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Donald Cerrone Net Worth FI

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What is Donald Anthony Cerrone Net Worth?

Donald Anthony Cerrone Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Donald Anthony Cerrone is a former professional kickboxer before becoming a professional mixed martial artist with a whopping net worth of $10 million.

He’s one of the Top 5 highest ranked fighters in the world of UFC and coined as the busiest fighter in the UFC – why so?

Since 2013 David “cowboy” Cerrone has competed in at least four fights a year. He’ll even do it for free!

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Donald’s career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • A peek of his personal life and professional life;
  • His attention deficit disorder that affects his childhood;
  • Donald Cerrone ridiculous ranch with sauna and fight arena;
  • And much more…

Mixed martial arts is an interesting career – what catches my attention is how Donald always quotes his grandmother, who helped him through his early life after his parents divorced. Her grandma taught him the importance of living, and who he is now is because of her.

Just in case you’re becoming more curious about our cowboy Cerrone. Let me bring you the details of Donald Cerrone Net Worth.

(Once you’ve checked out Donald Cerrone’s net worth and bio – whatever you do – scroll to the end and check out our Fun Facts Section – there are a couple of surprises for you in there!) 

Are you ready to fight? – read, rather?

Let’s jump right into Donald’s arena!

Who Is Donald Cerrone?

Donald Cerrone Net Worth & biography

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Donald Cerrone Net Worth: $10 million
Source of Wealth: Mixed Martial Arts,
Sponsors, Movies
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Date of Birth: March 29th 1983
Children: Dacson Danger Cerrone and Riot River Cerrone (sons)
Place Of Birth/ Nationality: Denver, Colorado, USA/American
Spouse/ Relationship Status: Lindsay Sheffield (eng. 2014-current)

Donald Cerrone is an American mixed martial artist and made his MMA debut in February 2006 and won against Nate Nahr.

He fought from 2006 to 2015 in the lightweight division and from 2016 to 2018 in the welterweight division. Then he returned to lightweight.

Donald fought for the WEC Lightweight Championship against Jamie Varner and lost.

But Donald Cerrone redeemed himself…

He made his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut in February 2011 and won against Paul Kelly in the Fight of the Night, and defeated James Krause after losing to Jamie Varner.

Thanks to his hard work – he was named the Breakthrough Fighter of the Year by the World MMA Awards 2011.

Not only that…

He’s been named as the busiest fighter in the UFC, with at least four fights a year since 2013.

David had three Fights of the Night and Knockouts of the Night, four Performances of the Night, and two Submissions of the Night, all on UFC.

Of course, the blood, sweat, and tears have paid off…

David had won several championship titles for kickboxing and mixed martial arts – scroll for more deets!

How Old Is Donald Cerrone

The former professional kickboxer, David Cerrone, is 39 years old and was born in Denver, Colorado.

Donald Cerrone Height and Weight

The American mixed martial artist Breakthrough Fighter is 6 ft 2in (188 cm) or 1.88 meters tall and weighs around 77 kg or 170 pounds. Other MMA fighters who are 1.88 meters include James Irvin, Travis Luther, Ryan Bader, and more!

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde but used to shave his hair
  • Favorite Color: Not specified
  • Favorite Food: Thai cuisine
  • Smoking/ Drinking: Yes to drinking, but he doesn’t smoke
  • Tattoos: Yes (at his back and some parts of his body)
  • IMDb Profile Link of Donald Cerrone

How Much Is Donald Cerrone Worth?

This professional kickboxer and American mixed martial artist net worth is $10 million.

Donald Cerrone Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011 $1.5 million
2012 $2.8 million
2013 $3.6 million
2014 $4.9 million
2015 $5.4 million
2016 $6.8 million
2017$7.5 million
2018$8.9 million
2019$9.3 million
2020$9.7 million
Chart by Visualizer

Donald Cerrone Shows & Movies

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UFC Ultimate Series Limited Edition Donald Cerrone 6-inch collector action figure

This awesome limited edition Donald Cerrone action figure has removable gloves and accessories that you can switch.

