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Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Oscar De La Hoya is a retired American professional boxer-turned-boxing and martial arts promoter. Known as “The Golden Boy” during the peak of his career in boxing, he now has a net worth of $200 million.

Some of the boxers he fought are Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, and Shane Mosley.

Today, we’re thrilled to share with you the specifics of Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth. Not only that! We’re also giving you deets about:

  • His achievements in his amateur career and professional boxing career;
  • How he became “The Golden Boy”;
  • His personal life and struggles;
  • The foundation he established and donations he made;
  • And many more!

There’s much going on in and out of De La Hoya’s boxing career.

Brace yourself for the possible impact because we won’t pull any punches!

Let’s start…

Who Is Oscar De La Hoya?

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth: $220 Million
Source of Wealth: Boxing
Spouse/ Relationship: Angelicque Mcqueen (ex-girlfriend, unknown time frame), Shanna Moakler (ex-fiance, 1997-2000), Millie Corretjer (ex-wife, 2001-2016)
Eye Color: Brown
Date of Birth: February 4th 1973
Place of Birth/Nationality: East Los Angeles, California, USA / American-Mexican
Children: Jacob De La Hoya, Devon De La Hoya, Atiana De La Hoya, Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya, Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya, Victoria Lauren Rose De La Hoya

Born in East Los Angeles, California, Oscar De La Hoya is an American of Mexican descent.

He stands 5’10 ft or 179 cm or 1.79 m, the average height for middleweight boxers. De La Hoya is as tall as boxers Diego Corrales and Joe Frazier.

Did you know?

In 1992, he represented the United States at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, for boxing in the lightweight division. After years, he was the first fighter to defeat German boxer Marco Rudolph, so his victory over him in the finals became a sensation.

Not to mention…

His mother, Cecilia De La Hoya, had Oscar as the Olympic gold medalist as a dying wish.

Since then…

He became known as “The Golden Boy.”

Soon after…

He was named Fighter of the Year by The Ring magazine in 1995. In 1997 and 1998, he’s also the magazine’s top-rated fighter in the world, pound for pound.

De La Hoya competed as a professional in six different weight classes:

  • Super featherweight
  • Lightweight
  • Light Welterweight
  • Welterweight
  • Light middleweight
  • Middleweight

Some of his prominent opponents were Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao, Julio César Chávez, Félix Trinidad, Bernard Hopkins, and Ricardo Mayorga.

He’s won a total of 10 world titles in six weight classes.

In addition…

De La Hoya became so famous that he generated about $700 million in pay-per-view income!

After 16 years of fighting in the ring, he decided to retire in 2009.

But his ties with boxing didn’t end…

He focused on being the president of Golden Boy Promotions which he founded while still an active fighter.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Favorite Food: Authentic Mexican food
  • Smoking/ Drinking: Yes/Yes
  • Tattoos: None
  • IMDb Profile Link: Oscar De La Hoya IMDb

How Much Is Oscar De La Hoya Worth?

The former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya has amassed a net worth of $220 million, thanks to his boxing career.

Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2017$200 million
2018$200 million
2019$200 million
2020$200 million
2021$220 million
⭐⭐Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth & Biography⭐⭐ How He Made His Fortune✔ House & Cars✔ Fun Facts✔ Family, Relationships✔ Career Highlights✔ Scandals Updated✔ and more…

Oscar de la hoya Merchandise

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American Son: My Story Hardcover – June 10, 2008

De La Hoya’s autobiography

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Oscar De La Hoya The Golden Boy Notebook

A 6×9 journal notebook


In August 2017, Oscar De La Hoya invested $10 million in the Dallas life insurance firm PHP Agency.

Before that…

In 2002, he established the combat sports promotional firm Golden Boy Promotions. It’s based in Los Angeles, California.

Its subsidiary – Sports and Entertainment Publications, LLC – acquired KO Magazine, The Ring, and World Boxing Magazine in 2007. Originally they were with Kappa Publishing Group.


Golden Boy has owned a 25% stake of Major League Soccer club Houston Dynamo since February 2008.

In 2018, they started promoting mixed martial arts matches, too!

The Young Oscar De la Hoya

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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Oscar De La Hoya was born on February 4, 1973, in East Los Angeles, California, to parents who emigrated from Mexico to the United States before his birth.

He was born with boxing in his blood.

