Vanna White Height, Age, Weight
Body Statistics [UPDATED]

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Vanna White Height, Age, Weight: Who wouldn’t know about this hostess of the long-running TV show “The Wheel of Fortune?”

That household name is no other than Vanna White!

Want to know the secret behind her well-toned body despite her age? Curious about how she maintains her flawless look?

Lucky for you, we did all the digging, and today…

… we’ll be looking at her body measurements, including:

  • Vanna White’s Vital Statistics
  • Her Impressive Workout Routine and Diet Plan
  • Her Favorite Designer Dress – She’s worn over 7000 dresses on the show! Oops! You’ll know more about that later so stick with us!
  • And loads more!

So, without any fuss, let’s begin.

Vanna White Vital Stats

Vanna White Vital Stats

How Tall is Vanna White?

Vanna White’s toned body complements her height of 5 foot 6 inches or 168 cm (1.68 m).

Vanna White’s Age

Vanna White’s Age

Vanna White was born on February 18, 1957. But, looking at her in the photo , one can only think she must be drinking off water from the fountain of youth.

Vanna White’s Breast, Waist, and Hips Size

Vanna’s slender body has a measurement of approximately 35-24-35. She’s a mother of two lovely kids, and her breast measures 35 inches or 89 cm. She wears a 32C bra cup size. 

Her curvy waist is emphasized whenever she tight-fitting dresses. Her waist has a circumference of around 24 inches, and her hips are measured at 35 inches or 89 cm.

Vanna White’s Workout and Diet Routine

For those of you who didn’t know…

… Vanna experienced depression back when she first moved to Los Angeles.

She had to cope with her new environment, new food, and everything that she became depressed, causing her to put on some weight – a whopping 25 pounds. She became overweight.

It took her two years before she overcame depression. She set her sights on her goals to change her lifestyle. She started by following a strict diet and doing workouts. Now, she claims she’s only eating when she’s hungry.

So what could have helped her maintain her shape?

It’s this simple. She incorporates vegetable salads into her lunch and dinner. Not only that, she also drinks plenty of water.

Well, well, well. I wish I had even half of the self-discipline she has. Honestly! 

Just the same as her diet plan, she follows a strict workout schedule. She does 100 pushups and situps every day, having mini-trampoline workouts thrice a week for 15 minutes and other simple activities coupled with body stretching. 

Surprised at how she maintained her fit figure? I’m not!

Vanna White’s Workout and Diet Routine

Vanna White’s Dresses

Here’s a trivia: Vanna has worn more than 7,000 dresses on the show “The Wheel of Fortune” and has only one repeated!

Vanna White’s Dresses

Conclusion: Vanna White Height, Weight, Age

In a nutshell, the game show queen is really on the go when it comes to fashion, and she makes sure she maintains her stunning bikini body.

I hope you enjoyed this article. What’s your favorite Vanna dress so far?

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