Max Kellerman Net Worth (2024)
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Max Kellerman Net Worth

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Max Kellerman Net Worth: Max is an American boxing commentator and infamous sports television personality with a $6M net worth. 

Currently the co-host of the ESPN talk show “First Take,” Max tops the channel in tandem with Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim.

After pulling out all the stops, we’re thrilled to bring you the details of Max Kellerman Net Worth.

We’ll be sinking our teeth into his career and take a look at:

  • How he made his moolah
  • Top deals
  • How he prefers to spend his money

loads more…

Come and beat us to the punch! 

Who Is Max Kellerman?

Kellerman is an acclaimed American Sports talk Radio Host.

He’s also the most publicized showman in Boxing.

Surprisingly unrelated to his present career, Kellerman graduated from Columbia University with a degree in History.  

On the side, he started his journey up in the airwaves by covering Boxing events for a local public television channel. 

Get this: 

Who Is Max Kellerman

Just after college, he was signed by ESPN! 

Max immediately handled the boxing TV series “Friday Night Fights.”

He anchored the “Around the Horn” series hand in glove while working on short-lived programs for MSNBC, Fox Network, and Spike TV. 

If you’ve heard of “I, Max” and “King of Vegas” – it’s our guy. 

He spent a boatload of time working for various radio outlets covering boxing. This includes his popular TV Program on ESPN Xtra, “The Max Kellerman Show.”

Afterward, he served on the HBO World Championship Boxing as part of the analysis team at the same time serving on 710 ESPN as a midday show co-host. 

Max Kellerman Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 6, 1973
Gender: Male
Parents: Henry Kellerman, Linda Kellerman
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: Married
Children: 3
Profession: Journalist, Talk show host, Commentator, Actor, Screenwriter

How Much Is Max Kellerman Net Worth?

The famous Boxing Commentator is Max Kellerman Net Worth is $6 Million to date!

Max Kellerman Net Worth

Max Kellerman TV Series

Max Kellerman TV Series

As commentator/host

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Max Kellerman Face-Off

An American reality TV game show aired on the popular Syfy channel.

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The King of Vegas

Hosted by Kellerman and Wayne Root, this gambling series became a huge hit that first aired on Spike TV in the US.

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Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights is a notable TV show that keeps you up-to-date on who’s fighting who in the world of Boxing and MMA.

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Around the Horn

ATH is a roundabout game show and panel bull session about the latest sports news.

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The Fight Game with Jim Lampley

Jim Lampley, a famous boxing commentator, provides viewers with an unfiltered discussion of the comprehensive analysis of the sport: storyline, personalities, issues, and more. 

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ESPN First Take

An American weekend sports debate show featuring top analysts and veteran guests.

Max Kellerman Controversies & Litigation

Max Kellerman Controversies

The downside of being a man with resounding opinions is…

… not everyone agrees with you. 

Max Kellerman vs. Donald Trump Supporters 2020

This famous boxing commentator was on thin ice as he voiced his opinion about the ongoing protests in the NBA as well as taking in the NFL’s canceled practices. 

In one particular segment of ESPN’s First Take, Kellerman specifically described Trump Supporters in the SEC to be: 

“susceptible to very low-quality information 

and easy to propagandize 

and almost immune to facts.” 

Yes, you read that right!

Attacking a fan base that’s like a religion for these people – Kellerman, you’re a classic! 

To support his controversial declaration, Kellerman cited the club’s most recent brazen move about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Whatever Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s adviser, dishes out to the public, the supporters believe it to be true regardless of whether or not the outlook is backed up by factual information. 

“ — It wouldn’t matter what happened because they’d say the handling of the pandemic has been great. 

The handling of the pandemic has been the worst in the industrialized democratic world, by far.

By far, in the United States, at a federal level, it’s been a disaster.”  says Max with utmost conviction. 

The commentator received terrible backlash from the American people sooner than he thought. 

One particular critic stood out saying he was mistaken and inaccurate for lumping the supporters all in one box. 

Simply put, not ALL of them are as stupid as Max said.  

Want to learn more? See for yourself here. 