In the 1940s, his grandfather, Vicente, was an amateur fighter.

In the 1960s, his father, Joel Sr., was a professional boxer.

He also has a brother – Joel Jr. – who’s a boxer.

No wonder he became one as well – he had his first fight at six years old!

Find out more about his amateur career in a few scrolls!

Oscar De La Hoya High School

Oscar De La Hoya attended James A. Garfield High School.

Oscar De La Hoya Family & Relationships

Oscar De La Hoya Ex-Girlfriend – Angelicque Mcqueen

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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Angelicque Mcqueen was born and raised in Indiana. She has two sons with De La Hoya – Jacob De La Hoya and Devon De La Hoya.

Oscar De La Hoya Ex-Fiance – Shanna Moakler

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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Shanna Moakler was the Miss USA titleholder in 1995. She’s also a model, actress, and reality TV star.

She began dating De La Hoya in October 1997. In October 1998, they became engaged.


On March 29, 1999, Moakler gave birth to their daughter, Atiana De La Hoya. According to her, it wasn’t a planned pregnancy.

After that…

In September 2000, when Moakler was watching the Latin Grammy Awards at home, she saw De La Hoya escorting another woman to the show.

Because of this, their relationship came to an end.

In December 2020, she filed a palimony suit worth $62.5 million against him. She claimed that he’s an alcoholic and abusive husband and father. She also claimed that he used them to promote his public image.


They settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

Oscar De La Hoya Ex-Wife – Millie Corretjer

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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Milagros Ninette Corretjer Maldonado – or Millie Corretjer – is a Puerto Rican singer and actress. She married De La Hoya on October 5, 2001. They had three children together before splitting up on December 4, 2016.

Quick note: Millie Corretjer is the woman who accompanied De La Hoya at the Latin Grammys.

Oscar De La Hoya Kids

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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De La Hoya has six children.

  • Jacob De La Hoya (born February 18, 1998)
  • Devon De La Hoya (November 30, 1998)
  • Atiana De La Hoya (born March 29, 1999)
  • Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya (born December 29, 2005)
  • Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya (born December 29, 2007)
  • Victoria Lauren Rose De La Hoya (born January 14, 2014)

Coming up shortly…

We’ll dive into Oscar De La Hoya’s boxing career – both on amateur and professional levels. Stick around to take a peek at some of his properties and philanthropic acts, too!

Oscar De La Hoya Career

Amateur Boxing

Here are the significant events that happened during Oscar De La Hoya’s amateur career:

  • Won the gold medal in the National Junior Olympics 119-pound title (1988)
  • Won the gold medal in the National Golden Gloves (57 kg) (1989)
  • Won the gold medal in the US National Championships (57 kg) (1990)
  • Won the United States Olympic Cup (57 kg) (1990)
  • Won the gold medal in the Goodwill Games (57 kg) (1990)
  • Won the gold medal in the US National Championships (60 kg) (1991)
  • Won the gold medal in the US Olympic Festival (60 kg) (1991)
  • Won the gold medal in the Olympic Games (60 kg) (1992)

Oscar De La Hoya won 234 fights – 163 through knockout – during his amateur career. He only had six losses! Very impressive!

Professional Boxing

After winning the Olympics in 1992, Oscar De La Hoya started competing as a professional boxer.

On November 23, 1992, he made his debut in the super featherweight division. He boxed Lamar Williams and won by scoring a first-round TKO victory.

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So far, so good!

On March 5, 1994, 20-year old De La Hoya had his first shot at winning a professional title. In his 12th professional fight, he boxed with Jimmi Bredahl for the WBO Junior Lightweight title.

The fight ended in the 10th round on a referee technical decision, with De La Hoya bagging his first title. In May 1994, De La Hoya fought against Giorgio Campanella and was able to defend his title.


On July 29, 1994, he had a match with Jorge Páez for the vacant WBO Lightweight title. He knocked Páez down in the second round, winning the said title.

He defended it from Carl Griffith and John Avila, winning by TKO in the third and ninth rounds, respectively.

He also defended it from John-John Molina, winning by unanimous decision.

After that…

In May 1995, during a unification match against IBF lightweight champion Rafael Ruelas, De La Hoya knocked Ruelas down twice. The fight ended in the second round, and De La Hoya became the new IBF Lightweight champion.

