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Eddie Hall Net Worth, Biography, & Lifestyle: Edward Stephen Hall is a British retired professional strongman from the United Kingdom. He took first place in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition and has a total net worth of $5 million today. 

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Eddie Hall’s career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • How Eddie made his fortune through his profession, the challenges he struggled with to maintain his job, his personal life, and his educational background; 
  • Eddie’s achievements, the controversies he faced, and all the fun facts about him;
  • A look at some of his investments, including his house, cars, how he loved spending his money, and the philanthropic deeds Eddie did for the community;
  • Lots more!


After hours of research, we’re really stoked to bring you the details of Eddie Hall Net Worth.

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Who Is Eddie Hall?

Eddie hall net Worth

Eddie Hall was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, on January 15, 1988. He’s a professional competitive swimmer during his youth. 

Hall too has participated and won several times in the UK’s Strongest Man and England’s Strongest Man competitions. 

In 2016, Hall set the main world record for the deadlift, pulling 500 kilograms (1,102 lb) under strongman rules.

Did you know…

Hall was expelled from Clayton High School when he was 15 years old. 

That said, he began receiving in-home tutoring after that. 

Soon, he started working as a mechanic in the Robert Wiseman Dairies workshop in Market Drayton, Shropshire, in 2008.

After he competed in a strongman show at the Iceman gym in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Eddie Hall then started to train like a bodybuilder and eventually joined the strongman circuit. 

Dave Meer of Tamworth, Staffordshire was then required to withdraw from the Elite Strongman England championships in 2010 due to injury.

Here’s the best part…

He negotiated for Hall to fill his shoes, which resulted in Hall qualifying for the 2010 finals that he earned by half a point on his very first shot.

Hall became the first candidate to replace New Zealand’s Jono MacFarlane in the Giants Live Melbourne event in February 2012, after the latter was injured. 

He finished 4th in his first experience of foreign competition. 

Eddie was then invited to participate in Europe’s Strongest Man, another Giants live show, in April 2012. 

Hall came in eighth position overall. 

Eddie eventually participated in the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2012 but did not advance past the qualifying group.

You’re probably wondering…

…what’s his personal record, right? Check it out below: 

  • Deadlift world record with straps and suit – 500 kilograms (1,102 lb)
  • (Current In Competition Record)
  • Axle press – 216 kilograms (476 lb) (world record)
  • Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift with straps – 465 kilograms (1,025 lb)
  • Deadlift with straps – 463 kilograms (1,021 lb)
  • Log lift – 213 kilograms (470 lb)
  • Crossfit Isabel – 60 kilograms (132 lb) for 30 repetitions in 50.9 seconds (Claimed World Record)

Gym lifts:

  • Squat – 405 kilograms (893 lb)
  • Bench press – 300 kilograms (661 lb) (equipped)
  • Leg press – 1,000 kilograms (2,205 lb) for 10 reps
  • Silver dollar deadlift – 536 kilograms (1,182 lb) (former world record)
Profession: Strongman
Worth: $5 million
Date of Birth: 1988-01-15 (His age now is 36.)
Current Occupation: Singer-Songwriter
Eye Colour: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Children: 2
Favorite Food: Burger
Place of Birth:  Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England
Language: English
Tattoos: Yes
Nationality: British
Religion: Christian
Smoking : Yes

How Much Is Eddie Hall Net Worth?

Eddie Hall, also known as ‘The Beast,’ has a net worth of $5 million.

Eddie Hall Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2018$1.2 million
2019$3.5 million
20204.9 million
2021$5 million

Eddie Hall TV Shows

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Born Strong

The world’s four strongest men fight for the title. We meet each 400-pound colossus in his homeland before heading to The Arnold Strongman Classic. Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson, Brian Shaw, and Zydrunas Savickas star in this film.

The Young Eddie Hall

Young Eddie hall

The shirtless picture, which did the rounds on social media while Hall was on vacation, was captioned “16-year-old Beast” and accompanied by the location “Nipple City.”

While Hall’s body isn’t as enormous in this photo as it was when he won the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2017, he still appears gigantic, especially for a 16-year-old.


