods. They’re also humanitarians with great tolerance.

What is Jeffree Star Zodiac Sign?

Born on the 15th of November, Jeffree Star zodiac sign is the mysterious Scorpio.

Now, this is interesting:

If you have a friend who always stands out from the crowd without even trying to and just has that quality to effortlessly grab the limelight, they might just be a Scorpio!

That said…

… Scorpios are often mysterious and brooding. 

Jeffree Star Astrology

Most people with this sign may dress very uniquely from everyone else.

Part of their mysterious nature is their ability to keep their emotions in check.

Now, you might be thinking…

… isn’t Scorpio a water sign? Well, water signs are emotional signs too.

The thing with Scorpios is they’re highly intuitive and emotional, but they very well can keep those emotions to themselves or just within their inner circle.

As a result…

… Scorpios appear to be one of the most laid-back people in the world (or so we think!).

That might just be one of Jeffree Star’s qualities that people love about him. It’s no secret that issues and controversies just love him and follow him everywhere. But it’s amazing how the icon is able to dodge them all and sail smoothly through his life and career.

Well, not really dodge… 

… Jeffree likes to answer and clear issues one time in his videos and then he’s all back to business.

Nowadays, it’s also notable how he’s learning how to keep his peace and live in harmony.

This eight Astrological sign is also very strong-willed. Once they realize what they want, there’s no stopping them.

And they’re very ambitious.

Combine that with a headstrong personality and you’ve got a business tycoon and icon all in one.

Jeffree Star Zodiac Sign

Romantically, Scorpios are very caring and thoughtful. They’re also very sensitive, so they’re considered among the best lovers in the Zodiac world.

I mean, there’s a reason why Nathan Schwandt stayed with Jeffree for years.

The only downside of their caring nature is that Scorpios have very jealous and possessive qualities. Because of their intuition, they’re mostly distrustful, and it’s definitely hard to get a Scorpio’s trust.

After all…

… Jeffree has been single for seven whole years just minding himself and his career before Nate came and swept him off his feet.

Even after their breakup, Jeffree appeared to be distrusting of the other guys around him. But that didn’t stop him from playing around and having fun.

Because of their nurturing qualities, Scorpios have a lot of friends – and they love taking care of them!

It’s no secret….

… that Jeffree Star just loves taking people – startups, especially – under his wing.

Be it through helping another up-and-coming YouTuber create his own brand or letting his friends into his mansion and letting them live the luxurious life he is enjoying, it’s clear that Jeffree gets pleasure from helping his loved ones.

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What does Jeffree Star Zodiac Sign Mean?

Jeffrey Star’s ascendant is Sagittarius.

In case you’re wondering…

… the ascendant is how one acts in life as perceived by others – the personality shown to the world.

People with rising Sagittarius are exciting people.

Yes, exciting! They’re mostly filled with hope and excitement for things to be found in this world – like adventures!

There are unmistakable faith and enthusiasm in life with these people. They’re all about grand plans and big promises, and they believe they can achieve everything.

The downside with Sagittarius ascendant people is their love of planning grand plans. However, they lack the small important details.

They’re also not the masters of follow-through.

Because of this…

… they work very well in a setting where they could be the manufacturer of ideas and then have people to execute them with all the technicalities they’ve overlooked.

Jeffree Star Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt

Jeffree Star Relationship
Source: Papermag.com

Meet Nathan Schwandt, Jeffrey Star’s only publicized boyfriend of 5 years.

Jeffree also said – at one point in their relationship – that Nate is his soulmate.

Born on the 18th of August 1993, Nate is a fiery Leo.

For context, Jeffrey Star was still an upcoming entrepreneur when Nathan slid into his DMs one day.

To this day, both Nathan and Jeffree maintain that Nate is a straight man who happened to love ladies and guys who look like women.

Even in Jeffree’s breakup video, he had nothing but good things to say about Nate. The beauty icon reminisced how there were many guys in his life but none was brave enough to love him publicly.


… Nate was the only man who was “brave” enough to love him in public. Jeffree also said he still wasn’t as successful and as established as he is now when Nate came into his life.

Fire and water. What could go wrong?

Surprisingly, Jeffree’s Scorpio and Nate’s Leo proved quite compatible…at least for 5 years.

Leos are very confident and comfortable being in the spotlight. They also don’t mind being at the center of drama.

