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Best Cher Outfits: Cher is already a Hollywood legend. And that’s a fact that most of us already know. But can you believe that Cher’s ability to pull off the most outlandish outfits has kept her in the limelight even to this day?

Aside from that…

She has always attracted a great amount of attention as she is famous for her artwork, too.

It all began when Cher met Sonny Bono at a coffee shop and then they soon started building their career which resulted in a show named “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” where Cher looked to designer Bob Mackie who became her personal designer.

Are you wondering what dresses made her famous?

Lucky for you, today in this article, we will give you the most breathtaking, astounding, and even surprising outfits worn by Cher.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Roll up the red carpet…

#1. Laverne

Cher Outfits 01

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The first outstanding outfit worn by Cher was named “Laverne,” which was designed by Bob Mackie.

It had a rich design of purple, gold, and black leopard. Totally unique, isn’t it?

Adding in more…

On February 12, 1975, Cher wore this dress in an episode of The Sonny and Cher Show.

It mainly gained a huge amount of success as its name interested many people.

Let me tell you…

…Cher rocked this outfit, and hence they sold it for $2000, which was pretty expensive, but people loved Cher, didn’t they?

#2. Rolled up Jeans and suspenders

Cher Outfits 02

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The next outfit we have is a-rockin’ one in which Cher wore a straw cowboy hat with a two-piece outfit including rolled-up jeans and suspenders.

Looks like…

The peep-toe heel with this dress made her stand out as she represented the disco era so perfectly and more.

Many of her fans copied this outfit, but one major alteration was adding a leather jacket, and hence the style became more exceptional and strong.

#3. Cher attended the Academy Awards

Cher Outfits 03

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You must’ve seen this very famous outfit in papers as Cher wore it to the Academy Awards.

As stated by Cher…

It is considered one of the best creations by Bob Mackie; Cher said that “It made her feel like a queen.”

The dress was an all-black outfit with short net style midriff-baring tops with a dramatic headpiece.

People loved the ultimate sparkle and regality the outfit brought to many eyes that have seen it.

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#4. Red Carpet Look

Cher Outfits 04

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In 1973, Cher attended an award show with her husband in her jaw-dropping golden red carpet look.

The style icon represented in a sheer look, beaded two-piece in a sexy gold color, which looked lady-like and stunning on her.

Although she is a queen of dramatic looks, fans were both surprised and at awed at how she rocked such a neutral and muted color that’s a far cry from her usual loud style.

Maybe that’s a reflection of her being in love!

#5. Bell Bottoms Look

Cher Outfits 05

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In 1966, Cher wore this comfy outfit with a black jacket and bell bottoms, creating a fashion-forward revolution that would go on for some time.


She paired this cw girl outfit with a fun hat and dark glassed to complete the superstar look.

#6. 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Cher Outfits 06

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Cher performed at a Billboard Music Award ceremony wearing a very sparkly dress.

It was completely covered with a diamond chained iconic design and an icy blonde wig and pink tips.

No doubt she is still rocking it…

Cher nailed this outfit in 2017 and set high standards for other artists. This outfit only proves that Cher may just be an immortal after all. I mean, imagine pulling that off in old age?

#7. Album named Prisoner

Cher Outfits 07

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It was a Harry Langdon photoshoot for the album named “Prisoner.”

The designers looked at the Frazetta art to develop something attractive and different, and when they designed this amazing feathered Headdress, Harry Langdon also did justice with the pictures.

Later on…

Cher was the first notable living legend who was objected to for showing her belly button.

If that’s not legend material, we don’t know what else is!

This outfit barely covered Cher as she was just wearing feathers and a shiny headpiece.

Turns out that CBS even censored her belly button for The Sonny and Cher Comedy Show.

#8. Academy Awards

Cher Outfits 08

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Cher appeared at the 60th Annual Academy Award and took an Oscar home for the Best Supporting  Actress for her performance in Moonstruck in 1988.


She accepted the award in her iconic look which consisted of a thin black netting dress covered with tons of glittery beads.

Although the Oscar was enough to bring her fame, Cher nailed it by wearing this extravagant shock appeal dress by Bob Mackie.

#9. Cover of the Time Magazine and Met Gala

Cher Outfits 09

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In 1974, Cher wore a dress to the Met Gala, and this dress was copied and seen at many other places later.

The dress came in design when the designer asked Cher what she wanted to wear? And she replied that it was something consisting of feathers.


The outfit looked extraordinary as Cher rocked it, and Richard Avedon loved taking pictures of the goddess-like beauty wearing it.

Later it appeared on the cover of Time Magazine as this white net dress became famous.

Although it merely covered her body, the feathers were admired by many fashion critics.

#10. The Farewell Tour

Cher Outfits 10

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This next outfit gained fame as it was inspired by Cher’s song named “Bang Bang.”

She released it in 1987 but later performed it during the Farewell tour.

Let me tell you…

The costume consisted of tattooed bodysuits worn by Cher and the dancers.

Luckily, after the music video came out, everybody went crazy because the song and dress have a perfect combination.

Hats off to Bob Mackie.

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#11. Cher at the Colosseum in Las Vegas

Cher Outfits 11

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Cher had this long maxi dress designed in many different colors but as Cher wanted to look her best and stand out, she choose the white one.

Yep, the simpler, the better.

And indeed, she was a stunning angel.

She wore it on stage sitting inside a big pearl and as it opened up, she started to sing “Love Hurts.”

There’s more to it…

People loved the idea and style as no other artists had the guts to do this. They also loved the photos by Silver Screen Collection via Getty images as they showed the complete look of Cher.

#12. If I Could Turn Back Time

Cher Outfits 12

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Cher wore this outfit and performed the song “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

It became very famous, and even the song represented it well because Cher was eager to wear it, but her leather motorcycle jacket and the little strap made it look weird as soon as she got on stage.


Cher was pretty nervous as her son played bass guitar behind her, whereas his mother was half-naked. At that time, she must be wondering if I Could Turn Back Time.

#13. Virgin Mary Dress

Cher Outfits 13

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Cher wore this yellow dress during “After all” in her Las Vegas residency at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Did you know?

Cher loved it because of its little Virgin Mary with the Halo, as Cher started crying when she saw herself in this dress.

One of her dresses was to be changed during her performance; hence, it was easy to switch.

#14. Cher the Egyptian Goddess for the ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business if I Do’ Music Video

Cher Outfits 14

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Cher represented an Egyptian goddess in this bewildering dress.

She has been Cleopatra many times, as it turned out to suit her well. She wore high heels, huge wigs, heavy headpieces, and some fun exotic makeup.

Although she didn’t have much time while getting ready, she still nailed every Cleopatra look she had!

#15. Hosting The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour in the ’70s.

Cher Outfits 15

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Cher is primarily famous for her dramatic looks, often consisting of feathers and large headpieces.

Meanwhile, in the 1970s, she wore a pretty plain dress with floral print. This off-shoulder dress had a mixture of pink, green, and white and to add in more colors she wore red nail paint.

Moving onwards…

She wore it while hosting The Sonny and Cher Comedy Show in the 1970s.

Turns out, fans were pretty shocked to see her in such a plain (but pretty!) outfit while she was performing. But later on came to love it and appreciated the simple yet classy look that surprisingly fit Cher.

Conclusion: Best Cher outfits

Cut! And… Pack up!

Now, that was an incredible fashion show, right?

We are pretty sure you were fond of Cher’s songs, but now as you’ve seen the legendary singer in such astounding outfits, you must’ve become a fan of her iconic looks.

Although she received many negative comments on some of her dresses, that never stopped her from being an extraordinary personality.

Before we end this…

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