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Faze Rug Quotes: Yes! The vlogger boy, the social media star, and the ‘King of Challenge’ videos on YouTube. 

You’re probably here as a fan and wanted to spread his uplifting words or quotes to your friends. 

Well, you’re lucky today as not only you’re in the right place, but we got what you need compiled in this article too! 

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Of course, isn’t it amazing to recall some important details about your idol, Faze Rug? Who knows, there might be some facts you’ve overlooked in his life. Got fired up now? 

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Who are Social Media Star: Brian ‘Faze Rug’ Awadis & Faze Clan

Social media star Brian Awadis, best known by his screen name Faze Rug, was born on November 19, 1996, in San Diego, California, United States. 

Faze Rug, the ‘Faze Clan’ e-sport team’s co-owner, is born to his Iraqi parents, whose family screen names are Mama Rug and Papa Rug’s virtual world. 

Did you know… 

Faze Rug developed his interest in video games because he couldn’t be part of his school’s basketball team. 

From an aspiring sports player to an e-sports gamer…not bad!

He was very fluffy, fussy and often loved cracking jokes of someone else during his school years.  

He also wanted to share the pranks with others and started documenting them through video clips.

But wait, let me tell you something…

During his first year of studying, he noticed that a massive percentage of viewers were lured by the brilliant clips he had posted online on his Youtube channel. 

He found out that he would earn a good deal if he’d get more viewer numbers for his videos.

He left college to focus on his social media career and spent more time posting them to YouTube.

As much as we’d like to discuss more of his social media presence, Face Clan e-sport career, and family matters including mama rug and papa rug, we will be giving you an entertaining read about Faze Rug.


This article will show you famous quotes of today’s popular social media star Brian Awadis also known as Faze Rug. We will illustrate how witty his words are, just like what a true social media gamer is. 

Buckle up and look at these ten famous quotes of our social media personality, Faze Rug.

Let’s get started…


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Quote # 01

 “I feel like I don’t say this enough, but I’m so grateful for you guys. The past few months have been a little rough for me, but your support genuinely gets me through it. Couldn’t have asked for a better position to be in.”

Faze Rug Quotes

Quote # 02

“Yo, I legit made a song as a JOKE in like 2 hours, and people are messing with it. To me, it’s funny, but hey, I’m glad some of you like it. It’s called “Goin’ Live” by FaZe Rug if you wanna hear it on Apple Music or Spotify.”

Quote # 03

“I’ve been eating very unhealthy my whole LIFE. I just hired a personal trainer, and I’ve never felt so motivated to change my lifestyle. Fitness & nutrition is #1 in life, and I should’ve been preaching this earlier. This is before, and I will update you throughout the journey.”

Faze Rug Quotes

Quote # 04

“So I’ve been planning this for a while, but I bought my dad a brand new Lamborghini. He didn’t want to accept it unless he and I shared it, so I said yes so that he can take it.” 

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Quote # 05

“Even if you’re feeling unmotivated, keep pushing.”

Quote # 06

“Past is the past. You can’t change it. You just gotta learn and move on!”

Faze Rug Quotes

Quote # 07

“Cut the negative people out of your life, and you’ll instantly see a change in your mood.”

Quote # 08

“You have 365 new pages ready to be filled out. Make it count.”

“You have 365 new pages ready to be filled out. Make it count.” – Faze Rug

Quote # 09

“It’s so stressful when you have so much on your chest, and you can’t talk about it because you’d cause more trouble. It makes me feel stuck.”

Quote # 10

“You gotta remember that we’re all humans at the end of the day, and we’re all the same—no need to treat someone differently because of skin color, race, followers, etc. WE ARE THE SAME. “

Faze Rug Quotes

Conclusion: 10+ Faze Rug Quotes

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