10+ Best Lindsay Lohan Movies

Lindsay Lohan Movies

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Best Lindsay Lohan Movies: Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, singer, and songwriter.

Lindsay started her career as a child actress and model before making her film debut in The Parent Trap (1998).

Her films Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and Just My Luck (2006) were box office successes.

But aside from that…

Lohan’s personal life has attracted significant media attention.

She has been the subject of tabloid headlines and paparazzi since she started acting.

You probably know Lindsay Lohan best as the red-haired, freckle-faced girl from The Parent Trap.

But did you know that Lindsay is also a singer and songwriter?

In 2004, she released her debut album, Speak, which went platinum.

Lindsay’s career took a bit of a hiatus in 2007 when she entered rehab for the first time. Since then, she’s been in and out of trouble with the law.

But it looks like Lindsay is getting her life back on track.

But after that, she starred in the reality TV series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

And we hope to see more great things from her in the future!

Fun Fact:

Lindsay started her modeling career when she was three years old. At eleven, the teen favorite made her film debut in Disney’s The Parent Trap.

The movie was a huge hit, and Lindsay’s career took off.

She went on to star in films like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Lindsay has been nominated for various accolades over her career, including a Golden Globe for Mean Girls.

We’ll discuss Lindsay Lohan’s most well-known films today, so just be with us!

Yes, I know…

I am also looking forward to this. So, let’s get started.

In 3…2…1…

#1. The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan Movie01

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As: Cast

Role: Hallie Parker / Annie James

It was released in 1998

Directed by: Nancy Meyers

Category: Comedy, Family, Adventure, Romance, Drama

Stars: Dennis Quaid, Kat Graham, Natasha Richardson, Lisa Ann Walter, Elaine Hendrix


The Parent Trap is a romantic comedy-drama film directed by Nancy Meyers and written by Meyers and Charles Shyer.

It’s the second remake of the 1961 film of the same name, based on the 1949 novel Lottie and Lisa by Erich Kästner.

Twins Annie and Hallie, separated in infancy and reared by different biological parents, meet at summer camp and aim to reconnect with their parents.

The Parent Trap tells the story of identical twins Annie and Hallie, who were separated at birth and raised by one of their biological parents.

When they accidentally meet at summer camp, the two girls quickly hatch a plan to reunite their long-lost parents.

Getting mom and dad back together won’t be simple, especially since they share a secret twin.

Turns out…

The Parent Trap won Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes.

The Parent Trap is a heartwarming story of family, friendship, and finding your way in the world.

Check out: The Parent Trap

#2. Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan Movie02

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As: Cast

Role: Cady Heron

It was released in 2004

Directed by: Mark Waters

Category: Comedy

Stars: Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler


As they always say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, in this case, you totally can. And you should.

Because Mean Girls is one of the most iconic teen movies in history so far.

The movie is about Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), who moves to the U.S. from Africa and attends a public high school for the first time.

She recognizes that the American educational system is different from what she’s used to and that fitting in is not simple.

Cady soon befriends a group of girls called “The Plastics,” the most popular girls in school.

But as she gets closer to them, she realizes they’re not her friends, and they’re kind of mean.


Mean Girls is a hilarious and relatable movie that everyone can enjoy.

It’s also packed with great life lessons about friendship, popularity, and being yourself.

Mean Girls won the 2004 MTV Movie Award for Best Movie.

It was nominated for Best Musical or Comedy Film and Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy (Lindsay Lohan).

Fun Fact…

The character of Cady Heron was originally supposed to be played by Rachel McAdams. Imagine that?

Check out: Mean Girls

#3. Just My Luck

Lindsay Lohan Movie03

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As: Cast

Role: Ashley Albright

It was released in 2006

Directed by: Donald Petrie

Category: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

Stars: Chris Pine, Missi Pyle, Bree Turner, Faizon Love


As they say, opportunity meets preparation to create luck.

Well, in the case of Just My Luck, it’s when luck meets Lindsay Lohan.

The 2006 romantic comedy follows Ashley (Lohan), a girl who seems to have everything going for her.

She’s beautiful, popular, and always gets what she wants – until she kisses the unluckiest man in New York City, Jake.

Suddenly, her luck changes and everything starts going wrong.

Desperate to get her old life back, Ashley sets out to find Jake and reverse the curse.

