Faze Rug’s Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope [Visual Guide] 2024

Faze Rug astrology FI

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Assyrian Iraqi-American YouTube vlogger Brian Awadis also known as FaZe Rug will not only entertain you with his popularity, lifestyle and prank videos but will also fascinate you with his personality. 

Like almost every other Scorpio does. 

This is a complete guide to the impact of Faze Rug Astrology Zodiac Sign on his current character, career, love life, and peers. 

  • The young gamer’s natal chart and what it means;
  • Faze Rug’s zodiac sign’s impact on his career, lifestyle, and relationships;
  • Are you compatible with Rug?
  • Lots more…

So if you’re curious enough to know more about our social media star FaZe Rug then keep reading this article.

Let’s make a start!

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Faze Rug Birth Chart 

FaZe Rug’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky, when, and where FaZe Rug was born (his birthday was November 19th 1996 – and birthplace is San Diego); The designation of the houses is centered around FaZe Rug’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. 

People with this Natal Chart show vitality, a great sense of individuality, and outstanding shining creative energy. To put it simply, FaZe Rug has good physical energy and courage that is tied to his strong passions. 

Faze Rug Birth Chart 

However, he can be suspicious at times, and vindictive. Scorpios are notorious for their ferocity. 

This implies that..

FaZe Rug is one of the most tenacious people who put everything they have into everything they do; but persuading them to commit to anything is never easy. It’s best not to even attempt to “persuade” them to do something.

Solar Scorpios have a strong sense of self-awareness. And it’s not glory (like their Capricorn friends) or even power (although Leos may have both) that drives them— it’s strength.


Scorpios like FaZe Rug tend to have a lot of willpower in the presence of those around them. 

This guy knows exactly what he wants and picks his moments well. He literally sits back and watches (quite deftly), when the time is right. 

As a matter of fact…

This evident patience is merely a product of their superior strategic abilities at work. Scorpio doesn’t mind getting their hands (or bodies, or minds) dirty. Scorpios are tenacious creatures that never surrender,  Just like how FaZe Rug found his way to connect to the world, to his friends, and parents through his various videos on his YouTube channel.

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What is Faze Rug’s Zodiac Sign?

Born on November 19, 1996, (Age 24, birthplace San Diego, California, United States)  Faze Rug was born under the sign of Scorpio – he’s enthusiastic and assertive. They are committed and decisive, and they will continue to investigate until they discover the truth.

Scorpio is a strong leader – constantly has full recognition of his/ her circumstances and has a high level of resourcefulness. Scorpio is a Water sign that seeks to understand and share his or her feelings whether it be with parents, friends, or they can also use unexpected ways like FaZe Rug uploading a content to his channel and sharing how he cares for his fellow american peers.

Faze Rug Zodiac Sign

Scorpio’s feelings are very important to them, but they express themselves in a unique manner – different to the other water signs. 

But whatever the case, you can rest assured that a Scorpio will keep your secrets safe.

Pluto is the ruler of this astrological sign and the planet of transformation and rebirth. Scorpios are noted for their calm and collected demeanor as well as their enigmatic nature.

Scorpios are also defined as fierce, which is likely thanks to their thorough understanding of the universe’s laws. Some Scorpios can appear older than they are.

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They make great leaders because they are passionate about their work. Scorpios despise deception and can be jealous and suspicious, so they must adjust to activities with this in mind. Scorpios are courageous, and as a result, they tend to have many mates.

Interesting Facts about Scorpios

Facts about Scorpios


Scorpio is unafraid of social interaction and can kick it with everyone.

The One Call Away Person

Scorpio is known for always being there for others in their time of need.

The Smart One To Choose The Right People

Scorpio is very cautious as to who they communicate with, choosing only those who are reliable and like-minded.

Genuinely Kind Person

Scorpio actually wants everyone to be happy.

The Person Who Totally Amazes You

Scorpio doesn’t really work any harder than the rest of the zodiac signs; Scorpio gets it perfect the first time.

