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Harvey Levin Net Worth FI

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What is Harvey Levin Net Worth?

Harvey Levin Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Harvey Levin is an American television producer, lawyer, legal analyst, & celebrity reporter with a Net Worth is $20 million.

He’s widely recognized as the founder and managing editor of “TMZ,” a celebrity news website.

Oh, how the tables have turned. . .

Let’s put the spotlight on celebrity gossip website founder Harvey Levin.

Today, let’s dive deep into TMZ executive producer Harvey Robert Levin and his career and net worth:

  • How the lawyer-turned-entertainment producer got his fortune;
  • His most iconic career milestones;
  • Harvey’s assets, mansions, and cars;
  • His joint real estate business with his life partner;
  • And many more…

(After checking out Harvey Robert Levin’s net worth & salary, head on to our Fun Facts Section for some surprising trivia!)

Harvey Levin has become a Hollywood icon. We’re excited to let you in on his personal life and advocacies!

Ready to enter the spotlight?

Who Is Harvey Levin?

Harvey Levin Net Worth

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Harvey Levin Net Worth: $20 million
Source of Wealth: Career as a television producer, lawyer, legal analyst, celebrity reporter
Spouse/ Relationship: Andy Mauer (boyfriend; 1990s to present)
Date of Birth: September 2, 1950
Children: None
Place of Birth/Nationality: Los Angeles, California, USA (American)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Harvey Robert Levin of “TMZ.com” (FOX News Channel) is a television producer, lawyer, legal analyst, and celebrity reporter.

From his legal profession and career in entertainment, he gets a salary of over $5 annually.

Not bad.

In 2024, he’s not doing too shabby with a net worth of $20 million!

Here’s what most people don’t know…

Harvey Levin actually has a “JD” attached to his name. Yep, the notorious celebrity gossip reporter went to the University of Chicago Law School. He passed the bar exams in the 70s! 

Harvey first worked as a legal representative in California.

There’s more. . .

Harvey Levin was a professor at the University of Miami Law School and the Whittier College School of Law in Costa Mesa.

Which begs the question: Why did Harvey Levin quit his successful job as a California legal representative?

It’s because he got his big break. Harvey joined public debates in 1978 about California Proposition 13. Once he entered the public eye, America couldn’t seem to get enough of him!

He started writing columns for the Los Angeles Times and continued to do so for the next seven years! 


He also started contributing advice on a radio show as an on-air legal anchor which got him the nickname “Doctor Law.”

From Law to Entertainment…

By this time, Doctor Law was raking in the money. This might be the reason why he chose the entertainment industry for good

By 1982, he started working for “KNBC-TV,” where he covered legal issues. He also worked at “KCBS-TV”. Harvey worked there for a decade, doing legal analysis and investigative reporting.

It’s crazy–– he got another case that put him under the spotlight: the O.J. Simpson murder case.

“The People’s Court Law”

Harvey Levin Net Worth

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In 1997, Harvey Levin got another big break as the co-executive producer of the hit reality court show, “The People’s Court.”

Making the most out of “The People’s Court” show’s fame, Levin released his book “The People’s Court: How to Tell It to the Judge” a few years later. He gives an in-depth analysis of the cases on his hit show.

Get a paperback copy of Harvey Robert Levin’s tell-all legal book.

The show won its fourth Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program! What a feat, it’s officially got the title of “most Daytime Emmy wins in the court show genre!”

Since working on the show in 1997, Levin continued to be a presenter in the 2020-21 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He did commentary from his TMZ  headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Then his biggest break. . .

You guessed it. We’re talking about “TMZ”.

Ever since Harvey Levin launched his celebrity gossip site in 2005 as managing editor, he jump-started a huge market for celebrity gossip!

He also launched “TMZ on TV” in 2007. It’s become one of the hottest celebrity gossip sites worldwide alongside website like BounceMojo 🙂 He’s TMZ’s producer and on-air host. 

How Old Is Harvey Levin?

