Jerry Seinfeld Height, Age, Weight
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Jerry Seinfeld Vital Stats

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Jerry Seinfeld Height and Measurements: Jerry Seinfelds height is 5 ft 11 in, or 180.5 cm, and he weighs 76 kg or 167.5 lbs. 

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the world’s highest-paid comedians earning as much as $69 million in just a year with a net worth of $950 million.

Part of his net worth is thanks to reruns of what the publication has labeled “the most successful television show of all time.”

In this article, we’ll be dealing with anything that has to do with his frame and physique – and even a list of his faves.

Get your tapes ready and let’s take a look at Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld Vital Stats (2024): Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

Jerry Seinfeld Height and Measurements

Here are some of Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite things:

Comedy Movies: “A Night at the Opera,” “Tom and Jerry,” “The Graduate,” “Bee Movie,” “Eddie,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” “The Heartbreak Kid,” “The Rating’s Game,” “The In-Laws,” and “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

Comedians: Don Rickles, Julia Dreyfus, Richard Pryor, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Cosby, and George Carlin.

Superhero: Superman

Baseball Team: New York Mets

Chef: Mario Batali

Food: Doughnuts, Peanut Butter Sandwich, and Bagels

Restaurants: Babbo, Via Quadronno NY, Charlie Bird, and Pizzeria Bianco.

Aside from being a comedian, Jerry Seinfeld is also an actor, writer, and producer hailing from Brooklyn, New York. 

Jerry’s father Kalman is of Hungarian-Jewish descent. Thanks to the jokes his father collected while serving in World War II, young Jerry developed a love for humor. 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

His spirit of laughter and interest in stand-up comedy developed after participating in small stints during college productions.

He became a classic act at Budd Friendman’s Improv Club on open-mic nights while attending Queens College.

His enthusiasm to make a name for himself drove him to try out open-mic night at Catch a Rising Star New York right after graduating in 1976.

Hard work paid off for the man. 

It later got him an appearance in a Rodney Dangerfield HBO Special.

He got a chance after landing a small role on the sitcom Benson by playing Frankie – a simple mail-delivery boy with jokes on the side that no one wants to hear.

Jerry Seinfeld Height and Measurements

Guess what? 

Seinfeld got fired from his job due to “creative differences.”

Absurd, I must say!

Now, he’s internationally known to be the smiling guy behind the most successful TV show back in the early 2000s (“Seinfeld”) which he co-directed with Larry David.

The tides have changed and millions are coming his way – nonstop!

Jerry is also famous for being an automobile enthusiast and avid collector that features about 150 cars!

Isn’t that amazing?

His collection was so big, he rented out a hanger at the Santa Monica Airport just to store them!

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Conclusion: Jerry Seinfeld Height, Weight, Age

When a guy tries so hard to reach for his dreams, he’s bound to have it within his grasp. 

Thank you so much for tuning in. 

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