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Bonnie Somerville Net Worth, Earnings & Biography: We know her as Ross Geller’s stunning girlfriend in the iconic TV series Friends. She’s Bonnie Somerville, an actress, model, and singer with a net worth of $5 million. 

Bonnie Somerville independently worked her way up starting from living on her own and getting a few modeling stints and finally, her own television series deals.

Now she’s one of the most familiar faces in classic American television- especially if you’re a Friends fan. Somerville starred in other notable television series and films as well, such as TV series NYPD Blue, Grosse Pointe, and The O.C.

After putting together hours and hours worth of research and exclusive bits. We’re stoked to bring you the details of Bonnie Somerville Net Worth.

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Bonnie’s career and we’ll be looking at:

  • Her really, really humble beginnings;
  • Untold truths about her role in the TV series Friends;
  • The good girl’s controversies;
  • How her career affected her mental health;
  • And much more!

So if you’re one of Bonnie Somerville fans, whether you just love Mona or her detective characters, I’m telling you now- you’re in for a nostalgic ride!

So find your best corner now…

…and let’s get into it. 

Who Is Bonnie Somerville?

Bonnie Somerville Net Worth

Bonnie Somerville was born on February 24, 1974. She is an American actress, model, and singer. 

Young Bonnie Somerville grew up in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

Bonnie prefers to keep her family and relationships in the shadows and away from the limelight but it’s known that the future blonde star grew up in the care of her mother who is a faithful Catholic with the help of her eight aunts and uncles. 

Her mother belongs to a bunch of 9 children, giving Bonnie a large family on the maternal side to grow up with.

She’s of Irish descent. Both her mother and father’s ancestors immigrated to America from Ireland because of the famine. 

Ever since she was young, Bonnie Somerville has always loved the art of entertainment. 

In fact, she started acting when she was just a child, starting by participating in school plays going forward to more challenging high school plays. 

Bonnie attended Boston College for her tertiary education, further proving that she’s determined to work in the entertainment industry by majoring in Musical Theater.

During this time…

… Bonnie Somerville moved back home to New York City to go out and try her luck in finding an acting job. 

But did you know?

It wasn’t an acting career that she has found and started with. 

Bonnie Somerville started in the music industry. 

While finding an acting job to jump start her career professionally, the Brooklyn girl sang in many different bands.

And that’s not all.

She was also writing her own materials and songs, so Bonnie Somerville is actually a songwriter too, aside from being a singer and band vocalist. 

Trivia: Bonnie Somerville was already writing and singing her own songs when she was only 17 years old. 

This little career enabled her to meet more people and get used to the entertainment crowd as she built her acting career.

That was until…

She was finally scouted into a new job… but it’s not for an acting job.

The pretty Bonnie Somerville was doing all sorts of jobs then, including babysitting and waiting tables. 

She was also in a lot of debt.

One day while serving in her waitress job, the blonde beauty caught the attention of a modeling scout and she was immediately offered a modeling job. 

It upgraded her career and Bonnie was able to model not just in New York City but in some parts of Europe, too. 

But apparently, it wasn’t so fulfilling to Bonnie. 

Acting proved to be her number one passion and she went back to New York just to try her luck again.

When Bonnie Somerville was 22, she packed her bags for good and moved to where the grass is greener, to Los Angeles, California. 

And it proved to be a wise move for the pretty dreamer. 

Not long after her arrival, thanks to her amiable and very approachable characteristics, Bonnie Somerville was able to form her own band.

Bonnie sang for different bands back in NYC but it’s the first time she was able to have her real, official band.

Bonnie also performed as a backup singer for Joshua Radin album We Were Here. 

And it gets better.

This band found an agent in no time and Bonnie herself found her own agent for her acting career.

Although, things started a bit slow for Bonnie Somerville.

Bonnie soon met Zach Braff, an actor, and director and the two developed a relationship.

Zach was then working on his film Garden State and Bonnie recorded a song titled Winding Road to be one of the film’s soundtracks. 

And then the acting gigs followed. 

In 1998, Bonnie had her television series and acting debut as a guest in the American television series Two Guys and a Girl as the character Cindy.

Bonnie Somerville starred in the movie City Hall. 

The movie City Hall turned out to be her movie debut. 

The next year, the aspiring American actress got a leading role in the mini-series Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story as Lynne Danner, a young 1950’s rock band singer.

who is Bonnie Somerville

In this project, Bonnie Somerville wasn’t only able to exhibit her acting prowess but her singing ability, as well. 