Later, he defended the title from Miguel Julio.


He relinquished the IBF title. In turn, he defended the WBO title against undefeated Genaro Hernández in September 1995.

Did you know?

Hernández relinquished the WBA super-featherweight title to fight him.

Too bad for him, though, because after six rounds, Hernández nursed a broken nose and ended up quitting the match.

De La Hoya’s last defensive match for the WBO title was against Jesse James Leija, who he knocked out in two rounds.

There’s more…

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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He fought Julio César Chávez on June 7, 1996, for the lineal and WBC light welterweight championship.

Because Chávez sustained bad cuts above his left eye from De La Hoya’s punches, the referee stopped the fight, and De La Hoya won by TKO in the fourth round.

Amusing fact: In their rematch in 1998, Chávez said he didn’t lose because the referee stopped them.

De La Hoya moved up to the welterweight division in 1997.

He had a match against Pernell Whitaker and won by unanimous decision. With it, he won the lineal and WBC welterweight titles.

He defended it seven times – including a rematch against Chavez in 1998 – before he lost the title to IBF Champion Félix Trinidad in 1999.

Their fight set the record for being the biggest pay-per-view event for a non-heavyweight fight.

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Moving on…

On February 26, 2000, De La Hoya fought Derrell Coley for the vacant IBA welterweight title and won by knockout in the seventh round.


A few months later, on June 17, 2000, he lost the title to Shane Mosley on a split decision.

He won by fifth-round TKO against Arturo Gatti before moving up to the light-middleweight division.

He challenged Javier Castillejo and won by a unanimous decision, acquiring the WBC light middleweight title.

Like many other athletes…

De La Hoya suffered from injuries. He couldn’t fight for 15 months because of a wrist injury sustained in his 1999 fight against Oba Carr.

When he got back to the ring in September 2002, he had a unification bout against Fernando Vargas. He won by TKO in the eleventh round, retaining his WBC light middleweight title.

Not only that…

He also won the WBA (Super), IBA, and The Right light middleweight titles!

In May 2003, he defended the title against Yori Boy Campas.


Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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In September 2003, he had a rematch against Shane Mosley and lost the titles after a controversial unanimous decision.

Shocking fact: Later, investigator Jeff Novitzky revealed that Mosley received steroids. He admitted that he used performance-enhancing drugs for their match because he thought they were legal supplements.

The journey isn’t over yet…

He challenged Felix Sturm for the WBO middleweight title in June 2004. He won unanimously, making him the first boxer to win world titles in six different weight divisions, but it was controversial.

Compubox counted Sturm’s punches landing 234 of 541. Meanwhile, De La Hoya’s punches landed 188 of 792. Because of those, the general opinion was that Sturm was supposed to be the winner.

The issue doesn’t end there…

A portion of the boxing community thought the result was a setup because De La Hoya’s upcoming match against undisputed world middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins would generate more money.

Sturm and his promotional team filed a protest, but it was all in vain.


On September 18, 2004, De La Hoya faced Bernard Hopkins in a unification match. It was during this fight when De La Hoya first experienced losing after a knockout.

He still made $30 million from this fight, though.

Once again…

De La Hoya took a break from boxing. It took him 20 months before signing to a match.

His comeback match was against Ricardo Mayorga, who insulted De La Hoya – from his sexuality to his family.

De La Hoya knocked him down in the first minute of the fight. Then, in the sixth round, he knocked him out again, which ended the fight. With this, he won the WBC light middleweight title.

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Just a few more bouts…

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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On May 5, 2007, he had a match against WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr to defend his title. He lost by split decision.

In pursuit of a rematch, he fought Steve Forbes in May 2008.

The good news: He won by unanimous decision.

The bad news: Mayweather Jr announced that he was likely retiring from boxing.


On December 6, 2008, he fought Manny Pacquiao in a twelve-round, non-title fight. Many people speculated De La Hoya would win because of his size advantage.

In truth…

His corner had to stop the fight in the 8th round after he took a beating.

He announced his retirement on April 14, 2009, effectively ending rumors about a potential fight with undefeated light middleweight Julio César Chávez Jr.


He planned to come out of retirement and fight against former UFC champion Vitor Belfort on September 11, 2021. Unfortunately, De La Hoya contracted the coronavirus and withdrew from the fight on September 3rd.

