10 Best Faze Rug Top List [Most Watched Video’s] (2024)

Faze Rug Top list

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Faze Rug Top List: Brian Awadis, also known as Faze Rug, is a popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers. 

Faze Rug was born (birthday: November 19, 1996) to his parents Ron and Sana Awadis who also do YouTube vlogging for a living and are popularly known by their screen names as Mama rug and Papa rug.

If you’re an avid Faze Rug fan and are looking to know more about him, then you’re in for a treat because we are listing down his best video content on YouTube!

But before we get down to that, let’s make a quick introduction about our social media star, Faze Rug, below. 

Did you know…

Faze Rug started his YouTube journey by just uploading his Call of Duty gameplays on his channel, and that’s also how he gained popularity as a gamer. 

Realizing that he’s already getting a significant amount of views every day, Faze Rug then started to upload prank videos, video games, and challenge content. 

Faze Rug was eventually invited to join an e-sports clan which he now co-owns, named Faze Clan

Faze Rug would always include his girlfriend and family in most of his video contents, but mostly his brother Brandon Awadis, better known as Brawadis, his dad, Papa rug, and Mama rug. 

Viewers love how interesting his vlogs are with each upload as he’s always up to something new. 


Since we already have an idea as to how Faze Rug was able to build such a big following just by uploading prank videos among other contents, you might be wondering about his earnings…

Faze Rug Net Worth

Drumroll, please…

As of this writing, Faze Rug’s net worth is $4 million.

Insane right? Just imagine how many cars, sneakers, and properties you can buy with this amount of money.

Moving on, we’ll now go to the most anticipated part of this article where we will show you Faze Rug’s best prank videos and vlogs, which helped him gain subscribers, and followers on his Instagram, Twitter, and other social media networks! 

Buckle up, take a look at Faze Rug’s Top 10 Videos on YouTube below! 

Let’s get started…

#1. Asking YouTubers To ROAST Me… ** I regret this**

Other social media stars would probably hate seeing diss content about them, but Faze Rug is different!

This vlogger openly asked his peers to roast him to be uploaded on his YouTube channel. 

This clip received a massive amount of views, of course. The video promises little bits of juicy details about Rug’s life and who doesn’t love a good gossip?


Some comments went overboard but Faze Rug didn’t mind them and said it was just content and they’re all his friends, so no bad blood!

#2. I Ate ONLY Kylie Jenner Food Recipes for 24 Hours! (DELICIOUS)

If you’re one of Faze Rug’s millions of subscribers you probably know how much he likes the American youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner.

In this fun video, he did a 24-hour challenge of only eating Kylie Jenner’s recipes posted on her Instagram and Snapchat. 

People seem to love his content as they also get to learn what healthy recipes Kylie Jenner eats every day in order to keep her body in shape.

#3. Destroying my Cameraman’s Camera, Then Surprising Him With a NEW ONE!

We all know how much Faze Rug’s net worth is and that’s $4 million, so purposely destroying a good camera to buy a new one surely wouldn’t hurt him. 

Now, this might sound weird but if you have a millionaire friend like Rug, you’d realize that this is probably nothing new to him!

To make up for it…

Check out what he just bought for his cameraman!

#4. Switching Lives with a Subscriber for 24 HOURS!!

Faze Rug Top List

Seriously, this is one of the most hilarious videos uploaded on his channel. Faze Rug gets to switch lives with one of his million followers named Adrian! 

Imagine waking up as Faze Rug, one of the richest YouTubers in America?

That Brian Awadis a.k.a. Faze Rug who owns luxurious cars and a channel with millions of subscribers. 


Well, check out what Adrian did first.

Check Out Faze Rug Top 10 Lists of All-time 

#5. Being the Richest Kid in America’s PERSONAL ASSISTANT.. **bad idea**

Faze Rug Top List

Imagine how hilarious it is to be one of the richest YouTubers in America, and then becoming a personal assistant for $10,000. 

Not only that…

You gotta see Sana Awadis a.k.a Mama rug’s reaction in this video, seeing Faze Rug working hard to get that money!

#6. We Customized My LAMBORGHINI ft. ZHC (GIVEAWAY)

Faze Rug’s Lamborghini is such a bad boy! 

Look at how stunning it is with its black matte color then it also gets a super bad-ass customized design from Faze Rug’s friends. 

If you’re a car junkie, check this video out, you’ll liket it!

#7. Transforming a Homeless Mans Life… **SUPER EMOTIONAL**

Faze Rug usually is normally known for his pranks, gaming, and challenge video content. However, this one is different as he gets to help other people with his YouTube-earned money. 


This video is very emotional and you may need a tissue as you watch how Faze Rug transforms this beggar’s life forever.

#8. What Happened to Mike the Homeless Man..?

Just after a year, following his good samaritan deed, Faze Rug did check on the man he saved from living his life on the streets. Check out how his life changed and how comfortable he is now in life.

#9. Why my cameraman no longer works for me. **shocking**

Faze Rug Top List

This YouTube video is definitely a sad news for viewers who loved Faze Rug’s cameraman as he got that mad skill in him, shown in every YouTube video uploaded on his social media channels. 

As you know…

Faze Rug loves his cameraman as he admitted to treating him as part of his family and as a brother, since they both have been doing content together since the beginning of his YouTube career. 

Check out this video, and take note, it’s just a prank.

#10. YouTube Deleted My Channel… (My Reaction)

Faze Rug Top List

What would you do if this happened to you? Well, Faze Rug decided to record his reaction when his YouTube channel got deleted by the platform itself. 


You better check it out for yourself! You will also see how loving Faze Rug’s family is especially his Mama Rug and Papa Rug after he told them his channel got terminated.

Conclusion: 10 Best Faze Rug Top List [Most Watched Video’s]

Now that’s all for ‘Faze Rug’s Top List Of Most Watched Videos On YouTube!

What part of his content is your favorite? Be sure to share it with your friends once you are done with watching the whole recommended videos mentioned above. 

So there you have it! Hope you love Faze Rug’s most watched contents on YouTube!

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