Shawn Michaels Net Worth (2024)
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Shawn Michaels Net Worth

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Shawn Michaels Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Also known as the ‘Heartbreak Kid,’ is an American retired professional wrestler with an estimated net worth of $20 million.

If you’re avid wrestling fans…

Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in WWE history – a showstopper, an icon, the main event, and the Mr. Wrestlemania.

Shawn is known for his hard stomping chin hits, making his opponents immediately fall. His countless opponents include Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Triple H, Steve Austin, Razor Ramon, and more!

It’s mental watching him kick to the chin!


He was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 following his success in the WWF Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, a four-time World Champion, and more!

After hours watching his show stopping matches – here are details of Shawn Michaels Net Worth. Let’s dive deep into Shawn’s career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • How Shawn Michaels made his way
  • His great milestone deals;
  • His life after retirement, as a husband, a father, and;
  • Lots more…

It’s an interesting career – imagine the pins and needles that every wrestler went through to get the title belt.

Insanely hard and dangerous!

But, the HBK himself shows no fear inside the ring. He hits like there’s no tomorrow.

(Once you’ve checked out Shawn Michaels net worth and bio – whatever you do – scroll to the end and check out a couple of surprises for you in there!)

Let’s get started…

WWE ambassador and former professional wrestler Shawn Michaels cemented his showstopping matches in the history of WWE and reportedly hit a whopping net worth of $20 million.

Who Is Shawn Michaels?

Shawn Michaels Quick Overview

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Shawn Michaels Net Worth:
$20 Million
Source of Wealth: Professional wrestling career, Films/Movies
Cameron Kade
Cheyenne Michelle
Date of Birth: June 22nd 1965
Place of Birth/Nationality: Chandler, Arizona/American
Spouse/ Relationship:
Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom (m. 1997-current)
Theresa Lynn Wood (1988-1994)

Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wrestlers, a television presenter, and an actor. He’s known for his show stopping matches in the American Wrestling Association, WWE Crown Jewel, World Wrestling Federation, and more World Championships.

Early life: Shawn Michaels Hickenbottom was born to Carol Hickenbottom and Richard Hickenbottom. Shawn has three siblings, namely, Randy Hickenbottom, Scott Hickenbottom, and Shari Hickenbottom.

Before becoming a WWE superstar…

Shawn went to Randolph High School, where he performed a wrestling routine in their high school’s talent show.

Not only that,

He’s part of the football team as the standout linebacker on Randolph Air Force Base and eventually became their captain.

After graduation,

Shawn Michaels went to study at Southwest Texas State University but immediately dropped his way out to train under Jose Lothario – a Mexican professional wrestler.

Fun Fact: Shawn Michaels’ entire family relocated to San Antonio, where he spent a period of his childhood.

Shawn Michaels

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Professional wrestling career: This American professional wrestler, Shawn Michaels, partnered with Diesel and Dave Meltzer in 1993 at the Wrestlemania X five stars.

In 1984 – Shawn Michaels entered the National Wrestling Alliance. His net worth skyrocketed due to pay per view events and some of his breakthroughs on the ring.

In 1988 – he made his WWF debut (now WWE). While training, he crossed paths with Marty Jannetty and later became Shawn’s long-time wrestling partner, the ‘Midnight Rockers.’ However, they got fired after creating a scene in a bar.

They demanded a second chance, and the rest was history.

In 1992 – Michaels defeated British Bulldog for the Intercontinental Championship. Marty defeated Shawn for the same championship title.

After a year,

They wrestled again, and Shawn got the title back from Marty Jannetty.

In 1996 – Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XXII.

Michaels won the WWE Championship belt the following year by defeating Sid and won the tag team championship with Steve Austin.


Shawn Michaels defeated both Bret Hart and British Bulldog in 1997. He made his comeback in a ring return match in Summerslam 2002.

In 2007 – Michaels and John Cena won the Tag Team Championship against Edge and Randy Orton.

He wrestled with other superstars like Kurt Angle, Triple H, Big Show, Chris Jericho, and more throughout his career.

In 2010 – Shawn Michaels wrestled his final match at Wrestlemania XXV against The Undertaker.

Fun Fact: Shawn Michaels is one of the highest paid wrestlers in the history of WWE.

TV career: In 2010, Shawn retired from wrestling to spend more time with his family. A few years later, executives from WWE approached him to be a part of an upcoming film co-produced by Harvest Bible Chapel, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

He played a churchgoer, Doug, a faithful volunteer with a rough past who befriends outsider Gavin Stone.

To date, this character continues to inspire him.

Shawn Michaels Family

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Personal life: Shawn was previously married to Theresa wood. In 1999, during his first retirement due to injury. He was introduced to Rebecca Curci aka Whisper of the Nitro Girls of WCW, and within a month, they got married.

Then, six weeks later, they found out Rebecca was pregnant with their first child.

During that time,

Shawn promises himself to have an alcohol-free and drug-free life since he’ll be a father after nine months.

But, it’s not easy, yet his wife quietly waits for him to overcome his struggle.

One day,

Michaels two year old son walked to him and said, “daddy’s tired.” He shared that something inside of him became more urgent to get clean from his past mistakes, So Shawn went to a local church.

In 2002, Shawn returned to wrestling, balancing his career with his new faith.

Shawn Michaels

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How Old Is Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is 58 years old, born in Chandler, Arizona, United States.

Shawn Michaels Height & Weight

Michaels is  6 ft 1 in or 1.85 meters (185cm) tall and weighs 102 kg or 1225 lbs. Other wrestlers also 1.85 m include John Cena, CM Punk, Ric Flair, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, Nick Miller, and lots more.

Shawn Michaels Body Measurements

Shawn Michaels flaunts body statistics of 43-36.8-17 inches or 10.2-93.4-43.1.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Favorite Color: Red, Black
  • Favorite Food: Chicken and rice; pizza
  • Smoking/ Drinking: No/Yes
  • Tattoos: Yes
  • His Favorite Movies: The Godfather, St.Elmo’s Fire
  • Favorite Actor: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro
  • Favorite Actress: Demi Moore
  • Favorite Hangouts: Not specified
  • IMDb Profile Link of Shawn Michaels

How Much Is Shawn Michaels Worth?

The professional wrestler has a whopping estimated net worth of $20 million from his big breaks on World Wrestling Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and Texas All-Star Wrestling Alliance.

Shawn Michaels Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$ 1.65 Million
2012$ 2.88 Million
2013$ 4.78 Million
2014$ 6.45 Million
2015$ 8.24 Million
2016$ 10.99 Million
2017$ 12.36 Million
2018$ 14.87 Million
2019$ 16.25 Million
2020$ 18.32 Million
⭐⭐Shawn Michaels Net Worth & Biography⭐⭐ Shawn Height Age Weight✔ WWE✔ Action Figures✔ Books✔ Background, Family, Relationships✔ Career Highlights✔ Lot More

Shawn Michaels Films, Book and Action Figures

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Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar

A book by Shawn Michaels, co-written with David Thomas, where he shares about the highs and lows of life inside the WWE.

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WWE Wrestlemania Elite Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 12 Action Figure

You can relieve the adrenaline and pumping action of your favorite WWE matches with this detailed action figure from Wrestlemania XII.

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WWE Wrestlemania 37 Elite Collection Action Figure

You can recreate poses and finishing moves of your favorite WWE matches with this detailed action figure from Wrestlemania XXXVII.

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