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What is Ken Griffey Jr Net Worth?

Ken Griffey Jr Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Ken Griffey Jr is a professional baseball player with 22 years in Major League baseball under his belt, a Baseball Hall of Fame award, 630 home runs, and 10 Gold Glove awards. Ken Griffey net worth is a stunning $90 million. Ken Griffey Jr was also the icon and face of baseball for a time, earning the highest-ever voting percentage for induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame for a period of time with 99.32%.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg for Ken Griffley Jr. 

After hours of research and game reruns, we’re thrilled to bring you the Griffey Jr net worth. Today, we’ll be diving deep into Ken’s career as we cover:

  • The future ace’s difficult start;
  • His prolific baseball beginnings;
  • Ken Griffey’s mega house;
  • Lots more!

It’s not all golds and trophies for sure, which thoroughly inspired us – Ken Griffey’s struggle is worth a read!

(Once you’ve checked out Ken Griffey Jr net worth and bio – whatever you do – read on to the Fun Fact section and see how well you know this golden baseball player!

On the ball…

Let’s touch base!

Who Is Ken Griffey Jr?

Ken Griffey Jr Net Worth and Bio

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The professional baseball player George Kenneth Griffey Jr has lived and breathed baseball all his life, being the son of Ken Griffey Sr, also a professional baseball player who played for the Cincinnati Reds when Ken was small.

In June 1987, Griffey Jr became the overall number one in the selection by the Seattle Mariners during the amateur draft for the Major League Baseball. 

Because of this…

…the future ace received $160,000 as a signing bonus. He was just 18 years old then. 

That same year, after joining the Bellingham Mariners of the Northwest League, Ken finally made his professional debut that same month. 

Ken debuted with flying colors. 

Showing great promise, the young professional baseball player led his team with 14 home runs, 13 steals, 40 RBI, and .313 hits. 

Stealing the spotlight, he was named by Baseball America magazine as the number one prospect of the league. 

In 1998, the baseball player joined the ranks in the San Bernardo Spirit of Class A Advanced California League. 

During this time, Ken had .338 hit, 32 steals, 11 home runs, and drove 42 runs all within 58 games. 

This resulted in Ken’s promotion to Vermont Mariners of the Class AA Eastern League, achieving .279 hits, 2 home runs, and 10 RBIs. 

The late 1980s to 1990s was an exciting time for Ken Griffey Jr. 

During this period, Griffey was able to establish his authority on the baseball field. 

With a total of 1,752 hits, 167 stolen bases, 1,152 RBIs, and 398 home runs, the “kid” led the American League for 4 seasons in the home run from 1994 to 1999. 

What’s more…

…Ken was also voted the American League MVP in 1997, maintaining a career batting average of .297. 

Throughout the decade, Ken’s defense in the field was looked on as the elite fielding standard, epitomized by his stunning winning streak of 10 Gold Gloves from 1990 to 1999. 

Aside from this, his diving plays became somewhat of an iconic move, thanks to his impressive range, as well as his signature basket catches over the shoulder. 

He’s also known for amazingly robbing his opponents of home runs by leaping up and then pulling them back up into the field. 

Around this time…

…Griffey Jr was fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in baseball. He’s also starting to establish his legendary icon image. 

As a matter of fact, he was also able to snag a lucrative partnership with the brands like Nike and Wheaties. 

If we have Michael Jordan’s jumping man logo for Nike, Ken had his “Swingman logo.”

Thanks to his signature sweet swing, this logo graced Nike’s apparel and shoes just like how Jordan’s Jumping Man does today. 

Aside from his iconic moves…

…Griffey also popularized wearing the baseball cap backward. 

Not much from aesthetic reasons, he said that he wore it that way because he used to wear his father’s baseball cap when he was young and his father had such a big mass of hair that his big baseball cap used to fall over Ken Jr’s eyes, so he wore it backward instead.


What’s cooler…

…was when Griffey appeared in The Simpsons, which is another sign that a person actually made it as a pop culture icon!

He appeared in The Simpsons in the year 1992 along with fellow baseball stars Ozzie Smith and Wade Boggs. 

In 1993…

…Ken Griffey had his very first-ever Major League Baseball plate appearance at the Oakland Coliseum where he was able to hit a line-drive double off of Dave Stewart, the Oakland Athletics pitcher. 

And after one week, Ken was able to hit his first major league home run in his first at-bat at the Kingdome. 

But the best was yet to come. 

In the years 1990 and 1991, Ken Griffey – Jr and Sr – became the first-ever father and son to play at the same time in the same team.

This happened in Ken Griffey Sr’s game on August 31, 1990, as a Mariner. 

The two were able to hit back-to-back singles in the first inning and scored, both of them!

But then didn’t stop there as on September 14th, they hit back-to-back home runs again in the top of the first off Kirth McCaskill, the California Angels pitcher. 

This made them the first father and son duo to achieve back-to-back home runs. 

Jr and Sr were able to play a total of 51 games together before papa Griffey retired in June 1991. 