Facts You Need to Know About Faze Rug’s Zodiac Sign

Faze Rug Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

When it comes to love, Scorpios are genuinely enthusiastic. Since they don’t trust most people, they admire affection and emotional connection. Scorpios value intellectual and trustworthy partners, and they require a partner who can keep them engaged and fascinated.

Scorpios take their time in relationships, but once committed to another, they are by far the most faithful sign in the zodiac. One of Scorpio’s greatest drawbacks is that they are so loyal that they tend to remain with people long after the flame has been extinguished.


Faze Rug has been single a while. He shocked the internet world when he and his ex-girlfriend, also a fellow YouTuber Molly Eskam, broke up. Moreover, what stunned the whole fandom of Faze Rug the most is the fact that he dated his first ex-girlfriend Kaelyn, after the two broke up. 

This made people scratch their heads as they recalled the failing relationship with Kaelyn.  

Well, this may imply the latter definition of Scorpio’s romance characteristics.

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Know More About the Faze Rug’s Zodiac Sign

Love lifeFaze Rug only had two girlfriends whom he publicly introduced to his fans. The fact that he is secretive and wants to keep his private matters away from the limelight, really represents how he wants to protect the ones that are important to him
CareerFaze Rug is a YouTube Vlogger, a profession that requires an adventurous and humorous side to show off wit and produce interesting content. One thing his sign is very natural at.
FriendshipFaze Rug may be someone who is popular and perfect to other people or fans but to his friends is someone who will be there when you need them.
FamilyScorpios are very family-oriented people, they love to feel the concept of family life as something they can always go back to, whenever and whatever the situation in their lives.

15 Facts You Need About Scorpios

Facts about Scorpios
  1. They’re the truthful ones; they won’t soothe you for nothing, so trust them when they give you praise.
  2. Scorpios dislike sugarcoating, so they’ll send you clear advice from the heart, even if it comes across as negative.
  3. Scorpios won’t share their sad feelings with you; instead, they’ll only share what they believe you can handle. They would rather keep their issues to themselves than burden anyone else with them.
  4. Scorpios prioritize others over themselves. They don’t give a damn if they love you!
  5. Scorpios despise it when others are harmed or suffer! If one of their loved ones is injured, they experience physical pain. It’s extremely difficult for them.
  6. Trust Scorpios when they say they don’t care. It’ll take a long time and a few chances to get them to the stage where they don’t care.
  7. Scorpios will yell at you, be angry with you, laugh with you, love you, and care for you all in the span of a minute.
  8. Scorpios are the zodiac’s most powerful symbol, owing to their exceptional psychic abilities.
  9. Scorpios are envious and misunderstood as possessive, but the fact is that they value their relationships with their loved ones so much that they become envious if they believe someone else could take their place.
  10. They are the zodiac’s over-thinkers; they love contemplating everything and imagining the worst-case scenarios that will almost definitely never happen!
  11. They look for integrity and wit in a partner.
  12. Scorpios are devoted lovers while they are in love.
  13. They won’t jump from one relationship to the next because trusting someone takes a lot of time for them, so they’ll be cautious before beginning a new one.
  14. I recommend you don’t let your Scorpio friend find out about what you did the hard way; instead, be truthful and tell them first, or things could spiral out of control as a result of your dishonesty.
  15. Scorpios, like Maleficent, are sweet and gentle on the inside, but if you cross them, they’ll make your life a living hell. It’s normal for kind people to burst at some point. 
15 Facts About Scorpio’s You Should Know

What is Faze Rug Birth Stone?

Faze Rug Birth Stone

It’s a stone of prosperity and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others. Yes, that’s correct, truly describes how amazing a person Faze Rug is – having such great wealth in his life, by making people laugh through his profession. He’s an unforgettable entertainer.

Conclusion: Faze Rug Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

More than being a YouTube vlogger, Faze Rug incorporates a unique personality that anyone could befriend. 

We now know what it’s like to admire Faze Rug and all his zodiac traits. 

That’s a Scorpio for you! 

For more details about Faze Rug, visit Bouncemojo’s Faze Rug Biography and Net Worth.

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