Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth (2023)
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Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth

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Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth, Biography & Earnings: Giovanni Ribisi is an American film actor, television artist, and voice actor best known for his role in the iconic TV sitcom Friends, as well as his poignant role in the blockbuster hit Saving Private Ryan. He has a net worth of $40 million.

He sure had his admirable and some strange roles in his career so far but fans know that once he holds a role, he turns it into an icon. 

Right, Frank Jr.?

But do you know that he’s also a computer graphic enthusiast, or that he is also a director of a microfilm?

After hours of gathering information, we are excited to bring you the details of Giovanni’s net worth!

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Nick’s career and we’ll be looking at:

  • Giovanni’s gig at 6 years old;
  • His biggest breaks;
  • Television actor net worth
  • Giovanni and his lady love’s romantic nest;
  • Lots more!

So if you want the lowdown of how Giovanni was able to grow in his dream career, you’ll love this article!

Sit back and relax.

Let’s dive right in.…

Who Is Giovanni Ribisi?

Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth

Antonino Giovanni Ribisi Early Life

Antonino Giovannie Ribisi was born on December 17, 1974, with his birth place Los Angeles, California, United States. 

Not only was his birthplace strongly connected to show business and Hollywood, but his parents are, as well.

He was born to Gay Ribisi (Gay Landrum), a photographer, producer, and a talent manager for writers and actors, and Albert Anthony Ribisi, a musician.

Albert Anthony Ribisi was a keyboardist in the rock band called The People!

Giovanni has a twin sister Marissa Ribis, who is also a famous personality like him.

Marissa Ribisi is 15 minutes younger than Giovanni and is now known as an American actress known for her movies Dazed and Confused and True Crime among others. 

Giovanni has another sister and surprise, surprise…

…she also works in the film industry.

Voice actress Gina Ribisi is one of Giovanni’s sisters.

Can we just say, it really runs in the blood!

Pretty evident in his name is his Italian, English, and German descent.

Giovanni has always loved acting, which isn’t really surprising, considering the fact that he grew up being surrounded by producers and actors. 

Giovanni Ribisi started honing his craft when he was just a toddler studying in the famous Beverly Hills Playhouse, an acting school that is complete with training facilities and theaters and is one of the oldest ones in Los Angeles, California.

And it wasn’t long…

…before the little dreamer began molding his career in the entertainment industry and growing Antonino Giovanni Ribisi net worth as a television actor!

And guess what?

He was just a child when he started appearing on television.

He was just 6 years old when he added a few thousand on Giovanni Ribisi’s net worth. It was in 1980 when he appeared on the television sitcom called My Two Dads

Several more projects followed such as the television show The New Leave it to BeaverMarried with Children, and Highway to Heaven in 1985.

For Beaver, he appeared in 15 episodes as Duffy Guthrie.

In the 1990s, his career progressed to the silver screen as Giovanni Ribisi appeared in films such as the direct-to-video film Mind Ripper in 1995, the 1996 thriller The Grave, and That Thing You Do In 1996 among others. 

It’s also quite notable that Giovanni initially starred in small but most significant roles in his early life.

It was a slow and gradual climb but quite sure. That’s also thanks to his parents’ connections.

Not only do his parents quite connected with some key people in the industry but he himself was amiable enough to make great relationships with the people he needed to progress and get noticed.

Because of his excellent associations mixed with his sheer determination and acting skills that he honed since he was just a toddler, Giovanni was able to cross successfully from the small television screen to the big silver screen. 

Giovanni appeared in the comedy-drama film called SubUrbia along with Jayce Bartok, Amie Carey, Nicky Katt, and Ajay Naidu among many others.

Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth

Now came his first iconic role.

In the second season of the iconic TV sitcom Friends, the startup television actor was first seen as somewhat of an extra in the 6th episode titled “The One with the Baby on the Bus.”

In case you didn’t realize yet…

…Giovanni played the role of a young man who accidentally drops a condom into Lisa Kudrow character Phoebe’s guitar case instead of a coin. 

He later comes back to retrieve his condom.

After a few episodes, Giovanni reappeared as his well-known role in Friends, Frank Jr., Lisa Kudrow, or Phoebe’s long-lost brother.