There were some questions about whether Hall was really as young as he claimed in his article, with some comments implying that he was much older than 16 at the time the photo was taken.


While there is no simple way to prove or disprove those claims, it is undeniable that Hall has been a towering figure since his early adolescence.

Eddie Hall Family & Relationships

Eddie Hall’s Wife: Alexandra Hall

Eddie hall  Wife

Eddie Hall is already a husband and father. 

Alexandra Hall, his girlfriend turned wife, has tied him in a marital bond in 2012 when the pair exchanged vows. 

The couple has two children, a daughter and a son named Max Hall, who were born to them together.

Eddie Hall’s Daughter: Layla Hall

Eddie hall Daughter

Eddie Hall’s Son: Maximus Hall

Eddie hall Son

And coming up shortly – we’re going to be taking a deep dive into how Eddie Hall spends his money – houses, cars, jets, and how generous he is with charity. But first, let’s look at his sports career and career earnings and a look at some scandals and controversies. 

How Eddie Hall Spends His Money

Eddie Hall House

Eddie hall House

Eddie Hall spent his health in a mansion that’s built in 1988.  

In a YouTube vlog he shared, Eddie gave his viewers a look around his house. 

He shows that the house is just under an acre in size and is absolutely enclosed by a six-foot-high spiked fence. 

Hall also outlines his intention of turning the attic into a fourth storey, in case there’s not already enough space.

Moving into the house’s entrance, Hall explains that the rug on the middle floor, stairs, and top floor cost approximately £20,000. Just to give everyone an idea of the cost of this home.

Eddie hall House
Eddie’s three-story house in America.

Eddie Hall Car

When he isn’t lifting or pulling them Eddie Halls drive ‘The Beast’ monster truck.

Eddie hall Car

Eddie Hall Philanthropy

Eddie hall Philanthropy

Eddie Hall took a break from his strict gym routine to participate in a fundraising lorry pull. At an event in Ellington, Hall played against teams from Buffaload Logistics and other local businesses.

Each team took turns pulling a 20-tonne lorry and wagon over a 20-meter distance until Eddie towed the lorry over the same location by himself. 

The Boparan Charitable Trust was the beneficiary of the case.

The Boparan Charitable Trust, which supports disabled and vulnerable children around the UK, has received more than £16,000 in donations.


What a remarkable man he is! 

Fun Facts About Eddie Hall

  • Eddie eats about 10,000 calories a day while working, feeding every two hours or so
  • Eddie combined his training with working as a truck mechanic before Mo Chaudry, a local businessman and founder of Waterworld, became his boss.
  • Eddie’s talents have piqued the attention of people in other industries, and he claims to have turned down a variety of film roles.
  • Eddie was 5 years old since he first had seen the World’s Strongest Man competition on television.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Eddie Hall

  1. Don’t spend money on unnecessary things.
  2. Save while you can.
  3. Be smart enough on which to invest to.
  4. Give your passion to what you’re good at, so it will grow.
  5. Don’t get hooked on materials and proposals that could leave you empty-handed.
Boucemojo’s 5 Lessons We Can Learn From Eddie Hall For Financial Freedom

Top 3 Quote From Eddie Hall

  • “I’m not going to walk around at 28 stone until I’m 48. My plan is to win the World’s Strongest Man, walk away gracefully, and live a long life.”
  • “I tend to wake up around 7, and I start the day with a protein shake.”
  • “My workouts are based on very heavy, fast movements using weights, the science behind it being that the faster you move a weight, the more fast-twitch fibers you rip and then repair.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is Eddie Hall Net Worth?

Eddie hall’s net worth is $5million.

Who Is Eddie Hall’s Wife?

Eddie Hall is married to his wife, Alexandra Hall.

Why Has Eddie Hall Retired?

The effect of the sport on Eddie Hall’s wellbeing was the key reason he wanted to withdraw as the World’s Strongest Man. Eddie claims that competing in the 500kg deadlift was among the most damaging activities he’s ever accomplished.

Summary: Eddie Hall Net Worth and Biography

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