Who Killed Markiplier? [EXPLAINED]

Who Killed Markiplier

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Who Killed Markiplier? (also known as WKM) is a story over multiple videos series made by Markiplier, with Tyler Scheid, Pamela Horton, Robert Rexx, Mick Lauer, and Chris Hampton acting alongside Mark, the man himself. 

Who Killed Markiplier was a four-part YouTube web series starring Mark Fischbach, as ‘Markiplier’ the owner of Markiplier Manor, and the victim of a murder, Tyler Scheid as the Butler, Robert Rexx as a chef, Mick Lauer as the detective, Pamela Horton as the Seer, and Chris Hampton as the groundskeeper. 

It was originally released between October 10th – October 13th, 2017.

The story begins when the Attorney (aka the audience) is invited for poker night at Markiplier Manor, where their host is murdered, and the murderer has disappeared.

Want to hear more of the story?

Sit tight, Sherlock…

Chapter 1

Who Killed Markiplier

You arrive at Markiplier’s Mansion where the Colonel is just about to enter. 

The Butler welcomes you. You meet Damien, a Mayor, and the Chef upon entering the house. Later on the host, Markiplier joins you. 

You’re so drunk you pass out and wake up the following morning whereupon the Butler gives you a hangover cure. 

Damien greets you and you both head downstairs for breakfast when Mark’s dead body appears, right there, out of the blue. 

The Detective, the Butler, and the Chef show up one by one. 

The Detective invites you to be his partner and together you try to solve the murder of Markiplier. 

He asks you to talk with the people inside the mansion to investigate their whereabouts. The Detective then brings you back to the main hall only to find Mark’s body is missing.


Let’s continue reading to find out more about the intrigue…

Chapter 2

Who Killed Markiplier

Everyone gathers around to be told that Mark’s body has disappeared and the investigators believe it was as a result of a “zombie problem”. 

Uh Oh…

You and the detective walk around the house whilst the Detective tells you his theories on the motives of the murderer.  

You go inside Markiplier’s room to look for evidence. 

You find four photographs in Mark’s room. 

The First –  of Mark, Damien, and the Colonel looking happy together. 

The Second – of Mark and an unknown woman looking happy together. 

Third – Mark and Damien looking unhappy. 

The last picture is a smashed picture of the Colonel. 

As he lowers it, the Colonel appears in front of you and asks the Detective if he can go for a walk with you. 

The three of you meet up with Damien outside and he tells you that it’s possible that the murderer may not be anyone from the party.

You hear a gunshot which makes you both run inside the manor only to see the Colonel and the Detective pointing their guns at each other. 

A woman enters the front door.

Who do you think that woman is? 

Is it someone the people inside the manor are familiar with?

Chapter 3

Who Killed Markiplier

The woman, who turns out to be called Celine, asks what’s happening – the Colonel is looking shocked to see her. 

Damien then tells her that Mark is dead, he was murdered and his body is now missing. 

Celine finds it strange that all of you suddenly teleport into the main hall and meet again around the table. 

Celine notices how quiet you are and believes you have a more important role than anyone else. 

Celine then asks for your hand to communicate with Mark (using the Arcane Arts) which the Detective disapproves of. 

You both go upstairs into a room where she uses her crystal ball to make you see past events – that have been slightly altered  – then you see something you’ve not yet experienced…

Drum Roll Please… 

You wake up and are just drawing a picture of a man digging a hole – when the others barge in. 

Celine argues with Damien and the Detective has the Chef confess it to be the Groundskeeper, George, the man you saw in the vision. 

Everyone goes outside to see George, the same with what you’ve seen in your vision with the help of Celine but it is slightly different. 

George explains that he has not been inside the house for 15 years and will only go back inside if a certain event happens. 

Suddenly, that event takes place and George rushes inside – whereupon Damien and Celine stay behind in the room and the Colonel is asleep on his own. 

The door to the room suddenly opens and you see Celine surrounded by light – she looks even more malicious.

George shuts the door.

Hold your horses to find out the ending of this story.