She discovers, though, that perhaps her new existence isn’t all that horrible as she gets to know him more.

So why should you watch Just My Luck?

Well, for one thing, it’s a feel-good movie that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Just My Luck won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Movie: Comedy.”

This was Lindsay Lohan’s last movie before she went to rehab.

Check out: Just My Luck

#4. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Lindsay Lohan Movie04

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As: Cast

Role: Lola

It was released in 2004

Directed by: Sara Sugarman

Category: Music, Comedy, Romance, Family

Stars: Megan Fox, Adam Garcia, Alison Pill, Carol Kane, Glenne Headly


This film, based on a book by Dyan Sheldon, tells the tale of Lindsay Lohan’s character Lola Cep.

Lola is a young woman who is desperate to be popular and will do whatever it takes to be the center of attention.

When her family relocates to the suburbs from New York City, she finds herself at odds with the new girl in school, Carla Santini.

The two girls end up competing for the lead role in their school’s production of “Pygmalion.”

Did you know?

Teenager’s Confessions With nearly $29 million in box office revenue, Drama Queen was a box office hit.

Critics had varied opinions on the film but were impressed by Lohan’s performance.

It received Teen Choice Award for Comedy and Young Artist Award for Leading Young Actress.

The film is based on Dyan Sheldon’s book of the same name.

Check out: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

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#5. Scary Movie 5

Lindsay Lohan Movie05

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As: Cast

Role: Lindsay Lohan

It was released in 2005

Directed by: Malcolm D. Lee, David Zucker

Category: Horror, Comedy

Stars: Katt Williams, Snoop Dogg, Darrell Hammond,

Sarah Hyland, Heather Locklear, Molly Shannon, Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen


Scary Movie 5 is a horror film with comedy that was released in 2013.

The film is the fifth installment in the Scary Movie franchise.

The story follows a group of people terrorized by a supernatural entity after watching a cursed videotape.

In the movie’s opening scene, Brett, Jody, and Dan watch a cursed videotape with their new neighbor.

The tape contains footage of a family being terrorized by a supernatural entity.

As they watch the tape, the entity also begins to terrorize them. The group researches the tape to find a way to stop the entity.

But wait, let me tell you something…

They discover that the tape is connected to a movie called The Gallows, which was never finished after the death of its lead actress, Charlie.

They also learn that the entity is called Charlie Reaper and that it is seeking revenge on those who watched the tape.

To stop Charlie, the group must finish The Gallows.

They traveled to the movie set and finished filming the movie.

As they finish, Charlie arrives and begins killing them one by one. However, Jody can still defeat Charlie and destroy the tape.

The film ends with Jody and Dan getting married and Brett moving out of their neighborhood.

Let me tell you…

The film earned the Saturn Award for Best Horror Comedy and the MTV Movie Award for Best WTF Moment.

Scary Movie 5 is a must-watch for franchise and horror comedy film fans.

This is the first movie in the series that Keenen Ivory Wayans did not direct.

Check out: Scary Movie 5

#6. InAPPropriate Comedy

Lindsay Lohan Movie06

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As: Cast

Role: Marilyn

It was released in 2013

Directed by: Vince Offer

Category: Comedy

Stars: Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, Joanna Krupa, Michelle Rodriguez, Noelle Kenney, Adrien Brody


You’ve probably never heard of InAPPropriate Comedy.

It’s not your typical Hollywood blockbuster.

But that’s what makes it so special! This movie is a hidden gem.

It’s a comedy that pokes fun at everything and everyone. From pop culture to politics, nothing is off limits.

InAPPropriate Comedy was written and directed by the comedian Adam Sandler.

The movie stars Sandler, Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, and Adrian Brody.

The story is quite straightforward. A group of pals decides to co-produce a film. They use a computer program to generate ideas for sketches, and the results are hilarious and offensive.

But Unfortunately…

This movie didn’t receive great reviews from critics, and it’s still a cult classic.

And it’s worth watching if you’re looking for a good laugh.

And the best part? It’s all completely improvised.

The cast and crew improvised the entire movie.

You need to watch InAPPropriate Comedy. Trust me. You won’t regret it.