Ken Griffey Jr

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In 1993, Ken made yet another record by hitting the warehouse past the right-field wall on the fly in the MLB Home Run Derby.

What does this mean?

Well, with every home run that hits as far as Eutaw Street, the feats are commemorated with a plaque that’s horizontally embedded in the concourse’s walkway, exactly where the home run landed. 

1994 and 1995 became some of Ken Griffey’s most memorable years. 

That year, Ken led the league in the All-Star game selection voting. The season saw him achieve 30 home runs in the first 65 games of the Mariners. 

He went on to achieve 4 multi-home run games that year. But the season ended prematurely because of labor disputes. 

The next year, they were up against the New York Yankees in the 1995 American League Division Series.

The Mariners lost 2 games already and were about to be eliminated but were able to achieve a comeback by winning the next two games, setting up a decisive 5th game. 

Here’s the kicker. 

Griffey was on the first base at the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 5. His teammate Edgar Martinez was able to hit a double. 

Ken then raced around the bases before sliding home with his winning run and straight into the waiting arms of his entire team. 

Just the perfect elements of a champion moment. 

This also kicked off the iconic rivalry of the Mariners and the Yankees.

And iconic as he was, Ken Griffey fueled the fire by saying that he’d never play for the Yankees because they allegedly treated his father badly. 

He was also kicked out of the Yankee clubhouse by Billy Martin, the Yankee manager, believing that children didn’t belong there.


The Mariners later lost to the Cleveland Indians but it still became one of the most memorable moments in Mariners and baseball history, polishing the season that “saved baseball in Seattle.”

Come 1997, Ken Griffey led his team to the American League West crown and snagged the American League Most Valuable Player Award with .304 hit, 56 home runs, and 147 RBIs. 

In 1999, Griffey ranked 93rd  among the 100 Greatest Baseball Players by The Sporting News. Being only 29 years old (going 30), Ken was the youngest baseball player on the list. 

While with Seattle…

…Ken became a 10-time American League Gold Glove Award winner, All-Star Game MVP in 1992, AL MVP in 1997, ESPY co-winner for Male Athlete of the year1998, Players Choice Awards Player of the Decade1999, and was named to the All-Century team in the year 1999. 


Between the years 2001 and 2004, Ken was plagued with a series of injuries that contributed to his unpopular career. 

In June 2007, Griffey Jr made his return to Seattle. 

Before the game started, the Mariners honored him with a 15-minute long presentation  showing the highlights of his career with the Mariners. 

They called it the presentation of “the house that Griffey Built” with a 4-minute standing ovation from the crowd including Hall of Famers. 

Following the series of Cincinnati Reds versus Seattle Mariners, a fan-made petition emerged urging the Mariners management to bring Ken Griffey back. It was able to collect over 1,900 signatures.

In 2008, Ken was traded to the Chicago White Sox, ending his tenure of 9 years in Cincinnati. 

Ken Retired in 2010 after a complication with the Mariners. He said that he did it so as not to distract the team for the next game. 

The next year, he was hired as a special consultant for the Mariners. 

In the duration of his baseball career…

…Ken Griffey was able to earn over $150 million in salary. 

Ken’s largest contract was with the Cincinnati Reds in 2000. It’s worth $116.5 million. 

The deal deferred half the amount for a future date which made Ken earn as much as $3.5 million per year until 2025 even if he’s now retired. 


Profession: Rapper, Producer
Worth: $90 million
Date of Birth: November 21, 1969
Children: 3
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Food: Tacos
Place of Birth: Donora, Pennsylvania
Language: English
Tattoos: None
Nationality: American
Height: 6 ft 2 in or 1.88 m

How Much Is Ken Griffey Jr Worth?

Making him one of the richest baseball players today, Ken Griffey Jr net worth is a stunning $90 million!

Ken Griffey Jr Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2017$70 million
2018$73 million
2019$80 million
2020$88 million
2021$90 million
Wondering about baseball legend Ken Griffey Jr net worth? Come and check the rise and fall on Bouncemojo.com!



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In 2020, along with fellow baseball Hall of Famer Trevor Bauer of the Cincinnati Reds, Ken invested in the startup media outlet called PlayersTV. 

PlayersTV was launched in March 2020 in Samsung TV Plus and shows content created by athletes, tackling sports, lifestyle, and culture. 

The Young George Kenneth Griffey Jr

Young Ken Griffey Jr

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George Kenneth Griffey Jr was born on November 21, 1969, in Donora, Pennsylvania. 

The future ace’s father is Ken Griffey Sr, who was also a professional baseball player.

At a young age, Ken was taught by his father the value of team pride instead of individual pride. 

He shared:

“My dad would have bopped me on the head when I was a kid if I came home bragging about what I did on the field. He only wanted to know what the team did.”

Now that’s a way to raise a champ!

Ken used to go with his father to his games and practices and came to know early on the important figures in the industry. 

Ken Griffey Jr High School – Archbishop Moeller High School

Ken started his shining baseball career back in high school where he attended the Archbishop Moeller High School with Barry Larkin, a future teammate. 