Harvey Levin is which makes him 73 years old and was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

How Tall is Harvey Levin?

Levin is 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm) or 1.70 meters tall and weights 70 kg or 154 pounds.

Other Quick Facts: 

  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Favorite Food: Vegetarian diet
  • Tattoos: None
  • IMDb Profile Link: Harvey Levin

How Much Is Harvey Levin Worth?

Harvey Levin Net Worth is $20 million from his work as TMZ’s executive producer, host, legal analyst & celebrity reporter. 

He’s also a former legal representative of California and a law professor at the University of Miami and Whittier College School.

Harvey Levin Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$3.4 million
2012$6.7 million
2013$8.2 million
2014$9.3 million
2015$10.5 million
2016$13.4 million
2017$15.2 million
2018$16.5 million
2019$18 million
2020$20 million

Harvey Levin Book

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Harvey Levin gives us a comprehensive account of the cases covered on the hit arbitration show “People’s Court.”

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Get to know the O.J. Simpson Murder Case trial that pushed Levin into the spotlight

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Harvey Levin – “TMZ.com” Founder and Executive Producer

Harvey Levin Net Worth

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Harvey Levin launched the online tabloid journalism newspaper “TMZ” on November 8, 2005, where he worked as the managing editor. It’s a collaboration between AOL and Telepictures Productions. 

By 2007, TMZ on TV was launched.

 Harvey Levin became the television series’ host and producer. TMZ on TV covers celebrity gossip similar to what’s found on TMZ.com, but it gained popularity for its humorous delivery of news stories.

Since the launch of TMZ.com and “TMZ on TV,” companion programs “TMZ Live,” “Daz Chat,” and “TMZ Sports” were launched.

Here’s what you should know. . .

Though the show continues to be widely popular since its launch, the website and its programs have faced criticism and attempted boycotts for its lack of journalism tactics and professionalism.

(Coming up–– let’s get into the scandals faced by TMZ and Harvey Levin in the Harvey Levin Controversies Section.” But before that, let’s take a look at Early Life: Harvey Levin)

The Young Harvey Robert Levin 

Young Harvey Levin

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Harvey Robert Levin’s date of birth is September 2, 1950. He was born in Los Angeles, California.

Harvey grew up in a Jewish Household.

He then went to Grover Cleveland High School in Reseda, Los Angeles and then worked to build his legal background by taking up political science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

And finally, he graduated from the University of Chicago Law School with a Juris Doctor!

Early Life: Harvey Levin High School

Highschooler Harvey Levin had his eyes on the prize!

He was an honors student at Grover Cleveland High School.

Harvey Levin Law Education: University of California Santa Barbara and University of Chicago Law School

In 1972, Harvey Levin entered the University of California, Santa Barbara as a freshman. After finishing his B.A. in political science, he worked to get his JD from the University of Chicago in 1975.

Check out Levin as a college student!

Harvey Levin Family & Relationships

Who is Harvey Levin Dating? – Harvey Levin Personal Life & Boyfriend

Harvey Levin Dating

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Harvey Levin Long-time Partner – Andy Mauer

Dr. Aundy Mauer is a chiropractor and fitness instructor in Southern California.

We know what you’re thinking: Is Harvey Levin married?

Well, it’s still unclear whether the couple is married, but the two have been confirmed to be living together since the 90s!

They’re totally couple goals!

Levin and his long-time partner have shared joint-deed listings even before the start of the millennium. Their real estate amount to millions of dollars!

We’re excited to show you Harvey Robert Levin: net worth and most extravagant assets! But before that, let’s look at his career earnings and some of his TMZ controversies. 

Harvey Levin Career – American Television Producer

Aside from being the iconic executive producer of “TMZ” by AOL and Telepictures Productions, Levin also produced other TV series as the executive producer and co-executive producer.

Levin has also appeared on various celebrity documentaries and television shows as himself. But he’s also done some acting in “Volcano, “Family Guy,” “Sharknado 3,” and “Empire.”

Check out some of Harvey Robert Levin and his most famous work as a producer!