Who Killed Markiplier EXPLAINED✓ Who Killed Markiplier Chapter by Chapter Story✓ Markiplier’s YouTube Web Series Story & Photos✓ Plots and Final Truth✓

Last Chapter: Who Killed Markiplier EXPLAINED

Who Killed Markiplier

George locks the door shutting in Celine and Damien. 

The Colonel asks where they were and George answers that they were going away. 

The Detective asks where they were going – George answers that the house was cursed and they all need to leave. 

You’re left alone and hear Celine’s voice but you can’t see her. 

Suddenly you’re stuck in some kind of void inside the house where everything is distorted as you teleport around the house. 

When you get out of the void, you’re in the Detective’s office – the one person who has everyone’s evidence. 

The Colonel walks in and sees the evidence. 

He believes that everything that happened was made up by the Detective and he rushes to find him. 

The Colonel and the Detective argue. 

The Colonel shoots the Detective and you’re trying to take the gun from him. 

He suddenly shoots you and you fall. 

You wake up in a black void where you see Mark and he tells you that it wasn’t fair. 

Soon after, Damien and Celine walk into the void glowing with red and blue light. 

They say Mark took everything from them through revenge and that death isn’t the same in the void. 

Damien and Celine can only escape from the void if you, as Damien’s “spirit” say, “Let me in.” 

You wake up hours later – right where you fell – and see the Colonel cradling Damien’s cane – staring at your body. 

You sit up and go to find Damien and Celine. 

The Colonel is gone and you pick up Damien’s cane but your hand changes into someone else’s. 

You go to the mirror and see Damien’s face. 

The figure breaks his neck and the mirror cracks – with red and blue light (static) seeping through as the figure walks away… but you’re stuck looking at the broken mirror.

That was crazy! 

The Truth – Who Killed Markiplier

Mark and the Colonel grew up together in the Manor and Damien would often visit. They were known as “the gang” in their younger years. 

The Detective was already friends with Mark at that time but he never had the chance to meet the Colonel and Damien.

Mark meets Celine and they fall in love. They marry and live together in the Manor. 

Mark was so busy with the love of his life that he seldom spends any time with the Colonel and Damien. This causes a problem in their friendship.

Not long after, Celine notices the house is a little weird. She is convinced by the Colonel to leave;  Mark, the Colonel, and Celine leave the house together.

Celine leaves Mark for his best friend, the Colonel, leaving him a wreck. Damien becomes the mayor of their city which pushes him to leave the Manor to undertake his responsibilities.

Mark ends his relationships with pretty much everyone and falls into a depression. 

He can’t cope with life anymore so decides to take his own life – he stabs himself to death – ending up in the void, called upside-Down, for the very first time.

The Upside-Down exists outside of reality yet is somehow inside the Manor.

Who Killed Markiplier

This means that the inside of the Manor is no longer part of our world and the laws of physics don’t apply.

There are entities inside the Manor who have their Sense of Self and can communicate with everyone inside the Manor. 

One entity decides to use this against Mark to its advantage. 

This makes the Manor a character – the entity uses the people inside and the house to interact with reality.

The void sends Mark back to his body which can’t now sustain life. Mark can’t understand how he came back to life. 

He decides to take his life again several times by poison, strangling himself, stabbing, beating, shooting, and drowning himself. 

But all to no avail.

He is sent back to his mutilated body and he is kept alive by the Manor.

Mark begins to comprehend the concept of the Upside-Down by reviewing the history of the Manor and how it’s connected to the void.

The entities then begin to whisper ideas such as ‘how Celine and the Colonel did to him was not fair’.

This convinces Mark to invite his old friends over for a poker game to frame a murder and to take revenge on the Colonel for his death.

Mark invites the Detective, the Colonel, and Damien, who brought the District Attorney to be his +1, along with his Chef and Butler.

Then the onlooker (you) comes to the Manor and meets the Colonel at the front door. You meet everyone and Mark, the host, comes down the stairs.

Everyone has a blast and gets drunk. 

