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Emily Fernandez Net Worth FI

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What is Emily Hernandez Net Worth?

Emily Hernandez Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Emily Fernandez is a singer, fashion designer, reality television star, and social media personality. Emily Fernandez’s net worth is estimated at $1 Million. 

She’s well known for starring in the entertaining reality series named Little Women: Atlanta as well as Little Women: Dallas. 


You may have seen the TV series and want to know more about Emily. Well, you’re in luck with this article; we will quench your thirst for information. 

Today, we’re going to check out Emily Hernandez’s career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • How she amassed her Bigger than life net worth;
  • Emily’s Personal life before she became famous;
  • Her struggles, challenges, scandals, and controversies throughout her career;
  • Lots more!

With that being said, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get this party started!

Who Is Emily Fernandez?

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

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“Big things come in small packages.”

Emily Fernandez is a reality show star personality and an actress, famous for her petite stature. 

Often the things that have the most value or quality are small; the size of something does not always correctly indicate its importance. Emily is the perfect example.

Right Cheek

Emily moved to Atlanta in her early 20’s, where she met Bri Barlup. 

They both share a love for music and a passion for rapping; thus, The Cheekswere born. Emily’s nickname became Right Cheek, and partner Bri Barlup was Left Cheek. ,

Little Women: Atlanta

At the beginning of her career, she was a club promoter and part of the rap duo The Cheeks.” The show little women Atlanta paved the way to jumpstart Emily Fernandez net worth and career. 

She was a nonentity with a non-existent net worth when the show started, but as the show progressed, viewers learned to love her for her “being real.” 

Together with the dramatic relationship with Lontel and the heartbreak they experienced, Emily became a household name. 

The show kick-started the Emily Fernandez net worth. She was part of the main cast for seasons 1 and 2. 

She then returned in season 5 together with friend Bri Barlup, where the two were part of the main cast.

Little Women: Dallas

After season 2 of Little Women: Atl ended, Fernandez returned to Texas in 2016 to be with family and join the cast of Little Women: Dallas. The series lasted for two seasons where Emily was part of the main cast. 

The two reality shows significantly increased Emily Fernandez net worth, but she’s not done yet.

Post Lil’ Women

Emily’s wealth and net worth only got more significant after the TV series. 

Emily recorded three songs in 2017 with Bri Barlup: Poppin’ Bottles, HD and Gettin’ Rich to supplement her trust fund.

Emily and Bri released the song Run That Check on Feb 22, 2018, with 2,371,648 views.

The Cheeks released a song named “Project X” On May 24, 2019, with Andrea and Amanda Salinas .“Project X” has 3,621,210 views as of 2021, according to rightcheeks’ Youtube channel OFFICIALCRC.


On Aug 27, 2019, the song SYS was released. SYS has 920,872 views as of June 2021.

Emily continues to make music and music videos on different social media platforms. 

I’m sure Emily Fernandez’s net worth will continue to grow as the years roll on; she won’t need to use her trust fund.

 Ya’ dig?!

Profession: Singer, Actress, fashion designer, and internet personality.
Worth: $1 million
Date of Birth: 1992-06-30 (His age now is 31.)
Favorite Color: Blue-green
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Children: 2
Favorite Food: Biryani
Place of Birth:  Texas
Language: English
Tattoos: Yes
Nationality: American
Religion: No religious affiliation
Drinking : Yes

How Much Is Emily Fernandez Net Worth?

American reality television series star; Emily Fernandez net worth is a whopping $1 Million.

Emily Fernandez Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2020$1 Million

Emily Fernandez TV Series & Music

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Little Women: Dallas

Little Women: Dallas is an American reality show that chronicles the lives of little people living in the city of Dallas in the Lone Star State of Texas, aired on the lifetime tv network.

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Little Women: Atlanta

The series chronicles the lives of a group of little women living in Atlanta, Georgia, that aired on the lifetime tv network.

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Eyes on Me (feat. J.Oliver)

A music single by Emily Fernandez, released on JULY 19, 2017

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Lil Bitch [Explicit]

The carrier single from the same-named album by Emily Fernandez released on February 15, 2020

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Hd [Explicit]

From the rap duo called “The Cheeks.” Emily with partner Bri Barlup, released on December 14, 2017

Boss Baby Ent LLC

Reality show star Emily Fernandez established boss Baby Entertainment on December 10, 2019. 

This company produced Emily Fernandez’s album: Lil Bitch in February of 202, the latest addition to the growing Emily Fernandez Net Worth.

The Young Emily Fernandez

Young Emily Fernandez

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Emily was born in Texas on June 30, 1992. Emily was diagnosed with a form of short-limbed dwarfism called Achondroplasia. A disorder of bone growth that prevents the changing of cartilage to bone. 

Due to this condition, her biological parents gave her up for adoption immediately.


She was quickly adopted by a kind couple also with dwarfism. Emily was welcomed into the new family and had an adoptive sister Sara, who is also a little person. Emily’s adoptive parents share the same condition as her.

Emily spent most of her childhood with sister Sara in Texas together with their adoptive mother

and father.


Her personal life was once again rocked when Emily’s adoptive mother passed away due to surgery complications on Emily’s sixteenth birthday.

