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Pink Sparkles Net Worth, Earnings & Biography: Pink Sparkles, real name Samantha Tomlensen is a Canadian Twitch streamer, social media influencer, model, and internet sensation. Pink Sparkles net worth is estimated at $1 Million.

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You may have seen her vlogs online and want to know more about Pink Sparkles. Well, you’re in luck with this article; we will quench your thirst for information.

 Today, we’re going to check out Pink Sparkles career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • How did she accumulate a $1 Million net worth;
  • The social media platforms she has;
  • How she spends her money;
  • Lots more!

Who Is Pink Sparkles?

Pink Sparkles Net Worth

Pink Sparkles, also known as Samantha Tomlensen, is a famous Youtube Vlogger, Twitch streamer, and social media star.

Pink uploaded her first vlog in 2010. The video was titled: “Three quick and easy hairstyles for school,” where she demonstrated how to make easy hairstyles for teenagers. 

The video was uploaded on her channel PiinkSparkles and got 150,000 views. From there, the channel garnered 5,000 subscribers, and the numbers have been on the rise.

In case you’re wondering…

Her main youtube channel: PiinkSparkles, has more than 1.13 million subscribers. Pink also has three other youtube channels; Ausam Vlogs is a channel with her current boyfriend Austin Backman; it has more than 317K subscribers, a recipe channel; PinkBarbieDolly with 150.000 subscribers; and GamerPiink with more than 14 300 subscribers.


She is also popular in Twitch; Pink Sparkles started her Twitch career using a different handle name: Izzy G. Check Out The Games She Plays:  League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Fortnite.

She amassed a cult following due to her bubbly and cheerful personality and her showcase of different hair colors.

It gets better…

Pink Sparkles is also a star on other social media platforms. She has more than 72.8K Followers on her Twitter account. In addition, Pink Sparkles has more than 247k followers on her Instagram account and more than 3,300 likes on her OnlyFans account. 

I’m pretty sure that her net worth is sparkling too.

Profession: Twitch streamer, social media influencer, gamer, model
Net Worth: $1 million
Date of Birth: 1990-05-17 (His age now is 34.)
Favorite Color: Pink
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Favorite Food: Pizza
Place of Birth:  Poland, Canada
Language: English
Tattoos: Yes
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Christian
Smoking : Yes

How Much Is Pink Sparkles Net Worth?

Pink Sparkles has an estimated Net Worth of $1 Million.

Pink Sparkles Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2020$1 million

Pink Sparkles Endorsements

In 2018, Pink Sparkles released her clothing line. Pink Sparkles merchandise was released on her Youtube channel and is being sold on Colabmerch. An enjoyable way to increase Pink Sparkles Net Worth.

Aside from her Youtube channel and being a social media personality, Pink Sparkles supplements her net worth by endorsing various brands such as Y R U, FashionNova.com, and Honeybum.com.

Pink Sparkles Philanthropy

The ALS Association.

It is an American nonprofit organization that funds global ALS research. In 2014, Pink Sparkles did an ice bucket challenge and urged her youtube subscribers to take the challenge. All proceeds gained from that challenge were donated to The ALS Association.

Fun Facts About Pink Sparkles

  • She once ate a worm while in elementary school as a challenge.
  • Watching true crime documentaries is her guilty pleasure.
  • Pink Sparkle’s height is less than 5 feet.
  • She spent her first year in a body cast because she was born with a dislocated hip.
  • She is an avid fan of horror movies.
  • Her natural hair color is blonde.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Pink Sparkles

  1. Imagine yourself being financially independent and staying focused.
  2. Choose a career that you love without worrying about the money.
  3. Create a business that is capable of scaling and generating a passive income
  4. Don’t spend your extra money on luxury goods if you have debts to pay.
  5. Income will not make you rich. You need to save and invest.
Boucemojo’s 5 Lessons We Can Learn From Pink Sparkles For Financial Freedom

Top 3 Quote From Pink Sparkles

  • “It’s been very difficult for us to enjoy our time together recently, while at the same time dealing with a lot of personal problems, and it’s unfair for both to continue this way.”
  • “I’ve been very unhappy in Austin for many reasons… It’s led me into a pretty deep depression for a while, making it impossible for me to go live. So I’ve decided that it’s best for me to move back to Cali and work on myself.”
  • It’s a long story, I don’t want to get into it. I try to keep my personal life and my private life and drama off my stream. …It sucks, right? Etc, that’s the way it goes.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is Pink Sparkle Net Worth?

Pink Sparkles Net Worth is estimated at $1 Million.

What Is Pink Sparkles’ Height?

Pink Sparkles height is below 5 feet. She stands 4 feet 10 inches.

When And Where Was She Born?

Pink Sparkles was born in Poland, Canada, and her date of birth is 17 May 1990.

Summary: Pink Sparkles Net Worth and Biography

Being white, blonde, and having excellent body measurements doesn’t automatically equal to a dumb bimbo. No matter what age, height, weight, eye color, body measurements, or birth sign you were born to, you can be a star.

Pink Sparkles’ life has been like a roller coaster ride, she had her ups, downs, and sometimes life threw her a curveball, but she did not flinch. Instead, she held her head up high and fought the good fight by being her true self.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want more of this super exciting tv and internet star, do check out Bouncemojo’s Pink other Sparkles articles.

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