Eminem Biography: Lifestyle, Music, Facts (2024) [UPDATED]

Eminem Bio

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Eminem Biography & Facts: Marshall Bruce Mathers III is widely known for the rapper name Eminem. He rose to fame in 1999 after the release of his The Slim Shady LP. Besides rapping, he’s one of the best-selling rappers globally and one of the few artists who earned ten chart-topping albums in history. 

Now, in this Eminem biography, you’ll discover:

  • His Childhood, Early Years, and Education
  • His Family, Relationships, and Insider Gossip
  • His Music, Achievements, and Career Info 
  • His alter ego, Slim Shady – what does it mean?

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Who Is Eminem?

Eminem grew up with the name Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He had a rough childhood and never finished high school. 


… in 1999, his The Slim Shady LP brought him into stardom, giving him certified triple platinum after a week of its release.

Eminem Biography
Profession: Rapping Singing
Martial Status: Divorced
Date of Birth (55) : May 24, 1969
Current Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Nationality: American
Languages: American English
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Tatoos: 9
Religion: Christian
Eye Color: Hazel
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Net Worth: $230 million
Place Of Birth: St. Joseph, Missouri, United States of America
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Favorite Food: Tacos
Smoking: No
Friends: 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, P!nk, and many others.

The Young Eminem – His Childhood & Facts

Eminem spent his formative years in Missouri where he spent his childhood before he and his mom moved out of the area. 

They later on settled in Michigan, where young Eminem spent most of his teenage life. He studied in Michigan as well, specifically in Lincoln High School. 

The school wasn’t Eminem’s favorite place because people bullied him for being “alone”…

… until he met Proof – the two clicked and became close friends. 

They enjoyed doing ‘rap battles’ in the men’s bathroom during lunchtime, marking the start of both of their journeys as rappers in the future.

Eminem Family & Friends

Eminem Mother – Deborah Nelson 

After his father, Marshall Mathers Jr., left him and his mother (while still a baby)…

… Eminem’s mother, Deborah ‘Debbie’ Nelson, raised him alone.

Debbie frequently changed her jobs. It’s the reason Eminem had to move from Missouri to Michigan. 

They lived in public housing projects…

… which means the rapper didn’t live comfortably growing up.

In terms of his relationship with his mom, Eminem shared that she’d emotionally and physically abused him during his childhood years.

It led to Debbie filing a $10 million case against her son – which eventually didn’t result in her favor. 

Throughout the years, the two have had a “complicated” relationship…

… and seemed to haven’t settled their differences yet until now.

Eminem Ex-Wife Kim Ann Scott 

Eminem Ex Wife

Eminem and his then-wife, Kim, have had an ‘on-and-off relationship’ since 1987. The two started dating when they were only in their teens. 

Later on, they lived together after Debbie threw the couple out before Eminem’s dropout.  

In 1995, Hailie Jade Scott, the couple’s daughter, was born. 

After being together for years, they married in 1999 and had a simple private wedding as per the couple’s request. 

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long as they divorced in 2000. 

Ironically, in 2006, the couple rekindles their relationship. The two remarried only to file for divorce a few months later. 

After everything, the former couple now remains good friends for their daughter’s sake.


Eminem wasn’t the smartest kid growing up. 

He had to repeat ninth grade thrice. He went to Lincoln High School and eventually dropped out because of the pressure. 

Despite not finishing school, the musician shared how he’s fascinated about the English subject. He’d loved reading comics growing up and exploring the dictionary.

Eminem Music & Career

Eminem (2020)

Like his other album... Kamikaze, Eminem released Music to Be Murdered By as a surprise in 2020. 

It’s his eleventh studio album featuring 20 attractive singles…

Music to Be Murdered By also gave Eminem his tenth ‘number one’ on the Billboard 200 charts. 

Eminem (2017-2019)

When 2017 came into the picture, Eminem made several collaborations with other artists. 

He first appeared in the ‘I Decided’ album, where he rapped with Big Sean in the song ‘No Favors.’

Afterward, he collaborated with P!nk with her song ‘Revenge.’ 

Later on, he released his eighth album, Revival, which topped the Billboard charts on its release once again.

A year later, Eminem released Kamikaze without the public knowing. Many were shocked, but it was still received well by his fans.

Kamikaze peaked first in the 2018 Billboard 200 charts.


… his critics called him “one of the mumble rappers” in the industry for this album.

Eminem Career

Eminem (2013)

In 2013, M&M released a sequel to his hit album, The Marshall Mathers LP. 