Thanks to this, Nate didn’t have any problems adjusting to his famous partner’s life.

Leos also loves the finer things in life, luxury especially. It includes leisurely fun, children’s play, flirting, and even sex.

Sounds like Jeffree Star’s lifestyle altogether, doesn’t it?

Now, they may sound very compatible with each other. But, it looks like these things are very shallow foundations for a relationship.

Although Jeffree’s Scorpion thoughtfulness and care clearly contributed to the longevity of their relationship, it seems like it wasn’t enough.

The couple broke up around December of 2019 to January of 2020.

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Other Scorpio Celebrities

  • Bill Gates
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Julia Roberts
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Wise Wanderer

Scorpio love traveling- literally and metaphorically.

“Geek in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets”

Scorpio are liable to have a high sex drive which makes them passionate and intense lovers.

Social Butterfly

Social anxiety is not in their vocabulary, scorpios can click with almost anyone.

The Drunken Master

Scorpios love being with their friends whenever they’re hurt or upset and would most probably drink all the pain away.

Into the Unknown

They’re not afraid of wandering into unknown territories. It’s and adventure, after all!

Scorpios are very passionate lovers. Aside from giving their partners exciting moments behind closed doors, they would also move mountains for them. Everyone witnessed how Jeffree gave all the luxuries to his longtime partner, Nate, while supporting his passion and business.

Jeffree Star Zodiac Sign

Know More About the Jeffree Star Zodiac Sign

Love lifeScorpios are very passionate lovers. Aside from giving their partners exciting moments behind closed doors, they would also move mountains for them. Everyone witnessed how Jeffree gave all the luxuries to his longtime partner, Nate, while supporting his passion and business.
CareerThey’re very idealistic and exciting to work with- overflowing with great ideas. They’re not afraid to take risks.This fearlessness paid off as we can see the Jeffree’s cosmetic company which Jeffree built from the little saving he had left.
FriendshipScorpios are very generous as a friend. They love taking people under their wing and bringing them towards success. This is exactly how Jeffree is with his friends.
FamilyThey’re very family-oriented, and in the absence of one, Scorpios built their own family. Jeffree has built a family for himself consisting of his coolest friends, crew and beloved dogs.

15 Facts About Jeffree Star Zodiac Sign

  1. Scorpios are born leaders, not followers.
  2. If you want to finish a task for the day, leave it to a Scorpio to get it done on time. 
  3. Scorpios’ minds are very active, even when they look quiet and still on the outside.
  4. They have many friends but are very picky about who they let into their inner circles. 
  5. They’re most probably the most jealous of all the Zodiac signs.
  6. Scorpios love confidence and are turned on by confident people.
  7. They’re also the masters of sarcasm.
  8. People under the Scorpio sign have the ability to stay calm even in the most chaotic situations.
  9. They also love undertaking big projects even without much idea about how it will go. They love the unexpected.
  10. Scorpios tend to lose interest quickly. 

What is Jeffree Star’s Birth Stone:

Jeffree stars birth Stone
Source: Wikipedia

Jeffree Star was born in the month of November, and November has two birthstones – Topaz and Citrine.

Let’s start with the traditional November birthstone which is Topaz.

The name Topaz comes from the Greek island called Tabazios in the Red Sea. Tabazios is now called St. John’s Island.

This gem is known for its golden yellow color which is popularly called Imperial Topaz. But there are also many other colors available such as blue and orange. There are also colorless ones.

There’s also a variety of Topaz that looks as if there’s a rainbow inside of it!

This gem has a long history dating back to 2000 years.

In fact…

… in the early modern times, all gems with a yellowish color were called Topaz!

This stunner has long been believed to bring good health to its holder. It’s also used as a charm to relax the tired mind.

Most importantly, Topaz symbolizes friendship and prosperity.

Sounds like the very things Jeffree Star is abundant with!

On the other hand…

… the gem Citrine has been considered a November birthstone as well – or in modern times, at least.

Jeffree Star Birth Stone
Source: Wikipedia

Conclusion: Jeffree Star Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

Jeffree Star’s Astrology is definitely as thrilling as his life!

Love him or hate him, it’s undeniable that this beauty icon’s pull is as strong as the moon on a high tide!

We will not get over how Jeffree seems to be the epitome of a Scorpio’s confidence, passion, and energy.

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