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The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington returns as Robert McCall, who serves justice to the exploited and oppressed.

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Puppy Love

It’s a warm and hilarious comedy from award-winning Joana Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine.

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The Commando

An action epic movie where Arnold Swarzenegger races against time and impossible odds to save his daughter from terrorist kidnappers.

The Young Donald Anthony Cerrone

Young Donald Cerrone

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Donald Cerrone was born and raised in Broomfield, Colorado, on March 29th, 1983. Donald’s grandparents raised him after his parents divorced when he’s in high school.

Here’s the thing…

The young Donald was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, but his grandpa discarded the diagnosis and the bottle of pills for Donald. He even called it a wastepaper basket disease.

He wasn’t quiet – he’s just a cowboy” – grandma Jerry.


One late night, the police woke up the Cerrone’s for an alleged robbery in their house but little did they know, it was the doing of a four-year-old Donald who created the mess and destroyed their office.

Despite Donald’s behavior, his grandparents took care of him and gave him the warmth he needed. His parents didn’t take him because of his disorder – how sad was that?!

Moving forward…

David Cerrone began his training for MMA in Freedom Fighters gym. His grandfather hired a professional Jiu-Jitsu master to train Donald – more on this later.

Then, he signed a contract to fight in the World Extreme Cage (WEC) that became his platform to grow. This 39 year-old professional kickboxer was undefeated for his first four-fight at UFC.


He met and fought against Nate Diaz in his fifth UFC bout, who defeated him via unanimous decision.

Young Donald Cerrone

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Donald Cerrone High School

Just so you know…

David Cerrone attended school in Air Academy High School before becoming a professional mixed martial artist.

In high school – the 20-year old David trained for professional bullfighting. Then he dived into kickboxing, taekwondo, and Muay Thai.

Truth be told…

David is undefeated during his amateur career in these three areas.

Donald Cerrone University

So little information about whether Donald went to a university, but given the above information, I would say that he focused more on training and fighting instead of studying for a degree.

Donald Cerrone Family & Relationships

Donald Cerrone Girlfriend – Lindsay Sheffield

Donald Cerrone Girlfriend

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Lindsay Sheffield is David Cerrone’s long-time girlfriend. It was reported that they’re engaged, but news about their wedding is yet to be announced.

Donald Cerrone Sons – Dacson Danger Cerrone and Riot River Cerrone

Donald Cerrone Son

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Lindsay Sheffield and Donald Cerrone brought up two adorable sons in this world. They named their eldest Dacson Danger Cerrone, and the youngest is Riot River Cerrone.

Dacson was born on June 29th, 2018, while Riot was born on September 11th, 2020.

I’m predicting that they’ll be as awesome as their Dad and Mom!

Donald Cerrone Grandparents – Jerry Cerrone and Dr. Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone Grandparents

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After the divorce of Donald’s parents – his grandparents Jerry and Donald took care of him to the best of their abilities.

Did you know that…

His grandfather hired Carlos Carvalho, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, to train Donald Cerrone. Sadly, his father passed away, and he’d received the news before he was about to go into the arena and fight.

The good news! – Donald won and dedicated it to his grandpa.

Donald’s grandmother, whom he loves and adores so much, took care of him when he was young – his grandma even bailed him out of prison.

He’s quite immature back then.

If your curiosity isn’t satisfied…

Don’t worry because we’re not yet done. Here we’ll be taking a closer look into Donald Cerrone’s career and earnings, how he spends and gives away his wealth, and some fiery scandals and controversies about him.

Donald Cerrone Career

Before this glorious career and milestones, Donald Cerrone worked as a professional bull rider and took construction jobs. Thanks to his athletic skills, that made him the man he is today.