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 topped the Billboard 200 on its release, giving him his seventh chart-topper album.

Eminem (2010)

After selling more than 700K copies upon its release, Recovery became his sixth chart-topping album. 

Besides that, it was also the best-selling album of 2010. 

Recovery also includes his collab with artists, including Rihanna, Adam Levine, and Dr. Dre. 

Eminem (2009)

In 2009, Eminem released Relapse and Relapse: Refill. 

The albums proved to be a turning point in his career, giving him a ‘commercial success’ by selling millions of copies worldwide.

Eminem (2004-2007)

His Encore album was another success for the rapper. It was again a chart-topper in 2004 – it sold more than a million copies on its week 2! 

In 2005, he started his US Anger Management 3 tour. 

He went on tour with other rappers like 50 Cent, Lil Jon, and many others.

Eminem Career

Fast-forward to 2007, and the tables have turned for Eminem.

He decided to rest from the industry after his close friend, Proof, was murdered in 2006. 

He then declared a hiatus, which lasted for a year.

Eminem (2000-2002)

When Eminem signed under Dr. Dre’s label, Aftermath Entertainment…

he wasn’t to know he’d be famous after his The Marshall Mathers LP debut in 2000.

The Marshall Mathers LP also marked his first chart-topping album of all time. It stayed in the first spot for eight weeks and sold more than 1 million copies within a week after its release.

In 2002, he made his album The Eminem Show public.

Also, it peaked in the Billboard 200 charts – marking another milestone for the rapper. 

Eminem (1999)

In case you didn’t know…

Slim Shady was the ‘other’ rapper name of Eminem. 

He calls it his ‘fast-tempered’ alter ego and released his certified triple platinum album, The Slim Shady LP, under the pseudonym.

Eminem (1998)

Eminem’s life began to change in 1998 – he signed for an independent label named Web Entertainment =]oafter doing rap battles for quite some time.

He then created his first album, Infinite, and released it in 1998. 

Eminem Controversies

Eminem vs. The Trumps (2019)

In 2019, the United States Secret Service interviewed the master rapper regarding his ‘lyrical threats’ towards the Trumps. 

Later on, he said he regretted his ‘anti-Trump’ lyrics and apologized for it. 

Eminem vs. Hotstylz (2013-2015)

His beef with the Chicago-based group, Hotstylz, began in 2013.

It started when the group claimed the rapper never asked for permission – to use their song ‘Lookin’ Boy’ as a sample for his ‘Rap God’ single.

After that, Hotstylz made a song called ‘Rap Fraud’ to diss Eminem’s music. 

The issue between the two parties even went to court…

… and the group sued him for $8 million for damages. 

However, the case was closed after both parties filed a confidential settlement.

Eminem vs. George W. Bush (2003)

Back in 2003, the Secret Service also investigated Eminem…

… all because the lyrics of his song ‘We Are Americans’ were deemed a “threat” to Bush’s safety. 

Despite the controversy, the song was still in his Encore album.

Eminem vs. Jacques Loussier (2002)

A 10-million-dollar lawsuit against Dr. Dre and Eminem happened in 2002. It was filed by Jacques Loussier, who accused the rappers of copying the beat in his song Pulsion in M’s ‘Kill You.’ 

The case didn’t last long since both parties settled it in court.

Eminem Career

Eminem vs. John Guerra (2002)

Eminem’s marriage crumbled in the early 2000s.

But before his divorce from his ex-wife, Kim, he went to court for a civil lawsuit filed by John Guerra. 


… who is John Guerra, you ask? 

He’s the man who kissed M’s ex-wife, Kim. 

The same man who Eminem “assaulted” outside the Michigan-based cafe, Hot Rock Cafe. 

Guerra then filed for a civil case against the rapper.

Later on, the case ended with Guerra receiving $100K as a settlement fee. 

Eminem vs. Debbie Nelson (1999)

Oddly enough, Eminem’s mother, Debbie, sued him for $10 million in 1999.

The reason for this? 

She claimed the singer was ‘making false statements about her’ in his album The Slim Shady LP.

Unfortunately for Nelson, the judge denied her request…

…and only received $1.6K for the damages instead.

Yikes! What a slap to the face!

