28 Justin Bieber’s Haircuts [Complete Visual History]

Justin Bieber Haircut

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Justin Bieber Haircut: Justin Bieber remains to be every young girl’s dream boy even when this social media bigwig finds himself occasionally stuck in the public’s crosshairs…

… with a ton of embarrassing blonde moments in between.

See what I did there? 

This Canadian singer-songwriter and mega pop star is all about serving looks – although starting off his career in an ultra-shiny blonde helmet may not be the best choice.

In this article, we’ll be serving you a complete visual tour of JB’s handsome (and partly questionable) hairstyles then and now. 

Buckle up, enjoy the view, and sing along~

Let’s get started.

#1 Justin Bieber May 2009

Justin Bieber Haircut 2009

“You know you love me, I know you care. Just shout whenever and I’ll be there…”

*Cue in wild shrieking girls*

This was how we first met Justin Bieber. 

This child star with fresh-faced good looks became an object of popularity at the age of 13.

Thanks to YouTube, that is.

The lad made his first few public appearances coupled with his signature cap and shiny blond hair.

#2 Justin Bieber December 2009

Justin Bieber Haircut 2009

“You are my love, you are my heart. And we will never, ever, ever be apart…”

This bowl cap with a trendy side swoop became the star’s constant look from 2008 until 2010.

Justin and his songs sparked a huge global craze before the year even ended! 

Not just his music – his style had an upgrade too!

#3 Justin Bieber August 2011

Justin Bieber Haircut 2011

“Are we an item? Girl quit playin’. We’re just friends, what are you sayin’?”

For his 2011 Video Music Awards, Justin delivered to his adoring fans the long-awaited peek at his forehead. He added some stunning accessories like thin gold chains, fashion glasses, and of course, Selena Gomez. 

JB also released his then number one hit christmas-themed single Under the Mistletoe. 

It’s good to be in love…

#4 Justin Bieber January 2012

Justin Bieber Haircut 2012

“Said there’s another, look right in my eyes. My first love broke my heart for the first time…”

Ahhh, this get-up screams HANDSOME, HANDS DOWN! 

2012 marks Justin’s transition from boy to man in a matter of locks. It’s every fan’s treat at Bieber’s future scuzziness.

Soon enough, he’ll be in tabloids almost too often!

Justin Bieber’s haircut may not be the primary reason for his fame, a stylish hairstyle and look never hurt.

#5 Justin Bieber June 2012

Justin Bieber Haircut 2012

“And I was like baby, baby, baby oh. Like baby, baby, baby no…”

Step 1: Wash your hair.

Step 2: Effortlessly slick it back into a bouffant. 

Just 5 months in, Bieber figured out the easiest way to maintain his gorgeous locks.

#6 Justin Bieber May 2013

Justin Bieber Haircut 2013

“Like baby, baby, baby oh. I thought you’d always be mine, mine…”

Now the bouffant has reached international levels as BJ toured South Africa back in 2013. 

Sleek and Clean was his brand.

#7 Justin Bieber January 2014

Justin Bieber Haircut 2014

“Baby, baby, baby oh. Like baby, baby, baby no…”

Now, for the controversial yet adorable bad boy mugshot taken moments after he was charged with driving without a valid license, drunk driving, and resisting arrest. 

The shot featured his magnificent bouffant slightly disheveled after he spent the night out for a joyride – a rather “too joyful” one.

#8 Justin Bieber March 2015

Justin Bieber Haircut 2015

“Oh for you, I would have done whatever. And I just can’t believe we ain’t together…”

Yes, Justin. Do it. 

Match your hair to your monkey’s – which, by the way, is different from the other pet that got confiscated by the German authorities.

OG Mally is now a resident of a German Zoo and still having trouble communicating with others of its kind.

Want a Justin Bieber classic haircut? Tell your hairdresser you want a very tight fade with hard edges

#9 Justin Bieber April 2015

Justin Bieber Haircut 2015

“And I wanna play it cool but I’m losin’ you…”

Yep, Justin once was a ponytail kinda guy…

And we’re loving it! 

Check out this IG photo of Nash Grier and Justin Bieber.

They hopped into the trend of going matchy with your bestie in this photo captioned with “#Ponytails.”

#10 Justin Bieber September 2015

Justin Bieber Haircut 2015

In the photo above, Nick Jonas’ haircut adds pizzazz to his cute AF look.

With short hair on the sides, a rather messy tousled top, and those pouty lips? 

I’m seeing why Priyanka just couldn’t say no.

#11 Justin Bieber October 2015

Justin Bieber Haircut 2015

“And I’m in pieces, baby fix me. And just shake me, ’til you wake me from this bad dream…”

You’d think this style is so cute…

But he’s back to the usual dirty-blond bouffant the next month. A total waste of the swag!

#12 Justin Bieber November 2015

Justin Bieber Haircut 2015

“I’m goin’ down, down, down, down. And I can’t just believe my first love won’t be around…”

What’s under the beanie? We’ll never know. 

There are endless possibilities.

#13 Justin Bieber January 2016

Justin Bieber Haircut 2016

“See I never thought that I could walk through fire. I never thought that I could take the burn…”

I don’t know if starting the new year with a man bun instead of a bang was a good idea, JB.

