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Dan Brown Books

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Dan Brown Books: Daniel Gerhard Brown is an American author primarily known for his thriller novels.

You must’ve heard about his top-rated books including the Robert Langdon novels such as the Angels & Demons, The Lost Symbol, The Da Vinci Code, and more.

How did all these books turn out to be such icons?

Keep reading and you will find out, as we have gathered some interesting facts about the top-rated books by Dan Brown, along with how he managed to appear on the New York Times bestseller list.

Are you all geared up?

Let’s turn the page…

#1. The Da Vinci Code 2003

Dan Brown Books

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“The Da Vinci Code 2003,” unquestionably Dan Brown’s best and most popular work, is a mystery thriller novel published three years after the first part of the Robert Langdon book series.

The plot follows the protagonist and symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu as they become entangled in a struggle between the Opus Dei and Priory of Sion over the idea of the biblical figure Mary Magdalene being a companion of Jesus Christ following a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Now, that’s intense.


The book Da Vinci Code delves into an alternate religious history of direct descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene’s bloodline.

Even though many Christian denominations heavily criticized the book, The Da Vinci Code is one of the best-selling novels of its time.

This masterpiece had been released in forty-four different languages and has sold over 80 million copies as of 2009.

TIME Magazine named Brown one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2005, praising him for “keeping the publishing industry afloat; renewed interest in Leonardo da Vinci and early Christian history; peaking tourism to Paris and Rome; and a growing membership in secret societies,” according to the editors.

Check out: The Da Vinci Code

#2. Angels and Demons

Dan Brown Books

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“Angels & Demons,” the first novel in the Robert Langdon series, delves into hidden societies’ conspiracies and the Catholic church. In the novel, Dan Brown introduced the figure of Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist and scholar on the ancient anti-religious sect Illuminati.

They would later reappear as the protagonist of the remainder of the series’ volumes.

After CERN director Maximilian Kohler engages Langdon to validate an ambigram of the word “Illuminati” imprinted on his killed employee, physicist Leonardo Vetra, the plot of Angels & Demons follows him.


A cylinder containing antimatter, a substance with a destructive capability similar to a nuclear weapon, was taken from the physicist and was intended to be used to destroy Vatican City, which Langdon and Vetra’s adoptive daughter Vittoria must strive to prevent.

Angels & Demons was considered one of the best Dan Brown novels initially published by Pocket Books and Corgi Books.

Check out: Angels and Demons

#3. Deception point

Dan Brown Books

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“Deception Point” is the first novel by Dan Brown that doesn’t belong to the Robert Langdon series. Brown demonstrated his great writing ability on a subject or area that appears to be outside his comfort zone, earning it a high entry in the charts.

And this is when he became famous for writing mystery novels.

Critics also praised his technical, scientific, and military elements, which add depth to the plot and demonstrate that the author did his homework.

Let me add in the plot…

A White House intelligence analyst, Rachel Sexton, plays a key role in NASA’s confirmation of extraterrestrial life.

In the US presidential election, she finds herself in a difficult situation because NASA’s finding coincides with her estranged father, Senator Sedgwick Sexton, standing against her employer, incumbent US President Zachary Henry.

Her support for NASA’s conclusions will boost the president’s campaign and further sever her already strained connection with her father.

Check out: Deception point.

#4. Origin

Dan Brown Books

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Dan Brown’s more recent book “Origin” is the fifth installment in the Robert Langdon series and one of his best-selling novels.

The book was well-received, and it spent time at the top of The New York Times’ bestseller list. Many critics, however, have blasted it due to Brown’s alleged lack of writing skill.

Here comes the fun plot…

The novel is primarily set in Spain. It follows Langdon as he travels to Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum to attend an event hosted by Edmond Kirsch, a well-known millionaire futurist.

The latter also happens to be a former student.

Kirch promises to reveal a discovery that he claims would transform science, alter people’s perceptions of religion, and address many of his life’s pressing questions.

Kirch is shot and killed before submitting his results, throwing the event into disarray. Langdon now has no choice except to discover and reveal Kirch’s secret before it is lost forever.

Check out: Origin

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#5. The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown Books

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Robert Langdon’s third novel, “The Lost Symbol,” is the third in the Robert Langdon series. The plot picks up after the events of The Da Vinci Code, with the Harvard professor suddenly being invited to give a lecture in the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

After being invited by his mentor, Freemason Peter Solomon, Langdon arrives in DC to discover that Solomon has been kidnapped.

He has no choice but to accompany Solomon’s sister, Katherine, in tracking down a trail of clues that will lead to his discovery.

On the other hand…

The clues lead them deep into the secrets of the Masons, one of whose members were involved in the kidnapping.

After a six-year absence from writing, Brown returned with the book. This undoubtedly aided sales; however, things became problematic as it went on to become the best-selling adult novel of all time, selling one million copies in hardback and ebook formats on its first day of release.

Check out: The Lost Symbol

#6. Inferno

Dan Brown Books

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Even the most devoted Dan Brown fan will agree that “Inferno” is not one of his most loved works, but critically, it’s accepted as one of the best.