Interesting Facts About Eminem

  1. According to the rapper, his Slim Shady stage name is what he calls his temper. 
  2. His musician genes came from his parents! As they used to be in a band on the Dakotas-Montana border, named ‘Daddy Warbucks.’ 
  3. He enjoyed rhyming as a child – this piqued his interest in becoming a rapper someday.
  4. When he started rapping, people ridiculed him for being white since most people used to connect the art of rapping to African-Americans. 
  5. He’s childhood friends with the late rapper, Proof, with whom he used to have rap battles in high school.
Check out these interesting facts about Eminem

Eminem Movies

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8 Miles

The film 8 Mile, directed by Curtis Hanson, marked Eminem’s acting debut.

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Crank Yankers

He made an appearance in the second season of Crank Yankers.

Eminem Music

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In 1996, the rapper’s debut album Infinite was a collaboration with Web Entertainment.

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The Slim Shady LP

The Slim Shady LP is his second major album, and label debut was made public in 1999.

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The Marshall Mathers LP

The third major album of Eminem is The Marshall Mathers LP, which gained popularity in 2000

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The Eminem Show

His 2002 album The Eminem Show peaked first on the Billboard 200 on its debut.

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The fifth album of Eminem entitled Encore topped the Billboard charts on its debut in 2004.

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Relapse, his sixth studio album is his comeback after his hiatus.

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In 2010, Recovery, Eminem released his seventh studio album of makingfirst on the Billboard 200.

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The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Released in 2013 was The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the sequel to his The Marshall Mathers LP.

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Revival is his ninth album featuring artists like Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, and many more!

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His tenth studio album, Kamikaze, was made public in 2018 without any announcement.

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Music to Be Murdered By

In 2020, he surprisingly released his eleventh studio album entitled Music To Be Murdered By

Eminem Books

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Angry Blonde

In 2002, Eminem published Angry Blonde — the first official book of the rapper.

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The Way I Am

Seven years later, he published The Way I Am — a collection of his thoughts in one book.

Eminem Personal Interests

If you’re an OG Stan…

… then I’m sure you know – Eminem enjoys drawing. 

In fact, the rapper frequently talks about his ambition of becoming a comic book artist as a child.

He even added that if he wasn’t a rapper, then he’d definitely be an artist publishing comic books for kids like him. 

Speaking of his art…

… did you know – he shared a drawing of his ????? on his book entitled The Way I Am?

Well, the rapper sure did include his drawing to make every Stan happy.

Eminem Business Interests

The award-winning rapper has invested in some companies throughout the years. 

He’s bought stocks from big names like Genius in 2015 and also invested in the sneaker company called StockX in 2016. 

Aside from the stock market, he also created his record-label named Shady Records. The imprint wherein known rapper, 50 Cent first signed as an artist.

If you wanna know more about his businesses and moolah, you can check out BounceMojo’s Eminem Net Worth article for more details on these.

Eminem Awards & Lifetime Achievements

  1. His song ‘Lose Yourself’ won the Best Original Song during the 2003 Oscars. He was also the first rapper who has ever achieved this.
  2. The ‘Rap God’ singer currently has 15 Grammy Awards! He also earned about 43 nominations in the same award-giving body throughout his career.
  3. Besides his awards above, he too received 17 Billboard Music Awards. 
  4. In addition to those, 10 out of his 11 albums peaked first on the Billboard 200! 
  5. He received 8 American Music Awards and 25 nominations from the award-giving body.

Top 3 Eminem Quotes

  • To be honest, life’s one crazy ride wherein nothing is guaranteed… you’ll never know what’s gonna happen and you just have to deal with it.” – Eminem
  • I just can’t sit back and wallow, in my own sorrow, but I know one fact: I’ll be one tough act to follow.” – Eminem
  • I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There’s no in-between. People will either love you for it or hate you for it.” – Eminem

Eminem Biography: 5 Best Lessons

  1. Giving up shouldn’t be in every person’s vocabulary. 
  2. Use your pain and struggles as your fuel to achieving greatness.
  3. Defy the norms and conquer all the odds to make your success more spectacular. 
  4. Sometimes, you don’t need school lessons to be successful. Instead, learn real-life lessons and apply them to your decisions.
  5. Dream hard, work more, and hustle all the time.
These are the 3 lessons we can learn from Eminem’s life

Conclusion: Eminem Biography

I guess we’re here…

… the summary of Eminem’s Biography – or should I say, his rollercoaster of a life.

My greatest takeaway from this Bio is this; there should be no struggle too difficult as long as you strive hard. 

But I also particularly like how he never gave up despite everything he’s been through.

Well, I know there’s a lot we can realize both from his achievements and mistakes. 

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