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Blueface Lyrics:

Give a fuck if he like it, but he gon’ respect this Crippin’ (Scoop)

Yeah, alright, it’s all fun and games ’til a nigga trippin’

Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch him slippin’

Pull up, bounce out with a briefcase; it’s time to handle business

Give a fuck if he like it, but he gon’ respect this Crippin’ (Scoop)

Sounds familiar?

Of course, yes, who doesn’t remember the big hit of 2018 from the one and only Blueface. We are all fans of Blueface’s off-beat style and his face tattoo of Benjamin Franklin.

The good news is…

Today we’re going to sing his hits together. I assure you the list will make you crave a party. Without wasting any time, get ready to dance to your favorite song from the list below.

Let the fun begin…

Blueface Bleedem Career Background

Blueface Bleedem’s real name Jonathan Porter entered the rapping industry in 2017. Known for off-beat high-pitch rapping, Jonathan came into prominence when “Respect My Crypn” got love from people on social media. Since then, it’s not looking back.


Initiating his career from the sound cloud and Instagram, Jonathan Porter officially became Blueface with his first song,Deadlocks.” Following its success with 2 million views on the internet, the rapper released another hit,Thotianathat came out as a turning point in Blueface’s singing career.

#1. Thotiana

Blueface Lyrics

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Artist: Blueface

Album:  Famous Cryp

Released: 2018

Recorded: 2017

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Blueface, baby

Yeah, right, I’m every woman’s fantasy (Blueface, baby)

Mama always told me I was gon’ break hearts

I guess it’s her fault, stupid,

Don’t be mad at me

With a perfect beat for twerking and lyrics to party hard,Thotianaturned out to be a big hit. It gave a new direction to Blueface’s career when released on February 2, 2018. Since then, no party is complete without the energy booster.

The producer of the song is Scum Beatz, while Blueface is the writer. The official music video was released through Worldsstarhiphop’s official youtube channel on July 5, 2018. It got the appreciation it deserved.

With lyrics like “speed it up,” “slow it down,” “pick it up,”  the song seems to serve as a checklist for all the strip clubs. Due to this, the song got the chance to secure number 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Just so that you know…

It is Blueface’s first entry on the billboard. So we can consider this song as his lucky song.

No wonder Blueface made three remixes of the song, and his fans equally love all. Following the remixes, the song secured 9 positions out of the top 10, later breaking at 8 on the chart.

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#2. Outside (Better Days)

Blueface Lyrics

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Artist: Blueface & OG Bobby Billions

Album: Non-Album single

Released:  March 23rd, 2021

Recorded: 2021

Genre: Hip hop

They are scared to come outside.

Tell them, boys, they better pray.

Tell them boys stay out the way

Tell them ain’t nobody safe

On my mama, on my gang

We gon’ put it in the face


Following the starting lyrics, it needs no further explanation about the theme. 

The hip-hop “Outside (Better Days) came out in public on March 23rd, 2021. The song served as a great motivation after the long hideous covid year. The meaningful lyrics with OG Bobby Billions perfect beat is what is to be loved about the song.

The song is a combined venture by American rapper Blueface and OG Bobby Billions. Despite the challenging theme, the song is full of enthusiasm and motivation. There’s no way you won’t want to listen to it on repeat.


The first collaboration between two big rappers is the second official remix to OG’s Outside.” Not only the song but the official music video is as inspiring as the lyrics. Every word of each sentence feels like your own self when learning to enjoy the new reality of life.

There’s no way anyone can ever represent pain with such a beautiful message. You can almost feel the pain in the voice when OG Bobby Billions says:

I clean this blood off my Jesus piece

Jesus, please say there’s a heaven for a real one

I had to smoke ’em; even Moses had to kill one

Do it for the bills; I swear this sh*t is getting ill…

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#3. Daddy [feat. Rich The Kid]

Blueface Lyrics

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Artist: Blueface featuring Rich, the kid

Album:  Dirt Bag

Released: June 14, 2019

Recorded: 2019

Genre: Hip hop, Trap

Blueface baby

Yeah all right

Call, Mike Crook

I’m her daddy; I don’t even know her mama

Did something come to your mind?

Daddy” featuring the kid is a joint venture of both the American rappers. The song went public on June 14, 2019. It is the second single from Blueface’s second “Ep Dirt Bag (2019)”.

Scum Beatz and Mike Crook are the producers of the song. They have also contributed to writing along with other rappers. The high beat with fun lyrics is the essence of this song. The lyrics like:

She calls me daddy; I don’t even know her mama

She gon’ do it for some Dolce Gabbana

Louis, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, designer

With no strings attached, like Balenciaga


Sexual relations, with no strings attached

I just got her new Fendi’s, with no strings attached.

The rapper seems to highlight the gold-digging culture on its rise. The official music video, which got out on June 20, 2019, represents the lyrics accurately. The video got both Blueface and Rich, the kid utilizing their money for some fun.

That’s not it…

Both can be seen throwing a pool party with bikini models twerking around. The video got this rich feel with bags and shoes from several brands, indicating the dark side of money and power.

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#4. Holy Moly (feat. NLE Choppa)

Blueface Lyrics

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Artist: Blueface

Album: Find the beat

Featured artist: NLE Choppa

Released: 2020

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Holy Moly featuring NLE Choppa is the 8th song from Blueface’s debut album, Find The Beat.” The song’s title is inspired by the Holy Moly donut shop scene from a 2002 movie, Friday After Next,” and even starts with a recreation scene from the movie.

The esthetical visuals, along with the steady beat, blend perfectly well when enjoyed together. The cinematics is kept parallel with each lyric which adds up to the spice of the song. By no means you won’t feel the urge to have a donut after watching the visuals.


Blueface and NLE Choppa can be seen rapping to win over a donut shop. Both end up stealing $5 from a customer, which is fun.

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#5. Patience

Blueface Lyrics

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Artists: Calboy, Blueface

Album: Patience

Released: 2021

Genre: Hip-Hop

Produced by Zaytoven,Patience is a joint venture by Blueface and Calboy. Both the rappers can be seen rapping about money and women, the two most favorite things of this generation.

The rappers turn the recording studio into a party scene with girls dancing and twerking throughout. The perfect beat with breathtaking editing blends so well that you want to enjoy the song over again.

With lyrics like:

Said woman take it slow and things will be just fine

You and I’ll just use a little patience

Said sugar take the time cause the lights are shining bright

You and I’ve got what it takes to make it

We won’t fake it

I’ll never break it

Cause I can’t take it

It seems the rappers are convincing their girls to stick around with patience till they make it big. Or we can say till they achieve their big dreams.

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Conclusion: Blueface Lyrics

I know the list is not too long, but Blueface’s progress to date indicates there’s a lot more coming our way, given his excellent passion for music. I hope you enjoyed the journey here.

I assume you are thirsty for more singers’ content?

Lucky for you…

Here is the list of 101 Richest Rappers In The World hit it and check if Blueface already lies in the list, or you need to wait till his net worth storms the internet while shocking his haters.

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