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Bradley Martyn Net Worth FI

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Bradley Martyn Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Bradley Martyn is a well-known fitness coach and a Youtube star with two million subscribers. He has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million.

We’ve spent hours of research to bring you the latest news and updates on Bradley Martyn Net Worth.

Today, we’ll see Badley’s career in detail and we’ll also take a glimpse on:

  • How a life-changing tragedy turned him into a fitness trainer
  • How he juggled his career as a fitness coach and owing to several businesses
  • How he used social media to his advantage and broadened his reach
  • How his career in social media helped him gain more clients
  • The recent controversy he got himself into

Bradley Martyn has an interesting and healthy career!  Buckle up as we uncover his fitness journey.

Let’s get started!!

Who Is Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn Net Worth

Bradley Martyn is a well-known American social media star, online fitness coach, and Youtuber.  Most of his money comes from his Youtube channel, with more than two million subscribers. He is a member of a vogue group of social media sensations who became successful in life because of the internet. He has his own gym and created a fitness program called BMFit

It’s gets better…

Martyn owns a health supplement company, a fitness gym, and sells gym and workout gear. 

He became a well-respected and liked trainer due to his tough yet compassionate approach to his clients. His program may be challenging, but he also gives inspiration and encouragement to them. According to his clients, Martyn is not the stereotypical bodybuilder. He is a coach bringing out the best in others. 

Haven’t heard of him yet? 

Martyn made excellent use of social media in promoting his services. He uses Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter to publicize his coaching and training services. 

More about his career…

Martyn, as a personal trainer, supplies daily eating plans, supplement suggestions, and exercise routines. He also has a site where people can watch training videos and proper exercise execution. The site also has guidelines and encouragement made by Martyn. 

Profession: American social media star, physique competitor, and fitness guru
Net Worth: $2 million
Date of Birth: May,22,1989  (4 years old  )
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Hazel brown
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Favorite Food: Chicken, bison, and ground beef
Place of Birth: San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
Language: English
Tattoos: None
Nationality: American
Religion: Christian
Relationship Status: Single

How Much Is Bradley Martyn Worth?

Bradley Martyn has a current net worth of $2.2 million from having his fitness program as an entrepreneur and a social media star. 

Bradley Martyn Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$1.5 million
2020$1.8 million
2021$2.2 million

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The Young Bradley Martyn

The Young Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn was born on the 22nd of May, 1989, in a humble home in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, to a Christian family. He has a rough start because his father committed suicide when he was just six years old. He found it difficult to cope with depression and loneliness. He was lone-raised by his mother, Diane Martyn. 

When he was still a kid, Bradley wasn’t fond of studying and going to school. It can be attributed to his father’s suicide. 

Here’s how he started his gym life from a life-changing tragedy. 

Eventually, when he reached his teenage years, he discovered how exercising made him feel better. It is time he started going to the gym. Since then, he never stopped.

At 15 years old, Bradley started working out in the gym. When he learned that his friends were going, he did the same. 

He also learned more about having proper nutrition to stay healthy while doing all the exercise. He shared his knowledge with his friends and advised them. 

It turned everything into his passion… 

Because of the great results, while working out, gym members started seeking his help and practical advice. All of this made him establish a business as a personal trainer. 

Later in 2006, he developed BMFit, a specific fitness regime for fitness people. The program has a full complement that its clients need to achieve their fitness goals. 

Bradley Martyn Family & Relationships

Bradley Martyn was born in San Francisco, Los Angeles. When he was just a kid, his father committed suicide, leaving him in the care of his mother, Diane Martyn. 

He became lonely and depressed but bounced back after pouring his time into working out. He attended  California State University and studied business. 

Eventually, he won multiple physique championships, and one of these is the 2011 NPC Southern California Championships.

Diane Martyn – Bradley Martyn’s Mom

Diane Martyn - Bradley Martyn’s Mom

In just a while, we’ll look at how Bradley Martyn spends his money and his cars. For now, let’s take an in-depth look at how he rose to fame, how he motivates people to live healthily, and how the almighty internet gave him millions of subscribers and followers, his current career, and a controversy he got into. 

Bradley Martin Scandals & Controversies

According to news, fitness guru Barley Martyn was charged with a misdemeanor by the State of California. It is due to opening his notable Zoo Culture gym after new restrictions were announced.