The next year, at the turn of the century, she got another project in the television series as Bonnie Somerville starred in Grosse Pointe. 

She played the role of Courtney Scot and Laura Johnson.

The television series Grosse Pointe aired in The WB from 2000 to 2001. 

It’s a satire that shows the drama happening behind the scenes of the production of a television series. It’s inspired by the creator and producer of the famous television series Beverly Hills.

Bonnie’s role Courtney Scott is a parody of Jennie Garth and Laura is the parody of Valerie Malone, actress Tiffani-Amber Thiessen’s character in the television series Beverly Hills.

It seemed like luck was on Bonnie Somerville’s side….

…as she got an even better project after the completion of Grosse Pointe. This was to be Bonnie Somerville’s most iconic and well-known role to date. 

Bonnie Somerville fans started to grow as she also played Rachel Hoffman with Sandy Cohen in the first season of the television series The O.C.

Bonnie Somerville on TV series Friends

In 2002, Bonnie’s agent informed her that the casting for a role in the famous and lucrative television series Friends was open.

It was a small role for the first episode only with only a few lines.

But the American actress was ready to take on anything. 

So she auditioned and according to Bonnie: “I went in and Marta and David were in the room, and it was over in a second. Then my agent called and said, ‘You got in, you’re going in to work on Monday’.”

Bonnie Somerville first appearance on Friends was in the episode The One After ‘I do’ as Monica Geller’s co-worker in the restaurant.

Bonnie’s character Mona met Ross Geller during Monica and Chandler’s wedding. 

She was supposed to appear in just a single scene and one episode but David Schwimmer himself made her feel comfortable and at ease that Bonnie was able to make winning adlibs.

The writers and producers noted Bonnie’s comedic skills as well as her chemistry with David that the American actress shared: “But we had really good banter and somebody said, ‘You’re really funny, we should have you back. I was like, yeah right.”


…Bonnie Somerville was invited yet again for another episode, and then another and it kept going.

She actually thought that she’s gonna be a regular and the 7th friend.

Sadly, that didn’t happen.

But she was thankful for the opportunity anyway.

As Bonnie Somerville shared in her Instagram post for the anniversary of the famous sitcom:

“I am so honored to be a part of TV history, & a show that changed my life. My first sitcom role, my first parking spot on a studio lot, the show that launched my career, helped me discover my worth and my passion- and still keeps on giving.”

She may be grateful now…

…but back in 2018, she revealed that things were not so glorious, especially for Bonnie Somerville’s mental health.

And yes, it involved the beloved TV series Friends.

Bonnie Somerville net worth

After the cancellation of her medical drama Code Black, Bonnie had a bitter realization. 

As she put it:

“I had just turned 40, and it all hit me hard. I got so damn depressed, and I didn’t have the career that I thought I was going to have by then. I’m still Mona and now more than ever because of Netflix, children that weren’t born when I was on the show are fans. And they think of you in that way.”

How can you not feel that?

After Friends opened the door for possibilities for her, Bonnie got yet another role that she was to be well-known for.

Between 2004 to 2005, Bonnie Somerville enjoyed great projects, most notably NYPD Blue. 

In the TV series NYPD Blue, Bonnie plays the role of Det. Laura Murphy.

This was followed by yet another sensational role in Kitchen Confidential opposite Bradley Cooper. 

Her career was sailing steadily by then.

In 2010, Bonnie Somerville starred in The Best and the Brightest alongside actor Neil Patrick Harris.

Bonnie Somerville’s net worth gradually improved as she got yet another detective role as Bonnie Somerville starred in the television series Golden Boy in 2013 as Detective Deb McKenzie. 

From 2015 to 2016, Bonnie played the role of Christa Lorenson on the TV series Code Black. 

The TV series Code black discontinued after a year which reportedly left the actress in dismay. 

One of Bonnie Somerville fan favorites is the movie Cashmere Mafia where she took on a more unconventional role as her character explores a lesbian relationship. 

Cashmere Mafia put her together with actresses Lucy Liu, Frances O’Connor, and Miranda Otto. 

Interestingly enough…

…She also guested in something similar titled Gay Unmarried.

In 2020, Bonnie Somerville was cast in the American police procedural drama called Blue Bloods. 

Profession: Actress, model, singer
Worth: $5 million
Date of Birth: Feb,24,1974
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Green eyes
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Current Occupation: Actress, model, singer
Favorite Food: Burrito
Place of Birth: Brooklyn Borough, New York City
Language: English
Tattoos: None
Nationality: American
Religion: Catholic
Relationship Status: Engaged

How Much Is Bonnie Somerville Worth?

