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Sasha Net Worth

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Sasha Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Alexander Paul Coe, known for his stage name Sasha, is a Welsh DJ and record producer. Sasha is best known for his unique musical style, which music critics have a hard time identifying, as he often combines various electronic music genres. In a 2000 poll, DJ magazine voted him the World’s No. 1 DJ, and he has won four DJ awards, four International

Dance Music Awards, and has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

Sasha’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million.

In today’s article, we’re giving you all the details about DJ Sasha net worth, and we’re also going to cover:

  • Sasha’s early life, education, and origin of his stage name;
  • His several first amateur DJ jobs;
  • His successful career as a DJ and music producer;
  • His personal life, relationship, and children;
  • And lots more…

It’s definitely an interesting career; we are in awe at how truly passionate the Grammy Award nominee is to his music, at his musical versatility, and his adamant refusal to be pigeonholed into one genre. He undeniably defined the 90s era of superstar DJs as well.

Ready to know more about the original superstar DJ?

Then let’s get right into it!

Who Is Sasha?

Sasha net worth

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Full Birth Name: Alexander Paul Coe
Sasha Net Worth: $40 million
Source of Wealth: DJ-ing career, music production, and recording career
Place Of Birth / Nationality: Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom
Nickname: DJ Sasha, The Man Like
Date of Birth: September 4, 1969
Spouse/ Relationship Status: Zoie Kingsberry Coe
Children: Luca Coe, India Rose Coe, Ivy Love Coe

Alexander Paul Coe was born on September 4, 1969, in Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales. He had what he characterized as an “idyllic childhood,” growing up with Top 40 artists such as The Police and The The as early musical influences.

At the age of 17, he passed the Hatfield College entrance exam but left Epsom before finishing his A-Level examinations, as he found that he disliked it there. He then traveled back to Bangor and moved in with his father and stepmother.

Alexander’s stepmother pushed him to study piano, which he would later find to be advantageous to his music career despite his aversion to it at that time.

Looking back at it, he recalled, “I did learn piano as a kid. I started learning and I went through the traditional route, and I got into my early teens and like many people, I just didn’t want to play the piano, I wasn’t interested in music at that time, and the piano became this thing that I hated. I look back now and I’m very glad I learned to play some of those beautiful pieces, all those classics, but it was very much about technique and not messing up, and the pressure of not making mistakes, and that sort of thing.” 


Sasha Net Worth

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It was at the nightclub called The Haçienda in 1988 where the future legendary techno DJ first came to know of electronic dance music. He later became interested in acid house music and its gritty sound, causing him to move to Disley and to visit Manchester frequently. As he would later say, “I went from not having much of an identity to being obsessed with this thing called house music.”  

It was around this time that Alexander began teaching himself how to mix. He volunteered to join the regional tour of a local DJ, making his first appearance as a DJ in Stockport. He also adapted the stage name Sasha, which is the common Russian nickname (his father is fond of the Russian language) for anyone named Alexander.

He admitted later that he didn’t think at that time that he was going to make a career out of DJ-ing and even called himself “absolutely horrendous” in his debut, but is nevertheless “thankful that it’s become a lifetime career.” 

Success didn’t come easily to him at the start.

At this time, Sasha became in debt as his low-paying gigs weren’t enough to fund his record collection, and he had to resort to playing at illegal warehouse raves.


He soon got a job at The Haçienda with the help of British DJ Jon DaSilva, from whom he also learned some essential DJ-ing techniques. His next job was at the nightclub called Shelley’s Laserdome, where he developed his trademark sound and got his first taste of popularity, with Mixmag magazine featuring him on their cover. 

Aside from DJ-ing, Sasha was also producing his own dance music, which made his career trajectory unique from other popular DJs, who were producers initially. Under the name BM:Ex, he soon released the track “Appolonia,” his first single. However, he had to quit the nightclub due to an increase in gang violence there.

With his growing popularity came many job offers; he decided, however, to work next at the nightclub Renaissance, where he began a partnership with DJ John Digweed. Together, the two Renaissance DJs released the album “Renaissance: The Mix Collection” through the club’s record label, Renaissance Records, right after Sasha left the club.

Sasha released his debut album “The Qat Collection” around this period. His success prompted Mixmag magazine to once again feature him in their cover, hailing him as “Son of God.” 

Following two years of touring as a duo, DJ Sasha and DJ Digweed further solidified their star status with their follow-up “Northern Exposure,” which would later be called “the pinnacle of Sasha and Digweed’s joint efforts” by The Mix magazine. A year later, they released “Northern Exposure 2” accompanied by international tours, all the while helping to define the trance music of that period.

In 1998, DJ Sasha established Excession, a management agency.

But it was Sasha’s remixes of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” and “Purple” by GusGus that earned him mainstream recognition. He also co-produced the EP “XPander” with Charlie May, Andy Page, and Gaëtan Schurrer. The EP featured the track “XPander,” which is considered as one of the greatest trance tracks of all time.

Some of Sasha’s collaborations around this period include the tracks “Ride” with BT and “Scorchio” with Darren Emerson and the album “Communicate” with DJ Digweed.

In 2002, Sasha toured again with DJ John Digweed. Called the Delta Heavy Tour, it was an extravagant tour that was comparable with rock concerts. The tour was influential on how DJs will hold their shows in the future.

Later that year, DJ Sasha released his second album, “Airdrawndagger.” The album featured a mix of genres, which resulted in mixed reviews. He followed it with the studio albums “Involver” and “Fundacion NYC.”

In 2007, he founded his own record label, EmFire, which has since become the exclusive outlet for his new music releases. He then released “Invol2ver” and “Invol<3r”.

Aside from DJ-ing and producing music, he has also mentored younger artists such as American DJ BT and English DJ James Zabiela.

DJ Sasha is admired for his ability to mix various genres, and he has always been vocal about his dislike of being boxed into one genre.

Personal life

Sasha Net Worth

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DJ Saha is married to Zoie Kingsbery Coe, the founder of the family travel company, Kid & Coe.

Sasha Net Worth

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The couple has three children, Luca, India Rose, and Ivy Love Coe.

How Old Is Sasha

DJ Sasha is 52 years old, born in Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Favorite Food: Peruvian cuisine, sushi
  • Smoking / Drinking: No
  • Tattoos: None
  • IMDb Profile

How Much Is Sasha Worth?

Welsh-born British dance music DJ and record producer Sasha has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

Sasha Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2016$33.8 million
2017$35.2 million
2018$36 million
2019$37.6 million
2020$38.9 million
⭐⭐ Sasha Net Worth & Biography⭐⭐ Sasha Height Age Weight✔ Sasha Music Albums✔ Family, Relationships✔ Career Highlights✔Lot More

Sasha Music Albums

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The Qat Collection Version 2

The extended revision of DJ Sasha’s first studio album, “The Qat Collection”.

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DJ Sasha’s second studio album and was co-produced with Spooky’s Charlie May, Junkie XL, and James Holden.

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XPander EP

The extended play by DJ Sasha that won the Best Techno / Trance 12 at the 1999 International Dance Music Awards.

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Northern Exposure

The second mix album of DJ Sasha with DJ John Digweed and was ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as the 25th greatest EDM album of all time.

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