Bradley Martyn’s Zoo Culture Gym and Career

Bradley Martyn Net Worth 04

Martyn founded a fitness center, Zoo Culture Gym in Woodland Hills, California. He even opened this before he took his career to social media. The said gym mirrors his approach to training and work out.

He is also the co-founder of Lean Meals Inc., a fresh food delivery service that excels in fitness-based healthy meals. 

His effort and hard work don’t stop there…

Martin has an online store, BMFit Gear, that sells workout clothes, workout gear, and gym bags. 

His approachable nature, instinctive training methods, and ability to motivate people are the drivers of his success. 

The training regimes are based on experiments based on the body’s exact needs on a specific day that also prevents routines from getting monotonous. 

It’s not just that…

Martyn had a minor role in Boo! A Madea Halloween, a movie in 2016. You can Check It out Here.

For years, Martyn online has focused on mastering his craft and improving his skillset. 

Bradley Martyn In Social Media

Martyn recognizes the power of Instagram in advertising his program. His early and aggressive use of the platform made him successful. In an interview, he said that it took him years to promote personal training and online coaching services. 

He also thinks that he was one of the first fitness people who used Instagram as a platform. He admitted that it took him some years to build his name and career. 

The best part….

He started posting videos about workouts on his fitness channel on YouTube. Immediately, his training videos caught the public’s attention because they were hardcore workouts presented in a simple manner.  

He also owns the BMFit program available to anyone who wants to lose weight, gain some muscles, or just want to get back in shape. At a minimal fee, people can access training and nutrition regimes.

At present, he has 2.9 million Instagram followers and two million YouTube subscribers. He also hosts the Culture Cast podcast.

Bradley Martyn in Physique Contests

Martyn is ready to take on any challenges. Aside from being an online fitness coach, a YouTube star, and an entrepreneur, he also joins contests. 

He won the 2011 NPC Southern California Championships. The same year, he also brought home the 2011 NPC USA Championship. 

The following year, he joined NPC and in 2013 competed in NPC Phil Heath Classic, where he won first place. It was the moment he realized he could motivate people and help them with their fitness journey. 

Fun Facts About Bradley Martyn

  • He’s always curious about health.
  • He was just 16 when he started becoming an entrepreneur and opened his fitness program, BMFit. 
  • He dropped out from California State University, just one semester to go before he finishes it. 
  • He founded his YouTube channel in 2014 to reach more audiences. 
  • He appeared in the movie Boo! A Madea Halloween. 
  • His father committed suicide when he was young.
  • He was the first of his kind to use Instagram to coach people about fitness. 

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Bradley Martyn

  1. Keep your expenses at a minimum.
  2. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.
  3. Have yourself a savings account. 
  4. Don’t spend too much on branded items and keep a humble life. 
  5. Prevent yourself from getting indebted. 

Top 3 Quote From Bradley Martyn

  • “I didn’t build muscle or “get huge” for any reason other than I love lifting weights and I wanted to be better at it.”
  • “It’s really simple. Eat enough calories to grow and make sure that you’re in a caloric surplus. Once you do that then find the macro ration of protein, carbs, and fats that works for you to meet your caloric goal.”
  • “No matter the obstacles that you go through in you life there is one thing you can be sure of… It is designed to make you better.” 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happened To Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn was facing charges after opening his Zoo Culture gym in Los Angeles amid their latest lockdown. 

How tall is Bradley Martin?

Bradley Martyn is 6’3″ (190.5cm) tall

Why Is Bradley Martyn Famous?

Yes, Bradley Martyn is a notable bodybuilder, fitness coach, vlogger, and entrepreneur. 

How much money does Zoo culture make?

Zoo Culture currently has 10 employees across all the locations and generates $118,357 in sales (USD).

Summary: Bradley Martyn Net Worth & Biography

And that’s a wrap! I’m sure you’ll agree that Bradley Martyn is one of the most successful fitness gurus online. His hard work and perseverance in his craft paid off! 

My biggest takeaway from this is not to let your inner demon consume you. Instead, fight it just like how Martyn did. 

I’m sure we have a lot to learn from his life experiences and mistakes. I hope you enjoyed reading Bradley Martyn’s Net Worth, Biography, and Lifestyle.

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