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Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth FI

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Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth and Earnings: Guillermo Rodriguez, also known as Guillermo, is a Mexican-American talk show host with a current net worth of $2 million. 

We have spent hours digging deep to know the details of Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard, Guillermo Net Worth. Now, it’s time to unravel how he starred alongside Kimmel from working as a parking lot security guard. 

Today, we will take a glimpse of Guillermo’s career ever since he became Jimmy Kimel’s sidekick. We will see:

  • How he became a host from working as a security guard
  • How he had his segment, “Hollywood Roundup.”
  • How he likes to spend his earnings
  • The movies he was part of

He has an exciting career that inspired me. My favorite part is when he finally got his own segment.

Buckle up as we unravel Guillermo’s early life

Let’s get started…

Who Is Guillermo Rodriguez

Guillermo Rodriguez, popularly known as Guillermo and Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick, is a Mexican-American talk show host. He used to work as a parking lot security guard at the Hollywood Boulevard studios for the American late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Guillermo got his break while working at Hollywood Boulevard Studio. Around 2003, he got an offer to appear on the night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and, out of shyness, declined it at first. One of the producers convinced him, and he finally made his first television appearance as “Uncle Frank” Potenza. 

Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth
Worth: $2 Millions
Date of Birth: January 27, 1971 (Guillermo Rodriguez’s age now is 53.)
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Black
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
No. of Children: 1
Tattoos: None
Language: Spanish,English
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: Married
Place Of Birth: Zacatecas, Mexico
Profession: Actor, Host
Favorite Color: Baby Blue
Favorite Food: Italian Mexican Food
Religion: Christian
Current Occupation: Actor, Host

How Much Is Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth?

Everybody is asking how much net worth Guillermo Rodriguez has? 

As of now, Guillermo has a net worth of $2 million. He sources his earnings from working in Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$2 million
2020$2 million
2021$2 million
Total$6 million

Guillermo Rodriguez Business Ventures 

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Brokeback Mountain

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Rock Slyde

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The Young Guillermo Rodriguez

Did you know…

Guillermo used to work as a waiter and hotel parking guard before becoming Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard? “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” opened so many doors for him that enabled him to have a net worth of $2 million.

Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth

Guillermo Rodriguez Family & Relationships

Just like any other celebrities, Guillermo does not disclose that much information about his private life. He is married, but he did not mention anything about his wife. They have a son named Benji, born on the 11th of December, 2011. They have two chihuahuas named Paco and Pepe

Guillermo Rodriguez Wife

Guillermo Rodriguez Wife

Guillermo and his wife had their first Jewish wedding in September 2014.

Guillermo Rodriguez Son- Benji Rodriguez

Guillermo Rodriguez Son

You won’t have to wait long because we are bringing you the career earnings of Guillermo, the movies he starred in, and his money spendings. But before that, let’s take a glimpse at how he climbed up to where he is now.

Guillermo Rodriguez Career in Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Guillermo Rodriguez Jimmy Kimmel

Guillermo got his break while working at Hollywood Boulevard Studio. Around 2003, he got an offer to appear on the night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and, out of shyness, declined it at first. One of the producers convinced him, and he finally made his first television appearance as “Uncle Frank” Potenza. 

Viewers embraced Guillermo, and later on, his role expanded, allowing him to act on his own. In his first serious role, he played Michael Jackson’s Spanish cook. After a few years of staying in the show, Guillermo eventually covered all comedic interviews on the red carpet.

But wait – there’s more…

Rodriguez dresses up in a cowboy outfit in his signature segment, “Guillermo’s Hollywood Roundup.” Here, he pretends to twist special effects-operated rope as he ridicules popular entertainment news shows. In this segment, Jimmy Kimmel will ask him questions on the newest tabloid updates. He will then answer in a badly translated manner. 

One of Guillermo’s recurring jokes is announcing that he played a major motion picture movie to show an edited clip of a familiar movie trailer. 

We’re not through yet..

In one of the clips, he portrayed Jason Bourne from “The Bourne Ultimatum,” originally played by Matt Damon. In this skit, he introduces himself by saying, “I am Yay-son Bourne Identity.” the act resulted in a physical fight between him and Damon’s character. 

Most of the time, Guillermo sets interviews with celebrities. The funny thing is, most of the stars he interviews do not know him. Typically, in events, he will approach those dressed luxuriously and elaborately and ask them, “What the hell are you wearing?”

Here is the best part:

Guillermo regularly attends the NBA Finals Media Day to interview players. He had interviewed Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, and even LeBron James. 

During the NBA Finals in 2015, he carried a basketball around and pretended it was his microphone. He convinced the players to sign a basketball netting. Eventually, he yelled at Lebron James, who was practicing at that time.

LeBron ignored him and as he continues to call him, while an on-screen meter count starts ticking as James carries on, ignoring him. 

Guillermo’s Cameo

Guillermo Rodriguez had a short and uncredited cameo in the 2017 Marvel Movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” where he played a policeman. He shared this through a video on Jimmy Kimmel Life! Believe it or not, it only lasted for less than half a second and just showed a part of his face. 

Fun Facts About Guillermo Rodriguez

  • Guillermo Rodriguez used to be a security guard.
  • Guillermo Rodriguez’s net worth is $2 million.
  • He became a US citizen in 2005.
  • Every year, he goes to the media day of the NBA Finals.
  • He is famous for acting as a celebrity gossip correspondent in his segment, “Hollywood Roundup.”
  • He has two chihuahuas named Pepe and Paco.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Guillermo Rodriguez

  1. Only buy the must-haves and avoid the nice to have.
  2. No matter how small it is, save it up.
  3. Avoid unnecessary expenses.
  4. Do not spend beyond your means.
  5. Follow a budget plan.

Quote From Guillermo Rodriguez

“I came to this country many years ago and worked hard in the farm fields to provide produce to people here. I actually became a permanent resident of this country years ago, although if I had been undocumented I still would not have deserved to be beaten this way.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Guillermo make on Jimmy Kimmel?

Guillermo Rodriguez’s net worth is $2 million. His salary from Jimmy Kimmel Live! Is $500,000

How Guillermo got his job? 

He got his break when he worked as a parking-lot security guard at the Hollywood Boulevard Studios for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Where does Guillermo Rodriguez live?

Guillermo has lived in California for more than ten years

Summary: Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth

Guillermo! What an inspiring life story you have! I’m sure you have inspired hardworking people out there to be as patient and persevering as you are. 

Who would have thought that he could make it to the television after working as a parking lot manager? If it is meant for us, then we will have it. 

My biggest takeaway from this is that we should learn how to grab once-in-a-lifetime opportunities because we never know when it will come again. I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from his mistakes and his successes.

I hope you enjoyed looking at Guillermo’s life in this article. 

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