If you don’t agree, wait until I add in the plot,

The professor antagonist opens the story by waking up in an Italian hospital without any memory of the previous 36 hours and an unknown object with a biohazard sign hidden in his things in the fourth novel in the Robert Landon series.

After an assassin is dispatched to kill him, he is forced to flee for his life with the help of one of the doctors caring for him, Dr. Sienna Brooks.

Check out: Inferno

#7. Digital Fortress

Dan Brown Books

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Dan Brown took a long time to get into the swing of things after transitioning from a non-writing occupation to becoming a novelist.

“Digital Fortress” is also one of just two books he’s written that isn’t in the Robert Langdon series.

Moving onwards…

The film Digital Fortress delves into government electronic surveillance and the ethical difficulties that come with it.

Commander Trevor Strathmore, the NSA’s deputy director of operations, invents and uses a top-secret supercomputer that can crack any encryption code in an hour or two.

However, things become problematic when his computer cannot crack an encryption scheme devised by former NSA prodigy Ensei Tankado.

Check out: Digital Fortress

#8. Wild Symphony

Dan Brown Books

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Next, we have “Wild Symphony”  written by the bestselling author, Dan Brown. With this thoughtful, humorously musical, and immensely entertaining picture book, #1 New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown makes his picture book debut!

Maestro Mouse and his musical pals will take you through the woods and across the oceans! A gigantic blue whale, quick cheetahs, tiny bugs, and exquisite swans will all be encountered by young readers, and each of them has its own secret to reveal.

Adding in more…

You could see Maestro Mouse’s hidden surprises along the road, such as a buzzy bee lying in plain sight, jumbled letters spelling out hints, and even a secret message to decipher!

This classic picture book can be enjoyed as a traditional read-along, or children and adults can use a free interactive smartphone app to listen to original musical compositions.  At the same time, they read—one for each animal.

Check out: Wild Symphony

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#9. 187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically

Dan Brown Books

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“187 Men to Avoid” is the next incredible book by Dan Brown.

These one-line reflections on the other sex serve as funny warning flags in the never-ending search for Mr. Right for ladies of all ages and stages, from those naively starting on their journey to meet their true love to those who have been married before and should know better.

Check out: 187 Men to Avoid

#10. Race the Pale Horse

Dan Brown Books

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“Race the Pale Horse” was published in 2010 by Dan Brown.

In this book…

An Interpol agent informs a filthy guard orphaned as a youngster that his parents’ burial was a fraud.

The man’s godfather, who is currently on the run, is the only one who knows what’s going on.

The guard walks off to find the man alone while the agent goes on his hunt, analyzing ten-year-old clues and learning about the godfather’s unusual past and the potential implications if he fails.

Check out: Race the Pale Horse

#11. In One Sitting

Dan Brown Books

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“In One Sitting” was published in2015 and written by Dan Brown and Marguerite McClelland.

The author had a unique sense of humor. She, of course, received email jokes from all around the world, which she diligently kept track of.

Turns out…

These jokes and anecdotes were collected over many years and converted into a book named In one Sitting.

Check out: In One Sitting

#12. Angels & Demons: The Illustrated Movie book

Dan Brown Books

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Next, we have another accompaniment for the “Angels and Demons” series published in 2009.

The filmmakers discuss the problems of recreating accurate copies of some of the world’s most stunning landmarks, including the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, and Piazza Navona with Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, among others.

Simply put…

More than 270 color photographs, including storyboard art, period paintings, archival images, and digital production art along with super exclusive insider’s information that reveal the secret creative process that happened during production, set decorations, paintings, scenic design, costumes, sculptures, and props created for the film by artisans in Italy, London, and Los Angeles.

Check out: Angels & Demons: The Illustrated Movie book.

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#13. The Da Vinci Code (The Young Adult Adaptation)

Dan Brown Books

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Anything better than The Da Vinci Code? It’s the mega-bestseller by Dan Brown,“The Da Vinci Code” (The Young Adult Adaptation.)”

This young adult adaptation takes readers on a thrilling tour of famous sights from Paris to London, reminding fans why The Da Vinci Code has been dubbed as a “blockbuster perfection” by the New York Times.

The greatest conspiracy in history is about to come crashing down.

Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of religious symbology, gives a lecture in Paris.

He is expected to meet with a recognized curator from the world-famous Louvre museum during the following event.


The curator, however, doesn’t appear, and Langdon is awakened later that night by officials who inform him that the curator has been found dead.

He is then taken to the Louvre,  the crime scene, where he discovers a series of confusing clues.

As a result, Robert Langdon becomes a suspect, and he and French cryptologist Sophie Neveu must decode a confusing trail of clues that they discover were planted particularly for them.

If Robert and Sophie do not solve the problem in time, old knowledge may be lost for all eternity—and they may become collateral damage.

Check out: The Da Vinci Code (The Young Adult Adaptation)

Conclusion – Dan Brown Books

And now we wrap it up!

We hope you loved all the astounding books written by the best-selling author Dan Brown, intriguing and controversial they may be.

It’s certainly great to take a peek at a genius writer’s mind!

We’d love to hear which ones were your favorite historical thrillers and which book attracted you the most and why.

Since you’ve come to an end with us…

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