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Efraim Diveroli Books: Efraim Diveroli is an American former arms dealer and author who at a young age has his own company named AEY Inc., a major weapon contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense. 

However, he eventually terminated the contract upon the violation of the ‘American arms embargo against China’ policy, and Efraim had to pay a huge price for it. 


I know you’re intrigued about his life but let’s get to the main event, you’ll get to know him better once we unveil the details of his self-published book. 

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#1: Once A Gun Runner: The Real Story

Efraim Diveroli Books

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The book ‘Once a Gun Runner was written by Efraim Diveroli in 2016. This book gives insightful knowledge and unadulterated access to the life of Efraim Diveroli, the world’s youngest international arms dealer.

If you want to get to know his story, this is your chance. The book gives you an unfiltered and raw access to the experiences of a self-made millionaire. 

Want to know more?

Efraim Diveroli became an international arms dealer just when he was a teenager. He was a young Jewish orthodox kid who grew up loving guns on Miami beach. After dropping out of high school in the 9th grade, he traveled to Los Angeles to help his uncle’s police supply business.

In case you might be asking yourself…..

Once a Gun Runner: Efraim Diveroli Memoirdescribes how he did not achieve success in one day. Diveroli always knew that he wanted to be an international arms dealer when he grew up. This was his driving force. 

He worked as a teenage dealer, and by sixteen years of age, Diveroli was so well learned that he started selling guns, ammunition, and tactical equipment to local law enforcement. Efraim Diveroli dealt heavy arms in just a one-room apartment in Miami by sitting on his couch and accessing the world through his laptop and cell phone. 

Can you believe it?

Efraim Diveroli soon found himself dealing with high-ranking Army officials, holding meetings at embassies, negotiating with defense ministers, and signing contracts with people of fortune. 

His American Dream was about to come true. The tables turned for Efraim when his company AEY, Inc. was awarded a contract of $300 million by the Pentagon to provide arms and ammunition for the U.S. Army and their allied security forces in their fight against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. 

It was then, Efraim became the government’s go-to guy and his company AEY. Inc beat out giant Fortune 500 companies to hit this deal. Soon he was supplying everything from goggles to grenades and made the US government their regular customer. 

But wait, let me tell you something!

Apart from being the dealer, Efraim effectively managed and delivered colossal shipments of weapons and artillery while living like a celebrity. He even admitted to being high, drunk, and choked while working, 

Check The Book Out Here: Once a Gun Runner

Conclusion: Efraim Diveroli Books

Once a Gun Runner’ is a straightforward but suspenseful dive into the life of a dealer. The review from the audience is also positive. The readers feel connected with Diveroli and term him a smart guy full of ambition and technical knowledge.


Many critics even call his novel ‘Once a Gun Runner: the Efraim Diveroli Memoir’ a true and unfiltered description of Efraim’s life. He did not shy away from telling any part of his life. As an arms dealer, he described every deal as his work and something he is ashamed of since this book came out after he was convicted and released. 

Through ‘Once a Gun Runner,’ the Efraim Diveroli people did not know came to light. The audience feels grateful and provocative to hear Efraim Diveroli’s life story directly from him. Some call it the thrill ride directly from the gunman, Efraim Diveroli. 

As if that’s not enough!

If you’re that intrigued about how much he earns now and how he spends his money, check out Efraim Diveroli Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle.

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