Who Killed Markiplier

At 1:30 in the morning, you all go off to sleep intoxicated and Mark invites the Colonel to the cellar to frame him for the “murder”.

Mark tells the Colonel he wants to mend their broken friendship with a game of Russian Roulette.

Mark rigs the gun so it won’t shoot the Colonel. 

Mark then tells the Colonel that if he shoots Mark and it’s a blank bullet, then everything is fixed between them.

Then the Colonel takes his shot – which eventually kills Mark. 

He’s so horrified that he drags Mark’s dead body upstairs. The Colonel goes back to his room.

At 8:30 in the morning, you (the onlooker) wake up and meet Damien.

The two of you go downstairs and find Mark’s dead body. Everyone comes in to find the body – except the Colonel.

Who Killed Markiplier

The Detective then decides to make you his new partner to solve the case while Damien goes off to find his friend, the Colonel.

You see the Colonel and Damien arguing.

You go in after Damien leaves to talk to the Colonel and he produces a fake theory on what happened to Mark.

You talk to the Chef, who shows you video surveillance of the Detective and Mark meeting 3 days before the party.

Who Killed Markiplier

As the Chef is nowhere to be seen, you go outside to talk to Damien.

Without anyone noticing, Mark goes back to his body and moves it to make it look like the murderer moved the body. He believes that he’ll be able to escape in the Colonel’s body, leaving the Colonel without a body.

That is Mark’s plan – but little does he know that the entity also has ‘its own plans’.

The Detective finds Mark’s body missing and calls you to come inside. 

Everyone then comes in, except Damien. People believe that Mark has become a zombie.

The Detective then asks an important question: Why does the murderer do it? 

You and the Detective walk around the house as he tells you his thoughts and decides to go and investigate in Mark’s room.

You find pictures that give you a brief recap of what happened between Mark and the Colonel’s friendship.

Who Killed Markiplier

The truth is that the Colonel is also walking in-and-out of reality through the void because he’s been in the house as long as Mark and he’s more affected by the Upside-Down. 

The Colonel doesn’t question it because of the entity making sure nobody notices the anomalies.

The two of you teleport from ground level from the second balcony without you noticing and he tells you how he hates Mark as he continues to go against reality.

Damien appears twice and misses the Colonel – the Colonel wants to avoid Damien –  so the entity makes the Colonel disappear when Damien tries to talk to him.

Damien talks to you and tells you it’s possible that the murderer wasn’t at the party and was only waiting for a moment to strike.

You both hear a gunshot and see the Colonel – who wanted to do target practice – and the Detective pointing their guns at each other.

As the two argue…

… Celine comes through the front door which throws Mark’s “plan” into chaos because he never thought Celine would return. He’s worried since Celine is a ‘seer’ with the Arcane Arts.

Who Killed Markiplier

— nice entrance, girl!

The entity then changes its original plan, which is to steal Mark’s body and leave him trapped so the entity could escape the house to steal Celine’s body because she is a more powerful host.

The entity convinces Mark to go with another plan, to steal Damien’s body and the entity will steal Celine’s body, and then Damien and Celine will be trapped in Mark’s mutilated body, which was inside the void…

Still with me??

On the other hand…

Celine is aghast upon discovering Mark’s death and thinks that something bigger is happening without them noticing.

All the characters teleport to the main hall, without questioning how, and Celine notices how lightning crashes every time the word “murder” is uttered. The entity is fed up and teleports everyone to the table.

Celine then decides to use you as bait to find out why Mark is dead and why the Manor doesn’t follow the laws of physics and most importantly what is behind the “dark force”.

You and Celine go upstairs – it’s somehow nighttime in just a few seconds. 

Both of you go into a room and Celine makes you see visions of past and future but they aren’t the same as what has happened or what will happen.

Who Killed Markiplier

You wake up to thunder and Celine asks you what you just saw. You draw her a picture of someone.

Turns out…

… that someone is George, the groundskeeper, digging a hole.

