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Edge Net Worth

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Edge Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Also known by his ring name Edge, Adam Joseph Copeland is a Canadian professional wrestler who won the second most championships in WWE history and hit a $14 million net worth.

If you’re an avid wrestling fan…

You would know `The Ultimate Opportunist’ who takes advantage of the greatest opportunity for his career.

Edgy won the World Titlandhe won over 30 championships – 11 World Championships, five Intercontinental Championships, and more!

He was inducted to the Hall of Fame 2012 and considered to be one of the most decorated professional wrestlers of all time.

Not only that,

Edge is WWE’s 14th Triple Crown Champion and 7th Grand Slam Champion. He won the Money in the Bank, Royal Rumble and even King of the Ring tournament.

After hours of research, we’re really stoked to bring you the details of Edge Net Worth.

Now, we’re going to be diving deep into Edge’s career and we’ll be looking at:

  • How Edge skyrocketed as a professional wrestler;
  • His great milestone deals;
  • Edge life as an actor, TV personality, and;
  • Lots more…

(Once you’ve checked out Edge net worth and bio – whatever you do – scroll to the end and check out a couple of surprises for you in there!)

Let’s get heated up…

The professional wrestler and Rated R superstar Edge cemented his tremendous name on wrestling history. He reportedly hit a whopping net worth $14 million, including royalties from merchandise sales and TV and guest appearances.

Who Is Edge?

Edge Quick Overview

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Edge Net Worth: $14 Million
Lyric Rose Copeland
Ruby Ever Copeland
Spouse/ Relationship:
Elizabeth Copeland (m. 2016-current)/married
Lisa Ortiz (m.2004-2005)/divorced
Alannah Morley (2001-2004)/divorced
Date of Birth: October 30th 1973
Place of Birth/Nationality: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada/Canadian, American
Source of Wealth: Professional wrestling career
TV Shows
Height: 6 ft 5 in

Edge is a Canadian actor and a retired professional wrestler who won several championships like World Heavyweight Championship,  WWE Championship, WWF Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship, World Tag Team Championship, and WWF Tag Team Championship.

He fought against some of the crowd’s favorite wrestlers like Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, John Cena, The Hardy Boys, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and lots more!

Early life: He’s born Adam Joseph Copeland to Judy Copeland. His mother worked two jobs to support them, while Adam hasn’t seen his father since then.

From an early age,

Adam knew that wrestling was his path to take. He was inspired by watching wrestlers such as Curt Henning, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart.

So, Adam trained under former specialists Ron Hutchinson and Sweet Daddy Siki.

If you’re wondering…

Adam Joseph Copeland went to Humber College Toronto, Canada, and took a degree in Radio Broadcasting.

Then, started his professional wrestling career mainly in North American independent promotions in early 1990.

In 1997, Edge signed a developmental deal – WWE contract.

After two years, he made his televised debut under the ring name Edge. From there, Edge received enough recognition for his spectacular moments and breakthroughs inside the ring.

As a professional wrestler…

…one of the highlights of his career was his tag team competition with his WWE storyline brother, Christian.

Edge won the WWF Intercontinental Championship at a house show in Toronto and made it his first title reign.

He was a record holder of the World Heavyweight Championship for seven times, four times on the WWE Championship, five times on the Intercontinental Championship, one time on the United States Championship, twelve times on the World Tag Team Championship, and twice on the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Not only that,

In 2001, Edge grabbed the title ‘King of the Ring’ tournament, followed by the first Mr. Money in the Bank in 2005 and 2007.

This made the Rated R superstar one of the three wrestlers alongside Kurt Angle and Big Show to have held every male Championship title in WWE.


In 2011, Edge announced his departure from WWE due to a neck injury – cervical spinal stenosis.

Thankfully, at the WWE Royal Rumble 2020, Edge made a surprise return making the audience go wild.

Suppose you’re curious…

…about Edge and Lita’s relationship. Lita teamed with Edge against John Cena and Maria. Then, reports stated that Lita acted as Edge’s valet and later his manager.

Lita, however, continued to manage Edge until they ended their relationship without further explanation of what really happened between the two of them.

Acting career: Edge’s net worth would also be because of him being an actor, which adds up to his annual salary.

Check out Edge’s movies and television shows below!


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Personal life: Edge tied the knot to fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix in 2016. Edge and Beth Phoenix were blessed with two beautiful daughters Lyric and Ruby.

Suppose you’re wondering,

Edge was previously married to American voice actress and voice director Lisa Ortiz and Alannah Morley.


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How Old Is Edge

Edge is 50 years old, born in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

Edge Height & Weight

Edge is  6 ft 5 in or 1.96 meters (196cm) tall and weighs 98 kg or 216 lbs. Other wrestlers that are also 1.9 m include Randy Orton, Moose, Stevie Ray, Nailz, Luke Harper, Cesaro, Bart Gunn, and more!

Edge Body Measurements

Edge flaunts body statistics chest-waist-biceps of 44-35-17 inches or 111.7-88.9-43.1.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Hazel Green
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Food: Donut – every Sunday
  • Tattoos: Yes
  • IMDb Profile Link of Edge

How Much Is Edge Worth?

The retired Canadian professional wrestler Edge has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Edge Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$350, 000
2012$545, 000
2013$700, 000
2014$989, 000
2015$2.67 Million
2016$4.87 Million
2017$6.93 Million
2018$8.45 Million
2019$10.45 Million
2020$12.98 Million
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Edge Movies

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Money Plane

A professional thief with $40 million in debt with his family’s life on the line must commit to one final heist in a casino filled with the most dangerous criminals.

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Two FBI specialists were plunged into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a criminal mastermind.

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Dumb Luck

A hilarious family comedy of errors and mistaken identities where the protagonist finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy scheme to steal $29 million.

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Bending the Rules

WWE Studios Bending the Rules involves a district attorney devoted to taking down a corrupt New Orleans cop.

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Highlander: Endgame

Lambert and Paul join together to combat the fearsome villain and ruthless band of immortals.

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WWE: Edge You Think You Know

You can now know everything about the year’s WWE Summerslam Champion Edge as he opens up and tells his story.

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Weakest Link

Weakest Link is an interactive quiz show that aims to be voted out and bank the money as you go.

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