  • 2020 – Harry & Meghan: The Royals in Crisis
  • 2018 – “Raq Rants”
  • 2017 – TMZ Live”
  • 2016 – Host of “Objectified“
  • 2014 – “TMZ Sports”; “Famous in 12”
  • 2009 – Beyond Twisted
  • 2008 – “Rock & A Hard Place
  • 2007 to 2010 – “TMZ on TV” from Fox News Channel
  • 2003 to 2005 – “Celebrity Justice”
  • 2001 to 2007 – “The People’s Court”
  • Late 1970s – Professor at the University of Miami School of Law; Whittier College School of Law in Costa Mesa.
  • 1975 – Graduated JD at the University of Chicago

Harvey Levin TMZ Controversies

Harvey Levin Controversies

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TMZ is infamous for its highly invasive celebrity news. 

We’d go as far as to say that paparazzi’s got a bad rep because of TMZ!

Harvey Levin and celebrity news website TMZ have been questioned for their aggressive and obstructive paparazzi. The show has been called “dangerous” and “creepy,” often leading to boycott movements over the years.

In 2020, several TMZ staff revealed to the media the toxic work environment at TMZ as “misogynistic” and “racist.” According to the TMZ employees, TMZ higher-ups aren’t willing to make the change. 

Thumbs down on that one!

In 2016, TMZ came under fire for Harvey Levin’s open support of Donald Trump for the presidential elections. 

They’ve been friends for years!

How Harvey Levin Spends His Money

Harvey Levin Net Worth is now at $20 million from his work in entertainment and legal career. 

From Levin’s work as the creator, television producer, legal analyst, and celebrity reporter at TMZ, the former legal representative has invested his money in real estate.

Levin helps organize and fund “TMZ Tours” and meet-and-greets to raise for charity, as well.

Harvey Levin House

Harvey Levin House

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Los Angeles California Mansions

Since the 90s, Levin has made multiple joint investments with his partner, Andy Mauer.

The couple bought a $5.3 million home in LA. 

They also own an 18,000 square foot beachfront condo in Maria Del Rey!

Harvey Levin Cars

Harvey Levin Car

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Levin is often seen cruising the streets of Los Angeles, California, in a Black Porsche convertible.

This gorgeous ride costs more than $110,000!

Fun Facts About Harvey Levin

  • He’s a major health buff! No wonder. . . His partner (Andy) is a doctor and fitness instructor!
  • He’s a vegetarian!
  • Since Levin’s father died in 2000, he kept his dad’s loathers in the trunk of his car! What a sentimental guy!

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Harvey Levin

  1. It’s alright to follow the unbeaten path.
  2. Keep growing your projects!
  3. You forge your own future.
  4. A solid work ethic makes a man.
  5. Follow your interests.

Top 3 Quotes From Harvey Levin

  • “My dad was the hardest working person I’ve ever been around in my life, and he worked 16-hour days, seven days a week. My dad really gave me my work ethic. And, it’s one of the most valuable tools I have in my life.”
  • “There is something going on, and we need to know, and until we do, this is a threat to our country.”
  • “I think we need to open our eyes and our minds to something that’s paradigm-changing.”

Top 3 Memes – Harvey Levin & TMZ

Harvey Levin Meme

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Harvey Levin Meme

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Harvey Levin Meme

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Did Harvey Levin Go to School?

He studied BA Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He got a Juris Doctor at the University of Chicago.

Who Started TMZ?

Harvey Levin is the creator, managing editor, and host of TMZ (Fox News Channel)

When was Harvey Levin Born?

Harvey Levin’s date of birth is September 2, 1950. He was born in Los Angeles, California.

Conclusion: Harvey Levin Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle

Anyone will admit that Harvey Robert Levin built the face of TMZ!

Not everyone’s happy about his nature of work. But, you’ve got to admit –– Harvey Levin is a trailblazer.

From lawyer to executive producer real-quick, it’s obvious that Harvey Levin put in the hard work to get to where he is now.

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