Mike Lindell Net Worth (2023)
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Mike Lindell Net Worth

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Mike Lindell Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Michael James Lindell, commonly regarded as the My Pillow Guy, is a $300 million worth American entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. 

Mike Lindell is a popular supporter and adviser to Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. 

He marketed the toxic plant extract oleandrin as a COVID-19 remedy without proof and backed efforts to sway the 2020 US presidential election.


You probably know a thing or two about him, about Mike Lindell’s wealth, his career journey, his early life, his scandals, and controversies…

…but how about the success behind his My Pillow company? 

If you want to know the answers, then lucky for you because we got you covered with all the facts today! 

After many hours of research, we’re delighted to bring you the details of Mike Lindell’s Net Worth.

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Mike’s career and we’ll be looking at:

  • His massive $300 net worth, his early career beginnings, how he established his company, his Biography, and his career highlights;
  • His struggles, challenges, scandals, and controversies throughout his career and his experience working with former U.S President Donald Trump;
  • How he lives his luxurious life, his properties, where he loves spending his money, and his philanthropic deeds;
  • And lots more!

I know you’re excited so let’s get to it!

Who Is Mike Lindell?

The Early Life of Mike Lindell 

Michael James Lindell, also known as Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, is a famous American entrepreneur, businessman, and CEO of his self-established My Pillow, Inc.  

Mike was born in Mankato, Minnesota, United States on June 28, 1961. 

He grew up in Chaska and Carver, Minnesota, and went to college at the University of Minnesota, but eventually dropped out during his freshman year. 

Who Is Mike Lindell

Drug Addiction Story 

Mike Lindell started venturing into entrepreneurship and managed to run a variety of small businesses in Carver County, Minnesota in the 1980s, which included carpet cleaning, lunch wagons, and a few bars and restaurants.

In case, you didn’t know…

He was a cocaine addict, crack cocaine, and an alcoholic in the 1980s and 1990s, which resulted in his home being foreclosed and his spouse Karen Dickey, filing for divorce.

The good thing is, after all the “Mike Lindell Addicted to Drugs” news headlines back then, he was able to regain himself and be close to God – so that Mike Lindell said that by the year 2009, he was finally sober.

About Mike Lindell’s My Pillow Inc.

Mike Lindell My Pillow Inc.

Mike Lindell was the founder of My Pillow (Mypillow) in 2004 and has since grown the enterprise into a big Minnesota manufacturing company. 

He’s the one and the only guy behind his “MyPillow” company and his open-cell, poly-foam design. 

Did you know that during the early years of his business, Mike only had five employees? And that he had his first sale at a mall kiosk? 

Yes, you read that right…

Just five! But now, look at how the company has grown from strength to strength over the years and has more than 1,500 employees today.


Aside from pillows, Mike has successfully sold other things such as Bedsheets, travel pillows, pet beds, and more – all as part of his product line.

However, back then…

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) stripped My Pillow’s certification in 2017, dropping its ranking to an F due to a history of customer dissatisfaction. 

The BBB mentioned a Buy One, Get One deal that turned into a persistent offer, resulting in the product’s regular price, not really being a selling price or a promotional offer.

Naturally, I am terribly saddened by the BBB’s decision,” Lindell posted on the social media platform Twitter. 

Lindell appointed his son Darren Lindell as the company’s chief operating officer in 2020, indicating his planned political aspirations to boot. 

Some big retailers stopped selling My Pillow items in 2021.


Lindell argues that this is attributed to his claims about the 2020 presidential election outcomes in the United States, but retailers like Kohl’s and Bed, Bath, Beyond say it’s due to market analysis and decreased consumer demand.

Social Media Platform 

Mike announced in March 2021 that he’d be releasing an alt-tech social channel that would be unique from Gab and Parler, something that he characterized as a crossover between YouTube and Twitter.

The website went live on April 19, 2021, with a slew of technical problems Lindell attributed to a “huge assault.”


The website lacks social networking functionality and instead comprises a static page with embedded video sources, featuring Absolute Interference, a two-hour video spreading 2020 presidential election speculations. 

The businessman and MyPillow CEO claimed to have invested millions of dollars in the site’s creation.

Donald Trump, Campaign Rally, Election Fraud & Political Journey

Mike Lindell & Donald Trump

Following Trump’s electoral victory in 2016, Lindell interacted with then-Republican presidential candidate and has become an enthusiastic supporter, declaring him “the most remarkable president this country has ever had in history.”

Now let’s move on…

When I met with Donald Trump, it felt like a divine appointment, and when I walked out of that office, I knew I was going to go all-in,” Lindell said during an August 2019 discourse at Liberty University.

Following Trump’s victory…

Lindell stood next to Trump at a White House business roundtable session in 2017.

Mike Lindell Net Worth: $300 Million
Profession: Businessman, Founder/ CEO My Pillow, Inc.
Date of Birth: 21st June 1961 – Lindell is 62 years old.
Gender: Male
No. of Children: 4
Religion: Christian
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Last Updated: 2023
Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: American native
Relationship Status: Divorced
Place Of Birth: Mankato, Minnesota, United States
Current Occupation: Businessman, Founder/CEO My Pillow, Inc. Politician
Language: English
Smoking/ Drinking: Yes
Tattoos: None

How Much Is Mike Lindell Worth?