The forever graceful Mona of Friends, Bonnie Somerville is worth $5 million. 

Bonnie Net Worth By Year 

YearEarnings $
2017$2 million
2018$3 million
2019$4.7 million
2020$5 million

Bonnie Somerville Business Ventures

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Bonnie Somerville starred as Ross Geller’s girlfriend Mona in the eighth season of the TV series Friends.

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The TV series NYPD Blue follows the file of young detectives as they go about fixing their careers as well as their personal lives. Bonnie Somerville played Laura Murphy.

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The O.C.

A story about the people in the wealthy and privileged community named Newport Beach. Bonnie Somerville played Rachel Hoffman.

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Code Black

This film starring Bonnie Somerville shows America’s busiest emergency department with charismatic young doctors leading the storyline.

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Blue Bloods

An American Police procedural drama that airs on CBS that follows an American-Irish Catholic family in New York.

The Young Bonnie Somerville

Young Bonnie Somerville

Bonnie Somerville has always been an entertainer ever since she was just a toddler.

Bonnie started acting and singing when she was still in school which she eventually continued and developed throughout high school and beyond.

She studied in Poly Prep County Day School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn where she appeared in theater musicals as well as performed as a cheerleader, too.

After graduating with a major in Musical theater, Bonnie Somerville also studied in Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

She was raised in a firm Catholic faith by her Irish Catholic mother and the whole family. 

Bonnie Somerville Relationship

Bonnie Somerville fiance – Dave McClain

Bonnie Somerville Relationship

Just like how she struggled to find her place in the entertainment industry, Bonnie Somerville also had been through numerous lovers with how it didn’t work out.

But finally…

In 2020, she announced that she was engaged and very much in love with Dave McClaine, Creative Executive of Vision Leadership Management and self-proclaimed Bonnie Somerville fans club president.

It’s not clear when and how the two lovebirds met but one thing’s for sure- Mona indeed found her match. 

As a matter of fact…

… remember when Mona and Ross took pictures together which Mona wanted to send out to friends as a Christmas card and Ross refused to do so?

Well, Dave made his own Friends-inspired greeting card with a photo of him with his Mona. 

They very much inspired Bonnie posted it on Instagram with the caption: “Well- Mona finally got her Christmas card. A few years and a few haircuts later. And Bonnie got her first one ever. I thought I’d never see the day. And thankfully- it’s NOT with Ross.”

Now that you’ve taken a peek into Bonnie Somerville’s professional and personal life, let’s take a look at more juicy bits in her run- including some controversies and some earnings info!

Bonnie Somerville Scandals & Controversies

On May 18, 2021, Bonnie Somerville was arrested for driving under the influence.

According to reports, the police got a call at around 10 PM for a car that stopped in the middle of the traffic in Inglewood.

The authorities found the actress Bonnie Somerville in her pulled-up Mercedes Benz.

She reportedly said that she just ran out of gas, but apparently, Bonnie failed the sobriety test.


Bonnie Somerville Philanthropy

The following are the charities that Bonnie Somerville supports, aside from the fact that she also plays in a charity cover band called Band from TV. 

  • Band from TV Global Charity Trust
  • Child Abuse Prevention Program
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • How her career affected her mental health;
  • Face Forward

Fun Facts About Bonnie Somerville

  • She was once mugged in the early mornings where a thief snatched her purse and shot her friend in the lower back.
  • Bonnie Somerville is also one sporty gal. She loves playing volleyball and skiing.
  • She loves playing bitchy roles more than the goody-two-shoes ones.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Bonnie Somerville

  1. Do everything you can for your dreams.
  2. Invest in your passion.
  3. There’s perfect timing for everything. 
  4. Save while you’re young.
  5. Be your own boss. 

Top 3 Quote From Bonnie Somerville

  • “It’s always fun to play the bitch.”
  • “I’m always studying. ”
  • “My Mom took me to see Annie on Broadway when I was little and I just wanted to be doing what those girls were doing. ”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who does Bonnie Somerville play in friends?

Somerville played Ross Geller’s girlfriend in the eighth season, Mona for seven episodes

What is Bonnie Somerville Height?

Bonnie Somerville is 5’8.

Why Mona broke up with Ross?

Ross asked Rachel to move in with him because she was pregnant, Mona broke up with him.

Summary: Bonnie Somerville Net Worth & Biography

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