During this period, he was the 1987 U.S. high school baseball player of the year with .478 hit and 17 home runs within two seasons. 

Ken Griffey Jr Family & Relationships

Ken Griffey Jr Wife- Melissa Griffey

Ken Griffey Jr wife- Melissa Griffey

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Ken and Melissa reportedly met at an alcohol-free club during Ken’s rookie year. 

How wholesome. 

They got married in 1992. 

Melissa herself was adopted and this inspired her to adopt a child of their own. 

Ken Griffey Jr Children

Ken Griffey Jr Children

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  • Ken Griffey III/ Trey Griffey (January 19, 1994)
  • Taryn Kennedy (October 21, 1995)
  • Tevin Griffey (May 5, 2002)

Now that’s one glorious career! While it’s hard to get over Ken Griffey’s memorable moments in the field or his commendable loyalty to his wife and family, there is still much left to explore!

Next off, we’re taking a look at his career highlights, and the jaw-dropping ways Ken likes to spend his money if you’d just read on!

Ken Griffey Career In Major League Baseball

  • 2007- National League Player of the Week
  • 2005- National League Comeback Player of the Year
  • 2004- National League All-Star
  • 2000- National League All-Star
  • 1999- American League Gold Glove
  • 1999- American League All-Star
  • 1998 American League Gold Glove
  • 1998 American League All-Star
  • 1997 American League Gold Glove
  • 1997 American League All-Star
  • 1996 American League Gold Glove
  • 1995 American League Gold Glove
  • 1994 American League Gold Glove
  • 1994 American League All-Star
  • 1993 American League Gold Glove
  • 1993 American League All-Star
  • 1992 American League Gold Glove
  • 1992 American League All-Star
  • 1991 American League Silver Slugger
  • 1991 American League Gold Glove
  • 1991 American League All-Star
  • 1990 American League Player Of Week (Sept. 3)
  • 1990 American League Player Of Week (April 16)
  • 1990 American League Player of the Month (June).
  • 1990 American League Gold Glove.
  • 1990 American League All-Star.
  • 1989 AL Player Of Week (April 29).
  • Winner, Lifetime Achievement Award by Baseball America (1996).
  • Major League Player of the Decade (the 1990s) by The Sporting News.
  • One of the top 100 players of all time by The Sporting News (1999).
  • 1997 Major League Player of the Year (The Sporting News).
  • 1997 American League Most Valuable Player1992 Major League All-Star Game Most Valuable Player.

How Ken Griffey Spends his Money

As we can see on the photos he likes to share in his social media accounts, Griffey Jr is one sweet home buddy. That’s why we barely see him parading designer outfits but instead, dedicate most of his wealth to improving his and his family’s nest.

How sweet!

Ken Griffey Jr House

Ken Griffey Jr House

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Ken, ever the loving father, houses his family in a house by the lake in Orlando, Florida. 

He’s yet to dish out the deets, but the mega house has a vast basketball court, big swimming pool, and east and west wings. 

Yes, it’s that big. 

Ken Griffey Jr Family Foundation

He isn’t only a big name, he also has a big heart. 

He established the Griffey Jr Family Foundation to support several causes such as the Boys and Girls Club of America as well as some children’s hospitals across the country. 

In 2008, Ken released a series of wines to support the foundation. 

Fun Facts About Ken Griffey Jr

  • Ken is known and well-loved for being one of the most wholesome athletes ever. 
  • His first jersey number was 24.
  • Ken’s 630 home runs snagged him the sixth position in MLB History. 
  • He has seven Silver Slugger Awards in addition to ten Gold Glove Awards. 

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Ken Griffey Jr

  1. Put your passion first before anything.
  2. Work for it and never stop until you’ve done everything you can.
  3. Invest your money before retiring. 
  4. Being respectable is better than being the best. 
  5. Having a stable family life is one of the keys to success. 
Wonder how Ken Griffey Jr got so rich? See how he did it all here!

Top 3 Quote From Ken Griffey Jr

  • “You lose, you smile, and you come back the next day. You win, you smile, you come back the next day.”
  • “To succeed in baseball, as in life, you must make adjustments.”
  • “As long as I have fun playing, the stats will take care of themselves.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Griffey Jr win a World Series?

He is one of the best baseball players that never won a World Series – but he almost did – with the Chicago White Sox.

Did Ken Griffey Jr have other wives?

No. Melissa Griffey was his first and only wife. 

Who was Griffey Jr’s adopted child?

Ken and Melissa’s adopted child is their third and youngest child Tevin Griffey. 

Summary: Ken Griffey Jr Net Worth and Biography

As glorious as it is, Ken Griffey’s career is as realistic as it gets, with all its ups and downs. 

This goes to show that wealthy sportsmen such as him also went through struggles to be where they are now. 

Isn’t that inspiring? 

I hope you enjoyed this article – if you love the great American game, you’d love our Derek Jeter net worth article right HERE!

You can also get a glimpse of this prolific baseball player’s life through his father, Griffey Sr’s biography HERE. 

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