Check out: InAPPropriate Comedy

#7. Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan Movie07

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As: Cast

Role: Elizabeth Taylor

It was released in 2012

Directed by: Lloyd Kramer

Category: Drama, Biography

Stars: Theresa Russell, David Hunt, Grant Bowler, Bruce Nozick


You know what they say – life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

Liz & Dick is the story of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The film chronicles their tumultuous relationship, from their first meeting on the set of the film Cleopatra to their final days together.

Liz & Dick is a fascinating look at the highs and lows of one of history’s most famous romances.

So why should you watch this film?

Here is the reason:

It’s a true story. Liz & Dick is based on the real-life relationship between iconic actors  Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Liz & Dick was nominated for Best Mini-Series or TV Movie and Best Actress (Lindsay Lohan).

Check out: Liz & Dick

#8. A Prairie Home Companion

Lindsay Lohan Movie08

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As: Cast

Role: Lola Johnson

It was released in 2006

Directed by: Robert Altman

Category: Drama, Musical, Music, Comedy

Stars: Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Maya Rudolph,

Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones, Garrison Keillor


If you’re looking for a fun, heartwarming movie to watch, look no further than A Prairie Home Companion.

This film tells the story of a small-town radio show facing its final broadcast.

Despite the impending doom, the cast and crew of A Prairie Home Companion continue to put on a great show full of music and stories.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be entertained from beginning to end.

The little Minnesota community of Lake Wobegon serves as the setting for A Prairie Home Companion.

As they prepare for their farewell broadcast, the cast and staff of the title radio show are followed in the movie.

The show is facing cancellation due to declining ratings, but the cast and crew refuse to go down without a fight.


They put on a spectacular final show full of music, stories, and laughs.

What’s more, A Prairie Home Companion has won several awards, including an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Kevin Kline, and Woody Harrelson are the film’s all-star cast members.

Be sure to check out A Prairie Home Companion. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out: A Prairie Home Companion

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#9. Till Human Voices Wake Us

Lindsay Lohan Movie09

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As: Cast

Role: Lana

It was released in 2015

Directed by: Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Category: Adventure, Short, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Stars: Casie Chegwidden, Jordan Weller, Adam Lindo, Alissa Bourne, Lindsay Lohan


You know what they say about love – it’s all around us, even when we don’t realize it.

And that’s certainly the case with Till Human Voices Wake Us.

This movie is about love – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We see the love between a mother and her son.

We’re not through yet…

Two buddies who’ve been through everything together are hoping to reunite.

The wonderful and heartbreaking love story of Till Human Voices Wake Us will stay with you. This movie has more, though.

Till Human Voices Wake Us explores the human psyche while incorporating breathtaking scenery.

If you’re seeking a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and think, this movie is for you.

Check out: Till Human Voices Wake Us

#10. Herbie Fully Loaded

Lindsay Lohan Movie10

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As: Cast

Role: Maggie Peyton

It was released in 2005

Directed by: Angela Robinson

Category: Family, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Sport

Stars: Michael Keaton, Justin Long, Cheryl Hines, Alanna Ubach, Matt Dillon, Breckin Meyer


This film simultaneously manages to be humorous and endearing.

You can’t explain it. You just have a gut feeling.

Well, that’s how I felt about Herbie Fully Loaded. And I was right.

Lindsay Lohan stars as Maggie Peyton, a young woman trying to find her place in the world.

When she inherits her father’s car, a VW Beetle named Herbie, she decides to race him on the NASCAR circuit.

Herbie is a loveable car with a mind of his own, and he and Maggie have some incredible adventures together.

The chemistry between Lohan and the car is undeniable, and you can’t help but root for them throughout the movie.

Herbie Fully Loaded won the 2006 Teen Choice Award for “Choice Movie: Comedy.”

It was also nominated for the 2006 MTV Movie Award for “Best On-Screen Team” (Lohan and Herbie).

The Volkswagen Beetle that Lindsay Lohan’s character Maggie Peyton drives in the movie is number 53.

This indicates that Herbie’s race car number in the original movie was 53.

Check out: Herbie Fully Loaded

Conclusion: Best Lindsay Lohan Movies

That’s it for now. Top 10 film roles for Lindsay Lohan. Check out Lohan’s works if you’re looking for warm, lighthearted, and unforgettable movies for you or the whole family.

She regularly makes comedic, lighthearted, and thought-provoking movies.

You will undoubtedly discover a film you like if you glance through her filmography.

What film stars Lindsay Lohan do you consider her finest, and why?

We’d like to know what you think!

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