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Robert Trujillo Net Worth Fl

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What is Robert Trujillo Net Worth?

Robert Trujillo Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Robert “Rob” Trujillo is a Mexican-American bassist from Santa Monica.

He came into prominence as part of the band Suicidal Tendencies and he is now widely known as the longest-serving bass player for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

With all these things under his belt, it’s no wonder Robert Trujillo net worth is $35 million!

In case you’re wondering how he did all these…

Join us as we take a look at the Mexican-American bassist’s career and let’s learn more about:

  • How he made his fortune – what contributes to Robert Trujillo net worth;
  • His career breakthroughs – the bands he played with and his career beyond music;
  • A look into his personal life and some fun facts about him;
  • Where Robert Trujillo spends his money and his philanthropies;
  • And much more…

After hours of researching about this man, we’re really stoked to bring you the details of Robert Trujillo net worth!

(Once you’ve checked out Robert Trujillo net worth and bio – whatever you do – scroll to the end and check out our Fun Facts Section – there are a couple of surprises for you in there!)

Let’s get started…

Who Is Robert Trujillo?

Robert Trujillo Net Worth

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Robert Trujillo Net Worth: $35 million
Date of Birth: October 23, 1964
Source of Wealth: Acting, writing, band activities
Children: Ty Trujillo, Lula Trujillo
Spouse/ Relationship Status: Chloé Barthelemy / Married
Place Of Birth/ Nationality: American
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Robert Trujillo is an American musician best known as the bass player for the well-known heavy metal band, Metallica. Rob joined the group two years after Jason Newsted resigned, and he is the bassist alongside James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett.


Prior to joining Metallica, Rob was part of the band Suicidal Tendencies. He also performed with Jerry Cantrell of the rock band, Alice in Chains, and heavy metal band, Black Label Society with former bandmate Zakk Wylde. In addition, he was also in a band with rocker Ozzy Osbourne and he was Infectious Grooves band mates with Mike Muir, where his slap bass technique was often showcased!

But here’s the kicker..

Trujillo was recognized for playing massive chords and chord-based harmonics when they play bass. Trujillo often plays an extended bass solo which makes extensive use of slap bass technique and for recording sessions, Rob actually used his own code for writing bass arrangements! This is what he did for Jerry Cantrell’s Degradation Trip which had him working with nearly inaudible bass.

Simply put…

There is no denying how talented this Mexican-American bassist is. Given this, his perseverance and hard work was recognized with “The Ecstasy Of Gold” earning him a nomination for “Best Rock Instrumental Performance” during the 2007 50th Annual Grammy Awards. As the bassist for Metallica, he was also enlisted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A career beyond music

Indeed, Robert Trujillo’s accomplishments as a musician are unparalleled. But just as we thought we’ve already had enough about him, brace yourself because it doesn’t end here! Aside from his career as a musician, did you know that this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame qualifier was also an actor? Rob actually participated in different movies and TV shows! He had a non-speaking role in the 1978 movie House Calls led by Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson.

As if that’s not enough…

He also played in the 1992 film “Encino Man, appearing as himself along with his Infectious Grooves band mates. Aside from these, Robert Trujillo was also a part of the movies “ChiPs”, and Scout’s Honour, and he also participated in the TV show, Metallica Through the Never with his band members. Robert Trujillo is indeed an artist!

And that’s just one side of the story…

In case you don’t know, Robert Trujillio was the writer of the documentary, Jaco and he was the creator of the short film, Tallica Parking Lot”. Amazingly, aside from acting in the show, he actually wrote the screenplay for Metallica Through the Never.

Aside from writing, he also produced different films! He was an associate producer of  the short film, Pear Cider and Cigarettes and was the executive producer of the 2015 documentary Jacoand Metallica Through the Never which was released in 2013. Robert Trujillo is such a talented guy, right? It’s no wonder how Robert Trujillo net worth came about!

Hold Old Is Robert Trujillo?

Robert Trujillo is 59 years old and was born in Ty Trujillo, Lula Trujillo

How Tall Is Robert Trujillo?

Trujillo is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) or 1.75 meters tall and weights is 209 lb / 95 kg.

How Much Is Robert Trujillo Worth?

Robert Trujillo’s current net worth is $35 million.

Robert Trujillo Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$15.5 Million
2012$16.4 Million
2013$17.1 Million
2014$17.9 Million
2015$18.8 Million
2016$19.5 Million
2017$23 Million
2018$24.3 Million
2019$30 Million
2020$35 Million
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Robert Trujillo Movies

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To tell stories of good and evil, Luchadores use their athleticism and dynamic personalities through the tradition of freestyle wrestling.

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“Murder In The Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story”

The story headbangers in the Bay Area who were ignored by the hard rock bands in the early 1980s.

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“Metal Evolution”

This documentary follows Dunn as he explores more than 40 years of heavy metal history.

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Ruthless attorney Chuck Rhoades tries to outdo Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrodain the competitive financial market.


Robert Trujillo is a real estate expert who increases his net worth by buying and selling properties. After buying a property from Prime One Investments, he joined hands with the company in buying and selling properties.

The Young Robert Trujillo

Young Robert Trujillo

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Now that we know how successful Robert Trujillo is, let’s now take a glimpse at his early life before he became a bassist in the renowned heavy metal band Metallica!