Max Kellerman on Black Lives Matter 2020

Max begins with a simple direct manifesto: “Here’s my problem with it…” 

The boxing analyst proceeds to say he loves Black Lives Matter as a slogan. 

On the other hand…

… not much so as a political platform. 

“[T]he immediate release and retroactive decriminalization of prostitution and drug offenders and their records should be expunged? Maybe everyone’s not going to agree with that, Divestment from Israel?” 

Max Kellerman Suspended for Domestic Abuse 2014 

This HBO World Championship Boxing analyst and ESPN TV host was suspended back in 2014 after admitting he once hit his wife Erin Manning Kellerman on ESPN – LA radio show “Mason & Ireland.” 

Kellerman explained to the public how the incident happened years ago before they were married. 

The couple was attending a big college party and had too much to drink. 

An argument between the two broke out and in an effort to bring things under control, Erin slapped him and he slapped her back. 

Okay, You might think a 3-day suspension over something this small is too much…

… but being a famous personality means you need to triple check what you say on live TV.

Max Kellerman Controversies

The Murder of his Brother 2004

On October 17, 2004, Max’s younger brother Sam was found dead in his apartment.

After a series of investigations, former boxing athlete James Butler was convicted and charged for Sam’s murder in 1400 block of Vista Street, Los Angeles. 

After confessing to his crime, James was sentenced to 29-years in jail. 

Max loved his brother.

Max Kellerman Brothers

He never recovered from his untimely death…

Born just 15 months later than Max on November 24, 1974, Sam was the 2nd of the four brothers who grew up in Manhattan. 

Sam was also an aspiring young artist. He wrote a play entitled “The Man who hated Shakespeare” as well as hosting a local cable-television show. 

Why did such a great young man have to die? 

It was speculated by prosecutors that James Butler was having issues with his girlfriend and also struggling to recuperate his boxing career. 

In the midst of his sad predicament, Sam demanded Butler clear out of his apartment.

Butler picked up a hammer, killed Sam, and burned down the house. 

Sam may have been just at the wrong place at the wrong time…

Max Kellerman Brother

Max Kellerman House

Max Kellerman House
East Hampton, NY 

The boxing commentator and sports radio host bought his house for $1,495,000 in 2004. A sound addition to Max Kellerman Net Worth.

Fun Facts About Max Kellerman


  1. After he spent 7 years in college, his first job was with a local TV channel where the public first heard him.
  2. He chanced upon the CEO of Boxing Hall of Fame and one of Mike Tyson’s closest friends Steve Lott on the street in New York that landed him on ESPN Friday Night Fights. 
  3. Notice the slight scar on the left corner of his mouth? That was when he bit a clock wire and caught his lips with an electric shock.
  4. He was just eight years old when his father had him attend boxing lessons at a local gym.
  5. He exercises using Pilates for his bad back.
  6. He takes as gospel truth that the most important core of himself as a secular jew is Yiddish. 
  7. He became a Manhattan phenomenon in Boxing.
  8. He loves his three kids more than anything in the world.
  9. The loss of his brother Sam in 2004 still lingers in his heart to this day.
  10. He was suspended by ESPN back in 2014 for a short time.

5 Lessons For Financial Freedom From Max Kellerman

  1. Always strive to work harder than anybody else.
  2. Be informed. 
  3. Knowledge is an asset. 
  4. Be careful with how you use your platform.
  5. Speak as you mean it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Max Kellerman’s Wife?

Erin Manning

How much does Max Kellerman make on First Take?

More than $25 million over four years, as mentioned in his contract.

What is Derek  Sanderson Jeter most famous for?

He is a former professional baseball player known for his Hall of Fame career in MLB as a shortstop for the New York Yankees.

Was Max Kellerman rapper?

Yes, he was part of a group with his brother Sam – they released the music video for their hit song “Young Man Rumble.”

What is Max Kellerman Net Worth?

Max Kellerman Net Worth is $6 Million.

Summary: Max Kellerman Net Worth

He became a prominent figure by working his fingers to the bone. 

He pulled his weight the moment he decided to be more than just a city boy.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Max Kellerman’s Bounce Mojo Bio, and the best Memes.

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