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Oscar De La Hoya Scandals & Controversies

Oscar De La Hoya was involved in various scandals and controversies.

During an investigation in 2019, he admitted to using cocaine in early 2018. 2011 was when he first admitted that he had a substance abuse problem. In 2013, the former boxer said that he was returning to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

In 2017, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, but he pleaded not guilty. The charges were dismissed in 2018.

Another surprising thing is…

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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In 2007, pictures of De La Hoya crossdressing – wearing fishnet stockings, high heels, and women’s underwear – circulated the internet after a woman named Mila Dravnel sold the photos to a tabloid newspaper.

The boxer denied the legitimacy of the photos. After that, there was news that he paid Dravnel $20 million to remain silent.


In 2011, De La Hoya confessed that the photos were real and taken when he was drunk and high on cocaine.

Aside from those…

In 1998, he was accused of rape, but no charges were filed, so he remained innocent. Later, a complainant filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that he raped her in a hotel in Mexico in June 1996. It was settled out of court in 2001.

How Oscar De La Hoya Spends His Money

Aside from Golden Boy Promotions and his investments, Oscar De La Hoya spends his money for his house and body maintenance.

Oscar De La Hoya House

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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The boxing promoter owns a condo in the Montana Building worth $2.65 million. He purchased the 4,150-square feet residence in 2017.

It has three bedrooms, 3.75 baths, a library, a business office, an eat-in kitchen, and a wine cellar.

Oscar De La Hoya Car

Oscar de la hoya Net Worth

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Oscar De La Hoya owns a 2020 Brabus Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Oscar De La Hoya Philanthropy

De La Hoya’s good heart, inspired by his late mother Cecilia De La Hoya, drove him to help and share with others.

The former professional boxer founded the De La Hoya Foundation in 1995 to help the underprivileged East Los Angeles youths have educational and athletic opportunities.

In 2003, they established a charter school – the De La Hoya Animo Charter High School – on land purchased and donated by De La Hoya himself.

In addition…

Oscar De La Hoya donated $350,000 to Cecilia González De La Hoya Cancer Center. Thanks to his foundation’s donations, the White Memorial built Oscar De La Hoya Labor and Delivery Center and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Fun Facts About Oscar De La Hoya

  • The retired professional boxer authorized his name in the children’s picture book, Super Oscar.”
  • He competed on The Masked Dancer as Zebra and placed fourth.
  • In the 2020 elections, he expressed his intention to run for the presidency against Donald Trump.
  • Since 2002, he has had dual citizenship – American and Mexican.
  • He’s on the front cover of Fight Night Round 3 on PS3, Xbox 360, and PSP versions.
⭐⭐Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth & Biography⭐⭐ How He Made His Fortune✔ House & Cars✔ Fun Facts✔ Family, Relationships✔ Career Highlights✔ Scandals Updated✔ and more…

5 Lessons We Financial Freedom From Oscar De La Hoya

  1. Make the most of the help others extend to you.
  2. Keep yourself in check – stay sober as much as you can.
  3. Even if it’s embarrassing, dare to be truthful.
  4. Give out of the abundance of your heart.
  5. Invest in something you have enough knowledge of.
⭐⭐Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth & Biography⭐⭐ How He Made His Fortune✔ House & Cars✔ Fun Facts✔ Family, Relationships✔ Career Highlights✔ Scandals Updated✔ and more…

Top 3 Quotes From Oscar De La Hoya

  • There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.”
  • “When people say I can’t or I mustn’t, I always say I can and I will.”
  • “Like everyone, I have my flaws, and I do not want to be one of those people that is afraid to admit and address those flaws.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many fights did Oscar De La Hoya win?

Out of a total of 45 fights, De La Hoya won 39.

Are Oscar and Millie married?

No, Oscar and Millie split in 2016.

What school did Oscar De La Hoya attend?

Oscar De La Hoya attended and graduated from James A. Garfield High School.

Conclusion: Oscar de la hoya Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle

There’s much that went on with Oscar De La Hoya’s Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Biography that I hope all this information didn’t knock the wind out of you!

Oscar De La Hoya has an impressive boxing career record, a fruit of endless practice that started when he was very young.

I’m sure you picked up something from it and from the personal life and controversies he experienced, too.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Floyd Mayweather’s Bounce Mojo Bio. Get to know more about one of De La Hoya’s tough opponents!

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