Jon Jones Height, Age, Weight: Body Statistics [UPDATED]

Jon Jones Vital Stats

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Jon Jones Height, Age, and Measurements: Jon Jones is well-known by martial arts fans all over the world as an American mixed martial artist who’s currently signed with UFC. He’s regarded as one of the youngest achievers in this field – at least in our time.

I’d love to let you in on all these things about him but we’re not gonna to talk about his belts and medals nor his legendary pre-fight trash-talks this time.

We’re going to zero in on this hunk’s vital statistics. If you’re a big fan, then you’re in for a thrilling article!

Let’s get started…

Jon Jones Vital Stats (2024): Height, Age, Weight & Lots More…

Jon Jones Vital Stats
Source: Sportsnet

How Tall is Jon Jones’?

Jon Jones’ was endowed with a great physique. Standing at an impressive 6’4” height, he can certainly intimidate any opponent in the ring!

How Old is Jon Jones’

Jon Jones’ date of birth is June 19, 1987, he is 37 years old.

How Much Does Jon Jones’ Weigh?

Competing in UFC’s lightweight division, Bones weighs 205 lb (93 kg).

In case you’re wondering…

… how did he get so jacked up? 

Fans know that his workout routine is a killer. With over 8 steps of daily workout and weekly compound exercises, it’s really no surprise that he maintains such ripped bulks.

Talk about curvaceous in all the right places, huh!

But wait there’s more…

… he also puts emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. According to this legendary fighter, workout and diet are nothing without a healthy lifestyle.

Ain’t that the truth?

Bones’ Shoe Size and Favorite Kicks

Jon’s shoe size is 14 (US). 

Bonus Fact: He’s known for his collaborations with some big names in the sneakers world.

Seems like athletes generally love Nike, and Jon is no different. So, getting his own line of sneakers from the world-renowned brand was a pipe dream that came to life.

In 2012, our boy Bones was given a sponsorship by Nike, making him the first mixed martial artist to have one on an international scale. 

That’s not all…

… Jones also signed with Reebok, making him the first MMA fighter to do so.

What a feat, I’d say!

He’s yet to dish out his shoe collection but we can safely say that it consists of only the finest names such as these two. I mean, who buys Reeboks and Nikes and gets sponsored by them, really?

Oh yeah, only the famous ones. Only the best kicks for the best fighter. Duh!

Conclusion: Jon Jones Height, Age, Weight & Vital Stats

Jon Jones Vital Stats
Source: Sportsnet

There you have it – the exclusive details of Jone Jones’ vital stats.

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