Dude Perfect Height, Age, Weight:
Body Statistics [UPDATED]

Dude Perfect Height & Measurements

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Dude Perfect Height, Age & Body Measurements: Today, we’re not going to talk about their crazy, chaotic antics. Instead, we’ll be looking into:

  • Their measurements – yes, we’re talking about their height;
  • Their respective ages;
  • Their Body Measurements – chest size, waistline, etc.;
  • Their shoe sizes;
  • Go-to shoes;
  • And so much more…

Okay, I won’t keep you waiting. Here are the Dude Perfect’s vital statistics.

Let’s take a look…

Dude Perfect Vital Stats: Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

Dude Perfect Height & Measurements
Source: prweb.com

Here they are in all their best smiles.

Tyler Toney

Dude Perfect Height & Measurements
Source: ourgemcodes.com

What is Tyler Toney’s height, age and weight?

Tyler Toney (aka Beard) stands 5’9” or 175cm tall. He’s not the tallest in the group but he sure is one fit guy.

Born on March 24, 1989 making him 35 now, he goes by the nickname Beard. 

Fans also know him as the infamous Rage Monster who never fails to make us cringe every time he destroys expensive things like TVs, bikes, and even cellphones in his fits of…well…rage.

You might be wondering, how does this bearded guy manage to throw those heavy things out?

So, what’s this sporty man’s weight?

Beard weighs 81 kg (178.5 lbs) while his body measurements are 44-32-27. It’s no secret that Ty loves sports. He plays almost any kind of sports, including basketball, soccer, and football among many others. 

Obviously, that helped shape his athletic body.

Here’s a fun fact: Dude also loves camping and fishing. Clearly, he’s one active guy and that may be why he looks so fit most of the time.

What are Ty’s shoe size and favorite kicks?

Tyler Toney’s shoes measure 10 (US).

Because he’s one sporty dude, Tyler loves wearing (you guessed it) sneakers.

Here’s the best part…

He’s often seen wearing a pair of Nike basketball shoes. Makes sense, as he reportedly makes it a point to play basketball at least once every day.


If not sneakers, he can also be seen wearing slippers.

Clearly, this man values comfort as any sporty chap does.

Garrett Hilbert

Dude Perfect Height & Measurements
Source: crosswalk.com

Let’s now go to the dad of the group, Garrett Hilbert. He identifies as the Purple Hoser.

What is Purple Hoser’s height, age and weight?

Garrett – stands at 5’11”. He’s just a tad taller than Tyler.

He was born on May 13, 1987 making him 36 now. 

His passion for golf and soccer is not so much a surprise to his fans. He even flaunts his skills in his social media posts. 

Although this redhead is yet to dish out his diet and workout routine, we can safely say he’s as fit as his brothers.

In fact, his 44-inch chest and 32-inch waist can attest to that!

Purple Hoser’s Shoe Size and Kicks

Garrett’s shoe size is 10 (US).

Regarding his favorite kicks, let’s just pretend this man isn’t running around barefoot half the time.

Well, aren’t you too laidback, Garrett?

But whenever he feels like wearing footwear, he likes sporting some comfy slippers. Maybe that’s because it’s the closest thing to being barefoot.

Anyway, on some occasions, he also wears sneakers like the other Dude Perfect members. It’s notable that he likes wearing soft and colorful sneakers.

It’s not known why he’s called the Purple Hoser, but we know he manages the group’s finances and buys the best toys for the boys.

Just because he’s considered the dad of the group, it shouldn’t mean he has a dad bod. As a matter of fact, he’s actually pretty athletic like the rest of the guys.

Cody Jones

Dude Perfect Height & Measurements

Next off is Tall Guy Cody Jones. 

What is Tall Guy’s height, age, and weight?

Cody is a gigantic 6-footer – 6’6” to be exact!

It’s no surprise that Cody is most often the first one non-fans notice when watching Dude Perfect videos. Let’s thank his looming height for that. 

Obviously, that’s also where the guys got their nickname for him. 

Tall Guy loves sports and is crazy for basketball – he has every right to do so. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also one of the loudest in the group.

So much for being the attention-catcher!

Fans can’t help but notice how he’s even taller than the basketball players they interviewed in some of their videos.

How crazy is that?

He was born on October 9, 1987 making him 36 now. 

This then leads us to Tall Guy’s weight. This gentle giant is weighing 83 kg (183 lbs).

If you’re wondering about his workout routines…

… apparently, this guy doesn’t need rigorous workout sessions as he stays active every day. Aside from having sporty blood running through his veins, he also has other reasons. 

Here’s why…

Because of his height, he needs to stay active to keep his bones and muscles strong to support all that weight. 

Cody loves hunting, trekking, playing football, and of course, basketball.

The result is a great body measurement of 44-32-37.

What a feat!

Cody’s shoe size

Seems like the DP guys like sharing footwear during their college days. Like the first three, Cody has a shoe size of 10 (US).

Like the other members, Cody isn’t so expressive with his favorite kicks. But he was spotted a few times wearing some Nike basketball shoes and an Air Jordan. 

That is, aside from Dude Perfect’s official basketball sneakers, of course!

What are Coby and Cory Cotton’s height, age, and weight?

Dude Perfect Height & Measurements

Although it doesn’t seem like it at first glance, Coby and Cory Cotton are the identical twins of the group. 

Coby is known as “Twin #1.” He stands at 5’9” with a rather slim physique.

Guess what?

Twin #2 Cory is also 5’9” tall. But while they share the same height, they don’t do so with their weight

The twins were born on July 17, 1987 making him 36 now. Both are distinguished for their sunny smiles and Guinness World Record-breaking basketball exhibitions.

Cory is the lighter one at 70kg while his twin is 76kg.

Close enough!

But wait, there’s more…

Coby and Cory’s chest circumference seem to be at a tie with 44 inches while Cory’s waist is 32 inches and Coby’s is 33 inches.

Of the two brothers, Coby is the gym buff. Aside from the default which is basketball and other sports like dodgeball, Coby also loves working out. Now that explains his ripped bod.

But don’t worry, Cory, you look just as fine! Although he works out less, Cory is still able to maintain an athletic build, thanks to his love for sports.

Shoe size

Now, this is crazy!

Completing the team, the twins also share the same shoe size as the rest of the members, which is 10 (US).

Seems like they were destined to be brothers from the get-go after all.

It’s no surprise that all the dudes are wearing their Dude Perfect basketball shoes. But it’s also noticeable how Coby loves wearing certain white sneakers. The brand’s not confirmed but we’re sure it’s also a basketball sneaker!

Dude Perfect Height & Measurements

Conclusion: Dude Perfect Height, Age, Weight & Vital Stats

So there you go, the complete vital statistics of the Dude Perfect members! 

Admit it – you sang along, didn’t you? I mean, who wouldn’t?

Here’s a cool fact…

All of them were former college roommates. Apparently, their brotherhood was so tightly-knit that they’re still working together to this day and are on best terms.

How I wish we could be as fit as these dudes who play sports every single day!

And don’t you just love how they can make comfort look cool and trendy? Badass in sneaks and slippers all the way!

So, what’s your favorite epic Dude perfect game? Tweet us now and let us know! And don’t forget to check out our other articles on bouncemojo.com!

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