Kickboxing Championship

  • Dominion Warrior Muay Thai World Lightweight
  • SKA Amateur Colorado State Middleweight
  • KDC Amateur Welterweight Championship
  • 2006 S-1 Muay Thai U.S. Lightweight

Ultimate Fighting Championship on Mixed Martial Arts

  • UFC Fight of the Night
  • UFC Knockout of the Night
  • UFC Submission of the Night
  • UFC Performance of the Night

World Extreme Cagefighting

  • Fight of the Night
  • Most Fight of the Night awards in WEC history

Donald Cerrone Scandals & Controversies

Let’s start with the accusations that Donald sexually harasses his female fans. Donald denied the accusations, and he also says that if any of these accusations were true, why did no one file a lawsuit against him.

Also, Bobby Green accused him of racist comments. It was followed by his LGBTQ inappropriate comments, which he later apologized on his Twitter account for the death threat remarks.

Aside from this…

Following the event of COVID-19 – Donald on national television says that he refused orders to wear a mask because “he doesn’t stand for that sh*t” and that “he’s a true gritted hardcore American Republican.

How Donald Cerrone Spends His Money

Donald Cerrone spent millions of dollars on his real estate home, luxury cars and motorbike collections. 

Donald Cerrone Ranch

Donald Cerrone Ranch

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Donald Cerrone and his family reside at BMF Ranch in Edgewood, New Mexico. He bought the property with the help of his grandmother because he always wanted to have a ranch.

Did you know that…

He spent 135 000 just for building a sauna, and he built it himself. Of course, with the help of some friends.

What can we see from his ranch?

A massive arena, animals like ducks, geese, horses, goats, and more! Since he likes extreme sports – he has a room filled with paintball gear, wakeboarding, and scuba diving items.

To date, the Cerrone’s bought a new property to build their new house – no information disclosed so far.

Donald Cerrone’s Toys

Donald Cerrone’s Toys

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Donald Cerrone owned the following:

  • He got ten Harleys motorbike
  • M235 Malibu boat
  • Some trucks and recreational vehicles
  • And more cars at his ridiculous fight ranch!

Donald Cerrone Philanthropy

In one of his fights, all proceeds go to an organization supporting and assisting breast cancer patients. For a reason, his grandmother had cancer and terminal pulmonary hypertension.

Fun Facts About David Cerrone

  • David Cerrone is adventurous – he loves wakeboarding, scuba diving, and paintball.
  • One of his essentials is snickers and beer. He even drank beer before a match and still won.
  • He’s the one who built the dog house on their ranch.
  • David Cerrone trained for Muay Thai, Gaidojutsu, and Jiu-Jitsu.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Donald Cerrone

  1. Pay for everything you own.
  2. As soon as you get it, spend it and save some.
  3. Work hard to save millions in your bank.
  4. Think about all the finances you have – that would be financial freedom.
  5. Even if it’s hard to save money in the bank, just do it anyway.

Top 3 Quotes From Donald Cerrone

  • “Your last one might as well be the best one.”
  • “It’s not about the fame or the money. I would do it for free.”
  • “Fighting is awesome, but life skills to me are more important.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Donald Anthony Cerrone gender

Donald Cerrone is a straight male. He’s engaged with Lindsay Sheffield and has two adorable sons.

Is Donald Cerrone Gay?

No, the former professional kickboxer Donald Cerrone is not gay, he is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend Lindsay Sheffield and they both have two kids.

Who Is Donald Cerrone Before MMA?

Donald Cerrone trained for professional bullfighting before venturing into MMA and UFC fights.

Conclusion: Donald Cerrone Net Worth and Biography

And these are behind the gloves information on Donald Cerrone net worth and personal life.

I’m sure you get caught in the whirlwind life of this American professional mixed martial artist.

From being the kid with attention deficit disorder to a lightweight UFC fighter – who would have thought, right?

But that’s what I like about this UFC fighter…

…despite the lows of life, Donald continues to thrive and win the fight, inside or outside the octagon.

Giving up is not in his vocabulary. So if you’re about to give up – just say not today.

Check Out: More Than A Cowboy a mini-docu series following Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Mike Tyson’s Bounce Mojo Bio for another jam-packed behind the gloves information.

Don’t forget to put that Bounce in your Mojo today!

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