In 1998, Giovanni worked with his sister Marissa Ribisi on the film Some Girl. The film was written by Marissa and also starred her along with her brother. 

That same year…

…Giovanni also appeared in the neo-noir crime called Phoenix as a young man being held in the police’s custody as a suspect as Giovanni’s role was getting better by the day.

And as if 1998 wasn’t good enough for him…

He was also cast in the epic war film and eventually blockbuster hit Saving Private Ryan, directed by none other than the icon Steven Spielberg.

Giovanni played the role of a military medic named Irwin Wade. 

Prior to filming Saving Private Ryan…

…several actors including Giovanni, Edward Burns, Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Vin Diesel, and Barry Pepper had to undergo boot camp training that’s supervised by Warriors Inc., a Californian company that trains and prepares actors for military portrayals.

Dale Dye, a Marine veteran also oversaw their training.

And it was no joke. 

It was done not to teach them what a soldier does but for them to have respect for the occupation so they can concentrate on their roles more wholeheartedly. 


…the idea appealed to Giovanni who loves studying the art of acting.

Saving Private Ryan didn’t only prove to be a critical and commercial success but it also became the highest-grossing film of the year 1998 in the United States, earning over $216.8 million domestically.

Internationally, it was the second highest-grossing film of 1998, grossing over $481.8 million globally. 

That suddenly brought Giovanni Ribisi net worth to a whole new height and overnight, he became a big star.

And it doesn’t end there.

In 1999, the film grossed around $44 million more from home video release, adding yet another digit to Giovanni Ribisi net worth.

Small television actor no more. He started to become a household name.

Several films followed in just a year, including The Other Sister, The Mod Squad, The Virgin Suicides, and It’s the Rage.

At the turn of the century, Ribisi was seen in yet another unconventional role in the movie Boiler Room. He played the role of Seth Davis, a 19-year old dropout from Queens College who runs an illegal casino in his home by the school campus.

The film was critically acclaimed with a gross of over $17 million in the USA and $28.8 worldwide, further increasing Giovanni Ribisi net worth. 

After these recurring successes, Giovanni worked for several other projects such as Gone in 60 Seconds, Lost in Translation, and Cold Mountain.

One of these other well-known films starring Giovanni is the science-fiction adventure film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Between 2005 and 2008, Giovanni was also cast as the recurring character Ralph in the TV sitcom My Name is Earl.

For this, he earned an Emmy nomination for his notable performance. 

Ribisi also appeared in the music video of the English band Keane for their single Crystal Ball.

But that’s not all.

Giovanni also ventured into production as he took part in the production of James Cameron’s Avatar.

In 2017, the Series Sneaky Pete premiered on Amazon, in which he plays the role of Marius.

Profession: Actor, Voice actor
Worth: $40 million
Date of Birth: 12.17.74 (His age now is 48.)
Place of Birth:  Los Angeles, California United States
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Children: 3
Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs and crispy bacon
Relationship Status: Married
Language: English, Italian
Tattoos: On his arm and chest
Nationality: American
Religion: Scientologist
Smoking : Yes

How Much Is Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth?

After years of determined work in small and even strange roles, Giovanni Ribisi net worth is now $40 million and it’s expected to rise even higher with the upcoming projects he has up his sleeve!

Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2017$33.8 million
2018$34 million
2019$34.34 million
2020$40 million

Giovanni Ribisi Movies

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Saving Private Ryan

A war epic film directed by Steven Spielberg that follows the invasion of Normandy in World War II.

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Boiler Room

This film follows an ambitious but intelligent young man who just dropped out of college who works for a small stock brokerage firm.

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The Gift

This film is about a woman with an extrasensory perception who is asked to find a young woman who mysteriously disappeared.

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Lost in Translation

Sofia Coppola’s screen adaptation, the film follows an American actor and a newly married woman as they spend intimate moments in Tokyo.

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About the story of an ex-marine who finds himself in a world of aliens

Giovanni Ribisi The Entrepreneur

Giovanni studied computer graphics and soon started a company named Stereo D. 

His company was involved in the making of the film Avatar.

The Young Giovanni Ribisi

Young Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni has always loved acting. In fact, young Giovanni Ribisi studied in the Beverly Hills Playhouse, one of the most well-known acting schools in Los Angeles.