Mike Lindell’s wealth tops a whopping $300 million dollars!

Mike Lindell Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$3 Million
2020$3 Million
2021$3 Million

Mike Lindell Books

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What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO Paperback

What Are the Odds? is an unbiased description of the ravages of cocaine, crack, and compulsive gambling. It reveals the incredible story of how a small-town guy with a dream had become a reality.

The Young Mike Lindell

Young Mike Lindell

Just before MyPillow became a huge success and a large manufacturing company in Minnesota, it started small with just five employees. 

Well, to be honest…

…tt’s difficult to venture into this type of business where you need to have a machine, and a warehouse for your products. It’s costly and there’s no guarantee you’ll grow big. 

But, here’s the best part…

Mike defied the odds and took risks to continue his business. 

And look at where his big business is today! Truly, there’s no success if you’re not willing to take the risk. 

So, take it from him, guys!

Mike Lindell CEO of MyPillow – Family & Relationships

Mike Lindell Ex-wife – Dallas Yocum

Mike Lindell Ex-wife

Lindell has had two marriages. He tied the knot with Dallas Yocum in June 2013.

However, after she deserted him, he filed for divorce the same year. 

They had a matrimonial arrangement, according to Lindell.

Mike Lindell Kids with his ex-wife Karen Dicky

Heather Lueth, Lizzy Meyers, Darren Lindell, and Charlie Lindell are his four kids from his first relationship with Karen Dicky, which ended in divorce after around 20 years of being together.

And coming up shortly – we’re going to be taking a deep dive into how Mike Lindell spends his money – houses, cars, jets, and how generous he is with charity… etc. But first, let’s look at his career and career earnings and a look at some scandals and controversies. 

Mike Lindell Scandals & Controversies

Mike Lindell Scandals

Lindell allegedly had a nine-month affair with actress Jane Krakowski throughout late 2019 and the summer of 2020, according to the Daily Mail in January 2021. 

The allegations were refuted by both Lindell and Krakowski. 

Lindell hired solicitor Charles Harder and filed a libel suit against the Daily Mail in January.

How He Likes To Spend His Money

Mike is a businessman and a politician, and he has a history of using his money to help the former U.S. President Donald Trump during his campaign rally, and of course for establishing his My Pillow Inc. company.

More than that…

He shared that he has a plan to run for presidential bets in 2024, so now, we’re certain that he will allocate some of his estimated net worth for his campaign. 

Also, he is a man with a kind heart, blessed by his strong faith in God, and has been doing charity work ever since.

Lindell Foundation

The Lindell Foundation, which is focused on faith, was founded by Lindell himself.

The foundation’s mission was then expanded to include supporting addicts, cancer patients, and veterans. 

He also founded the Lindell Recovery Network to help people suffering from opioid abuse find Christian recovery organizations.

Fun Facts About Mike Lindell

  • Lindell is a devout Christian who was awarded an honorary Doctor of Business degree from Liberty University in 2019.
  • That same year, he self-published a book called What Are the Odds? regarding his spiritual journey. 
  • From a cocaine addict to CEO, he’s come a long way.
  • Lindell launched his pillow company back in 2004. MyPillow – which is based in Chaska, Minnesota – has a patented open-cell, poly-foam design. 
  • Lindell shares his four children with ex-wife Karen Dickey – Heather Leuth, Lizzy Meyers, Darren Lindell, Charlie Lindell

5 Mike Lindell Lessons For Financial Freedom

  1. Save while you’re young.
  2. Never be an impulsive buyer.
  3. Invest like an entrepreneur.
  4. Go for long-term business projects.
  5. Take the risks!

Top 3 Quotes From Mike Lindell

  • ”It’s been very good for business, but I just do what I’m supposed to do, what God’s called me to do.”


  • ”I didn’t know anything about politics when I came out of crack addiction.”


  • ”I don’t think addiction is a disease. I believe it manifests from childhood wounds and or trauma.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is Mike Lindell’s Net Worth?

Mike’s net worth is jaw-dropping $300 million, most of which he acquired from business and his job alongside former U.S. President Trump. 

Who are Mike Lindell’s two wives?

Mike’s previous relationships are with Karen Dickey and Dallas Yocum.

How much is the MyPillow guy worth?

The mypillow guy is worth circa $300 million.

How many MyPillows are sold a year?

Over the past six years, Lindell says he’s spent circa $100 million on infomercials and as a result, he’s sold 30 million pillows, and revenues have grown from around $100,000 a year to circa $300 million.

Summary: Mike Lindell Net Worth & Biography

There you have it, Mike Lindell’s long journey to success.

What’s your major takeaway? 

My most motivating part would be where he was able to regain himself through spiritual faith and where he was able to stay sober after becoming an addict with a drug abuse history. 

That’s difficult, but he was able to make it through anyway. 

So – don’t give up! Perseverance is everything.

And if you want to know more about other entreprenuers like Simon Sinek, or Kevin O’Leary please visit Bouncemojo.com for his bio and quotes articles.

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