#14 Justin Bieber February 2016

Justin Bieber Haircut 2016

“I never had the strength to take it higher, until I reached the point of no return…”

Yes, you reached the point of no return on the man bun…

… and you can’t place it any higher than that, Justin. 

I can say, however, that the bleached blond color looks good on you – the same color you had at the Saint Laurent Show.

#15 Justin Bieber March 2016

Justin Bieber Haircut 2016

“And there’s just no turning back when your heart’s under attack…”

What better way to showcase his third transformation than in his Purpose World Tour after months of no-show.

The hair is slicked back into a bun on the Opening night in Seattle. 

Having annoying long hair is not easy, Justin. That’s why some girls cut them short.

#16 Justin Bieber April 2016

Justin Bieber Haircut 2016

“Gonna give everything I have. It’s my destiny…”

I swear I prayed we wouldn’t come to this…

Yes, dreadlocks, and yes, in public…on multiple occasions. 

I don’t know what to say, honestly.

#17 Justin Bieber May 2016

Justin Bieber Haircut 2016

“I will never say never! (I will fight). I will fight till forever! (Make it right)…”

It only lasted for a month as Bieber shaved it off and made a statement while on a trip to Monaco. 

Feeling rebellious, Justin started off tattooing a small part of his face.


#18 Justin Bieber August 2017

Justin Bieber Haircut 2017

“Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground…”

A year later, Justin Bieber now has his attention on growing manly facial hair.

#19 Justin Bieber February 2018

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“Pick it up. Pick it up…”

From a sexy buzz cut to a head full of hair…

Too bad the new style didn’t help him at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

#20 Justin Bieber May 2018

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“Ne-never say never (never). Ne-never say never (never)…”

Justin went from pretty boy to crazy uncle on this one. 

No, Justin. Say never! 

The people are willing to protest against this haircut madness. This is the type of new look I wish didn’t happen. I mean, honestly.

#21 Justin Bieber August 2018

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“I never thought that I could feel this power. I never thought that I could feel this free…”

Those luscious locks look totally liberated.

Justin Bieber’s really getting into the whole greek god Poseidon vibes.

#22 Justin Bieber September 2018

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“What do you mean? Ooh… When you nod your head, yes, but you wanna say no…”

What I meant to say Justin is yes, you’re cute…

… but not the type I wanna see hanging around my daughter.

And don’t you think showing your undies is a little outdated? (But you still cute tho.)

#23 Justin Bieber September 2018

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“What do you mean? Ooh… When you nod your head, yes, but you wanna say no…”

What I meant to say Justin is yes, you’re cute…

… but not the type I wanna see hanging around my daughter.

And don’t you think showing your undies is a little outdated? (But you still cute tho.)

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“When you don’t want me to move but you tell me to go…”

Imagine finally meeting the Justin Bieber while in Michigan…

… but he looks like some homeless guy on the street.

It’s indeed the troubled teen and his troubled days. The people demand justice, Justin.

#24 Justin Bieber October 2018

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“Said you’re running out of time, what do you mean?”

See that bump under the hoodie?

No doubt a bun or ponytail – Hailey Baldwin-inspired style.

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“Oh, oh, oh. What do you mean? Better make up your mind…”

I can’t believe I’m actually tearing up seeing this cut on him, people! 

After days the previous image broke out on social media, Justin Bieber used his IG platform to share his buzz cut. 

Buzztin is finally looking more human as this placed his face tattoo on prominent display. 

It’s said that the tat is an act of faith to his and Hailey’s commitment to stay celibate until marriage.

#25 Justin Bieber May 2019

Justin Bieber Haircut 2018

“You’re so indecisive, what I’m saying. Trying to catch the beat, make up your heart…”

Now I gotta hand it to him – this photo is beautiful. 

The sleek, clean, and naturally-colored mop cut complements the B&W aesthetic. 

Justin Bieber, you did yourself right! No dye jobs here.

#26 Justin Bieber October 2019

Justin Bieber Haircut 2019

“Don’t know if you’re happy, or complaining. Don’t want for us to end, where do I start?”

You start with a second marriage! Ahhhhhhh! (I’m screaming if it’s not that obvious.)

#27 Justin Bieber January 2020

Justin Bieber Haircut 2020

“First, you wanna go to the left and you want to turn right. Wanna argue all day, making love all night…”

Yup, I don’t mind. 

We can make love all night in those sexy pink Drew House pajamas. 

You, babe, are looking good in that peroxide pixie haircut! That’s a good touch.

#28 Justin Bieber February 2020

Justin Bieber Haircut 2020

“First, you’re up and you’re down and then between. Oh, I really want to know. What do you mean? Ooh…”

But seriously, though, what Justin really means is that he doesn’t give a f*ck about what we think. 

The more people want him to shave it off, the giddier he gets to keep it. 

Reports say the ‘stache is making him feel like a rebel and he’s loving it! 

Thankfully, Hailey prevailed in getting him to shave the mustache she reportedly “can’t stand.”

Conclusion: Best Justin Bieber Haircut

You’ve reached the end of our long list of Justin Bieber Haircuts.

Which one did you love? And which style did you totally hate?

He got you with the funky mustache, didn’t he? 

I don’t know. It just feels too “adult” for my taste. I want the baby Justin back! 

Share your thoughts. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below and put the Bounce in your Mojo today.

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