In an interview with Variety magazine, Giovanni revealed that although he liked acting, he was embarrassed, as well, especially when he had to change his looks to fit his character. 

Giovanni’s hero as a child was the classic Hollywood actor Marlon Brando, saying the film A Streetcar Named Desire changed his perspective about films. 

He grew up an active Scientologist along with his twin sister Marissa. 

In 2005, they participated in the opening of Scientology’s Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum.

Giovanni Ribisi Family & Relationships

Giovanni Ribisi ex-partners and girlfriend Emily Ward

Giovanni’s first wife was the stunning actress Mariah O’Brien.

The Sneaky Pete star married Mariah O’Brien in 1997 and had one daughter Lucia Santina Ribisi. 

He divorced Mariah O’Brien in 2001.

After 6 years, Giovanni got together with rock singer-songwriter Chan Marshall and lived with her for five years before calling it quits.

And that’s not all.

Ribisi married yet again in 2012 with English model Agyness Deyn only to divorce in 2015. 

His next (and hopefully the last) girlfriend is Emily Ward with whom he has fraternal twins named Enzo the twin brother, and Maude, the twin sister. 

Now that we’ve taken a peek at Giovanni Ribisi’s interesting personal life, it’s time to see the details of his vast earnings as well as how he likes to spend ‘em. But first, let’s take a look at his career so far and the controversies he encountered along the way. 

Giovanni Ribisi Career

  • 2004- Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  • 2005- The Big White
  • 2007- Perfect Stranger
  • 2009- Avatar
  • 2012- Ted
  • 2013- Gangster Squad
  • 2014- Selma
  • 2015- Results
  • 2015- Ted 2
  • 2016- The Bad Batch
  • 2018- A Million Little Pieces

Giovanni Ribisi Scandals & Controversies

Over the year, one controversial questions seem to persist… is Giovanni Ribisi gay?

Well, apart from the fact that his mother’s name is Gay Ribisi, Giovanni’s multiple marriages and flings- not to mention his 3 kids- is proof enough that he’s as straight as the gun he was holding in Saving Private Ryan. 

How Giovanni Ribisi Spends His Money

Giovanni Ribisi’s Victorian Inspired Home

After dating Emily Ward for just one month, Giovanni asked her to design the interior of his Hollywood Hills home.

The 1939 Monterey Revival was transformed into a charming and homey vintage-looking home by Giovanni’s girlfriend and interior designer, Emily.

Giovanni shared how, because the house is located in the flat area of Hollywood Hills, shadows are cast upon the home, making it feel like they’re in England. 

He also said that he had always envisioned his bachelor pad as a family home

Fun Facts About Giovanni Ribisi

  • Giovanni doesn’t only like to appear in music videos, he also loves playing music- guitar in particular. 
  • He is quite cute at a height of 5’7 tall.
  • He once competed in a family show titled I’m Telling along with his twin sister Marissa.
  • For his role in Heaven, Giovanni learned how to speak Italian and perfected it in just 10 days!

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Giovanni Ribisi

  1. Immerse yourself in what you love.
  2. Stay early. 
  3. Sometimes, you don’t need anything grand. 
  4. Save up for the future.
  5. Invest in yourself and your skills. 
Boucemojo’s 5 Lessons We Can Learn From Giovanni Ribisi For Financial Freedom

Top 3 Quote From Giovanni Ribisi

  • “I’m definitely not the same actor that I was when I was 9 years old, and that’s because my intentions, my goals, aspirations, or whatever were different.”
  • “I love talking about Scientology.”
  • “It’s an interesting thing to come to New York and do a television show. You’re doing 10 hours of content in four and a half months. Eighty-hour weeks are par for the course.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Giovanni Ribisi a twin brother?

Yes, he is the twin brother of Marissa Ribisi.

What is Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth?

His net worth is $40 million.

Who is Giovanni Ribisi Twin Sister?

His twin sister is the actress Marissa Ribisi.

Summary: Giovanni Ribisi Net Worth and Biography

You’ve just read the life of Giovanni Ribisi!

We just can’t move on from the fact that every role he takes becomes iconic!

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from his mistakes and his successes.

I hope you enjoyed this article – You might also want to check out our two favorite Giovanni Ribisi movies…

Check Them Out Here: Saving Private Ryan and Boiler Room.

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