The others go in and Celine is adamant no-one is going to interfere with her goals. The Detective pulls you out to ask what the picture means. The Chef and Butler say that it’s George who’s been living on the grounds for a long time.

Almost all of you go outside to talk to George. Celine and Damien go back into the room and the entity starts its plan.

Meanwhile, you meet George – who is more aware of the truth of the house, and he says he won’t go inside the Manor unless a specific event happens.

Who Killed Markiplier

But here’s the kicker:

The entity’s plan has worked. Now, Mark and the entity take over Damien and Celine’s bodies leaving them in Mark’s mutilated body by sending it to the void to stop them from taking back their true bodies.

You all rush upstairs, waking up the Colonel in the process, who was sleeping when the take over of bodies happened. You see the entity in Celine’s body with light from behind it as George locks the door.

The Colonel then asks where Damien and Celine are. 

George answers that they’re gone and tells you all to leave while you still can.

You see…

The Colonel doesn’t want to leave without his friends and goes off in anger and the Detective also leaves without comprehending what is happening. 

The Butler and Chef leave you alone. Then, you hear Celine’s whisper calling for help.

The void starts to bleed into the house and you teleport around the house while hearing distorted lines from the past and future. This finally stops and you find yourself in the Detective’s office.

Here’s why:

The entity made the office ‘unfindable’ before that – as part of its plan to manifest itself. Now that the entity has taken over Celine’s body, Mark and the entity escape without anyone knowing the truth.

With the entity being gone, nothing is controlling the house, making the office viewable.

You see the evidence put together by the Detective and a pattern emerges revealing evidence against the Colonel.

Who Killed Markiplier
Who Killed Markiplier EXPLAINED✓ Who Killed Markiplier Chapter by Chapter Story✓ Markiplier’s YouTube Web Series Story & Photos✓ Plots and Final Truth✓

The Colonel comes into the office and sees the evidence pointing towards him so he storms off to find the Detective believing that he (the Detective) orchestrated everything by himself.

You follow the Colonel who later finds the Detective upstairs. The two point their guns at each other and start to argue. The Colonel then shoots the Detective. 

You attempt to take the gun from him, whereupon he suddenly shoots you and causes you to fall off the balcony as he tells you it was all an accident.

It gets worse:

You find yourself in a black void which is the Upside-Down. Mark’s body suddenly falls out of the darkness and something is speaking through it telling you how unfair it is.

Who Killed Markiplier

Damien and Celine then appear from behind Mark’s body and tell you how Mark took everything from them and locked them in his dead body.

Celine tells you that death does not mean the same thing in the house and that you can escape if you trust her and Damien. Damien tells you that he trusts Celine and asks you to let him in. 

This basically means you let Celine and Damien inside your body and share it as it’s the only way the three of you can escape.

They instantly vanish, showing that it’s the entity, using the two to make you accept the possession, and not Damien and Celine at all.

Oh no! 

How does the entity do that?

The entity possesses Celine and kills Damien so it could use them to get what it wants. 

It sends you back to your own body – you find the Colonel staring at your body and cradling Damien’s cane in regret for his actions.

He went nuts after seeing you alive. He decides that it was all a joke and that death means nothing.

He then goes off to look for his friend and is now the dangerous Wilford Warfstache who can alternate the laws of physics.

Who Killed Markiplier

As he leaves, you turn to Damien’s cane and a female hand picks it up and then changes to a male one.

Almost there…

You look into the mirror to see that your body is now in Damien’s form.

The Entity in your body cracks your neck and light flashes as the mirror cracks apart with red and blue light and with statics leaking through the cracks as the image grows dark.

You’re forced out of your body when the entity uses the Manor to create Darkiplier, an unstable being that was never meant to exist.

You are left watching Darkiplier walk away with your own body.


That was a bit mind-blowing!

Not your average murder mystery series, right?

We hope you enjoyed the plot of Who Killed Markiplier…

If you’d like to see more on Markiplier, why not check out his Net Worth, Bio, and much more with BounceMojo.com – but just to make it clear – this is a work of fiction! 

Markiplier is very much alive!


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