Her early life was full of painful events, yet Emily forged on to start her music career and professional highlights. So after the passing of her adoptive mother, Emily moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Emily Fernandez Family & Relationships

Emily Fernandez Boyfriend Dreadz 448

Dreadz 448 is an American Dallas Rapper and the founder, owner, and chief executive officer of Never Forget Loyalty records (NFL).

Right Cheek and Dreadz started dating in 2017, and Emily recorded a track called “Lifetime” together with Dreadz 448. 

Emily Fernandez Children

Emily Fernandez Children

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Reality show star; Emily Fernandez has three children.

Daughter Eva 

Emily has a daughter named Eva, and she was born on January 18, 2011. She was conceived from Fernandez’s previous relationship, which has not been revealed to the public. 

Emily’s daughter Eva is average-sized.

Son Lontel Jahnar ”JJ” Johnson, Jr.

Emily’s second child was born on April 27, 2016, with a son named Lontel Jahnar ”JJ” Johnson, Jr. JJ was diagnosed to have inherited his mother’s dwarfism condition when he was just a baby. Unfortunately, JJ passed away in August of 2016 after dealing with difficulty breathing and seizures. He was just three-month-old.

Son Zayne Odell Johnson

Reality star Emily Fernandez gave birth to a second child Zayne Odell Johnson on October 2, 2018. His father is Lontel Johnson, and he was conceived through IVF. Zayne inherited her mother’s dwarfism, just like his deceased brother, JJ.

Emily Hernandez ex-boyfriend Lontel Johnson

Emily Fernandez Boyfriend

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Lontel Johnson is the ex-boyfriend of former Little Women: Atlanta cast member Emily Fernandez. The two were together on and off for at least four years.

The couple had their first son JJ who passed away on August 5, 2016.

He is the father of Emily Fernandez’s youngest child Zayne Odell Johnson, who was conceived through IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Despite having a healthy baby boy, Lontel and Emily broke up, Lontel is currently involved in his son’s life.

Isn’t that one heck of a ride? Up next – we’re going to take a peek at how Little Women star Emily Fernandez spends her hard-earned doe and the charities she supports. But before that, let’s check out her career and earnings so far, as well as the controversies she had.

Emily Fernandez Career

Emily Fernandez Scandals & Controversies

  • In her own youtube channel post, dated April 2021, she admitted that somebody called in the police on her, and she was sent to a hospital to check on her mental health. She also talked about who gave her drugs and why she doesn’t have custody of her children.
  • In March 2021, fans were concerned about Emily’s mental health. The Lil’ women: Atlanta star posted a live feed where she burned her hair.
  • After her son JJ died in 2016 and Emily’s dramatic relationship with Lontel, Emily longed to have another son, preferably by the same father as JJ. Lontel was hesitant at first, but eventually, Lontel agreed. Emily allowed her second IVF pregnancy, and in 2018, another son, Zayne, was born.

Emily Fernandez Philanthropy

Little People of America

Emily joined, supports, and is an active member of Little People of America (LPA). 

It is a  nonprofit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families.

Fun Facts About Emily Fernandez

  • She appeared in a guest role in the 2005 movie: “Conversation with other Women.”
  • She has an OnlyFans account where she posts exclusive content.
  • After her biological parents gave her up for adoption, her adoptive parents adopted her for a little over $300,000.
  • TV star Emily Fernandez is part of the rap duo: “The Cheeks” Emily as Right Cheek and friend Bri Barlup as Left Cheek
  • Emily is a dog lover, and she has three dogs. One of which is a Doberman Pinscher.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Emily Fernandez

  1. You have to be passionate about your savings in order to make real substantial progress
  2. Identify at least seven ways that you can create revenue.
  3. Get out of debt – completely, and you’ll have complete control over your income.
  4. Major money mistakes are by far the best way to sabotage your financial future. 
  5. Create Additional Sources of Income
Boucemojo’s 5 Lessons We Can Learn From Emily Fernandez For Financial Freedom

Top 3 Quote From Emily Fernandez

  • “If you hear a bad story about me, understand that there was a time I was good to those people, but they won’t tell you.”
  • “Too often we don’t realize what we have until it is gone, too often we are too stubborn to say ‘I am sorry, I was wrong,’ too often we let very little things tear us apart.”
  • “In the beginning, obviously the second someone said his name, I would burst into tears,” she said. And it wasn’t their fault; they were just being a supportive fan wondering what was going on.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Emily Fernandez’s Net Worth? 

Emily Fernandez Net Worth is estimated at $ 1 Million.

How tall is Emily Fernandez?

Emily Fernandez’s height is 4 feet 1 inch.

When did the show Little Women Atlanta first aired?

The show aired on January 27, 2016.

Conclusion: Emily Fernandez Net Worth and Biography

Now that’s what I call one hell of a ride.

Being different does not make you less of a human being. 

The struggles that Emily encountered at a young age only made her disposition stronger. 

She fought with grit and determination to rise up from all the challenges that life threw at her. 

Let’s hear it for our Little Woman, Emily Fernandez, for proving that “Differently abled does not mean disabled.”

Now let’s start poppin’ bottles and get this party going!

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want more of this super exciting TV and internet star, Check Out Little Women Here.

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