Roberto Agustin Trujillo was born in Santa Monica, California, but he was raised in Culver City, California. Born to a family fan of music, he was exposed to it at an early age. At 19, he attended a jazz school and wanted to become a studio musician, but his passion for metal and rock is what led him to eventually play bass and the rest is history. As a child, young Robert Trujillo’s big musical hero was Jaco Pastorius, the late jazz bassist of Weather Report. He was really inspired with Jaco’s performance as a musician that Robert Trujillo produced a documentary on him!

Robert Trujillo High School

Did you know that Rob jumped from one school to another during his early years in school? He initially went to Venice High School, and then went to Culver High School for his senior year and eleventh grade, and eventually graduated.

Robert Trujillo University

After high school, Rob didn’t attend a university. Instead of going back to school, he did construction work, bagged groceries, and other jobs before joining a jazz school out in North Hollywood called Dick Grove’s School of Music where he studied music for a year. This decision is uncommon, but in Rob’s case, it surely paid off!

Robert Trujillo Family & Relationships

Robert Trujillo Wife – Chloé Barthelemy

Robert Trujillo Wife

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Robert Trujilli’s gorgeous wife, Chloei Barthelemy, shared in an interview that she actually met his husband when she was still in high school!

Robert Trujillo Children – Ty Trujillo and Lula Trujillo

Robert Trujillo Children

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Rob and Chloé posing with their children, Ty and Lula Trujillo.

And coming up shortly – let’s take a closer look at Rob Trujillo’s career that gave him his massive net worth and how Robert Trujilli spends his money on the things he loves and on charity!

Robert Trujillo Career

  • 1989 – Robert Trujillo was credited as Stymee in the American hardcore punk band Suicidal Tendencies album,Controlled By Hate/Feel Like Shit…Déja Vu
  • Mid-1900s – he framed the funk musical bank Infectious Grooves along with Mike Muir
  • Late-1990s – Trujillo became a member of rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s band
  • 1997 – he was the bassist on Glenn Tipton’s solo album, Baptizm Of Fire
  • 2001 – Trujillo played on Osbourne’s album, Down to Earth
  • 2002 – he was also the bass player on Jerry Cantrell’s album, Degradation Trip
  • 2003 – Trujillo was joining Metallica, two years after Jason Newsted left
  • 2003 –  he played upright bass in the Nickel Creek music video, Smoothie Song

Robert Trujillo Scandals & Controversies

The Mexican-American bassist caused a huge controversy in 2002 when he re-recorded Bob Daisley’s bass parts on the first two Ozzy albums – 1980’s “Blizzard of Ozz” and 1981’s “Diary of a Madman”. This followed legal battles between the Osbournes on one side and Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake on the other.

How Robert Trujillo Spends His Money

Given the size of Robert Trujillo net worth, it’s no wonder that he splurges on luxurious items to pamper himself! Let’s take a look at where this Mexican-American bassist spends his money!

Robert Trujillo Cars

Robert Trujillo Cars

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Robert Trujillo loves his collection of expensive cars! He owns cars of different models such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, and Cadillac, and among his impressive collection is his idol car, 1964 Buick Riviera Lowrider.

Robert Trujillo Philanthropy

All Within My Hands – along with his Metallica band mates, Rob conducts annual concerts and auctions to benefit their charitable foundation, All Within My Hands. It is a nonprofit foundation found to create sustainable communities that help reduce hunger and promote workforce education and volunteerism.

Coffee4Craig – the heavy metal group Metallica donated more than £40,00 to a Manchester-based homeless charity after playing a sold-out concert at the city’s Etihad Stadium. It’s really inspiring to see how Rob helps others while his net worth grows.

Fun Facts About Robert Trujillo

  • Rob’s favorite movies are Silence of the Lambs and Pulp Fiction.
  • Besides music, Rob’s favorite things to do on free time are surfing, snowboarding, and going out to lunch with his mom.
  • Rob is bad at playing other  musical instruments, but he can dabble on the piano.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Robert Trujillo

  1. You can earn money from doing the things you love.
  2. Invest only the money you’re willing to lose.
  3. When your self-worth grows, so does your net worth.
  4. Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.
  5. Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.

Top 3 Quotes From Robert Trujillo

  • “Writing a Metallica song is a journey and a process, and it takes time, but that’s what’s special about it.”
  • “That’s all I ever do, just try and do the best I can and cater to the song, cater to the music.”
  • “It’s all about the experience and having a good time and connecting with the fans.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was the first band Rob played in?

Robert Trujillo first played with the band called Oblivion!

Who are Rob’s influences on the bass?

Jaco Pastorious, Geezer Butler, and Larry Graham greatly influenced the music of Robert Trujillo.

Where does Rob Trujillo live now?

Rob currently lives in Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Conclusion: Robert Trujillo Net Worth and Bio

And that’s everything we gathered on Robert Trujillo! Did you enjoy our Robert Trujillo net worth article? Which part did you enjoy the most?

For me, I was so inspired by how a young boy from Santa Monica turned out to be the great musician, actor, writer, and producer that he is today, and how he, along with his bandmates, shares his wealth with other people in need.

With his career as a musician to his roles as writer and producer, he truly is an artist who can be a good inspiration to all aspiring musicians today.

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