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Dwight Yoakam Songs & Albums: You must’ve heard about theSecond Hand Heart by Dwight Yoakam. But what about his other songs?

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We got you covered because, in this article, we are going to talk about life, career, and songs by Dwight Yoakam. 

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We will be reading how he earned all the fame from his songs and albums. Excited? Us too! 

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Dwight Yoakam Career

Dwight Yoakam Career

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Dwight David Yoakam is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and musician known for his country music style. He was born in Pikeville, Kentucky, on October 23, 1956. David graduated from Northland High School, and he’s ever been interested in music and drama. 

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Dwight’s music career began in the 1980s, but at that time, Yoakam’s brand of hip honky-tonk was not considered marketable. So he moved to Los Angeles and worked hard in bringing the new honky-tonk or hillbillymusic famous. He wrote all the songs and performed at several shows in rock and punk rock clubs.


Yoakam’s recording debut was self-financed, including “Guitars,” “Cadillacs,” etc. In 1993, Dwight released his most successful album namedThis Time,” which reached triple platinum status. 

One after the other…

Yoakam’s albums ranked on the top list that includes “A Renaissance Man,” “Crazy Little Things Called Love,” “Suspicious Minds,” “Truckin,” “I want you to want me,” and more. 

Movies & TV Career

Yoakam also starred in several films and TV series such asSling Blade,” “Panic Room,” “The Minus Man,” “King of the Hill,” “Wedding Crashers,” and more. 

List Entry #1: Honky Tonk Man

Recording Artist: Dwight Yoakam

Album: Guitars, Cadillacs.

Released: 1986

Our favorite Dwight Yoakam Song is Honky Tonk Man,” a song written and recorded by the singer Johnny Horton. This song was recorded on 11 January 1956 at the Bradley Barn Studio in Nashville.

The content describes a life of drinking and dancing with young women and living a protagonist’s lifestyle.

Adding in the lyrics… 

Hey now, a pretty little girl and a jug of wine.

Well, that’s what it takes to make a honky tonks time

With the jukebox moaning, those honky-tonk sounds

I can’t wait to lay my money down

Because I’m a honky-tonk man, I’m a honky-tonk man

And I can’t seem to stop; I love to give the girls a whirl

Check Out: Honky Tonk Man

List Entry #2: Guitars, Cadillacs

Artist: Dwight Yoakam

Album: Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.

Released: 1986

Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Country Song, Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance

Guitars, Cadillacsis a song by a country music artist namedDwight Yoakam.” It was released in 1986, and the music video was directed and produced by Sherman Halsey. 

Adding in more…

During the bar scene in the action film Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the song is played as the terminator walks into a bar looking for clothes to wear. In the lyrics, he says, 

Girl, you taught me how to hurt real bad and cry myself to sleep

You showed me how this town could shatter dreams

Another lesson about a naive fool that came to Babylon

And found out that the pie don’t taste so sweet

Now it’s guitars, Cadillacs, hillbilly music

Lonely, lonely streets that I call home

Yeah, my guitars, Cadillacs, hillbilly music

Is the only thing that keeps me hanging on

Check Out: Guitars, Cadillacs

List Entry #3: A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

Artist: Dwight Yoakam

Album: This Time

Released: 1993

The songA Thousand Miles from Nowhere is a sad song by Dwight Yoakam. It’s from his albumThe Time,” which was released in 1993. 


The singer talks about being miles apart from anywhere in the song, and he’s got heartaches and echoes with him. 

The lyrics say, 

I’m a thousand miles from nowhere; Time doesn’t matter to me

Because I’m a thousand miles from nowhere, And there’s no place I want to be

I got heartaches in my pocket, and I got echoes in my head, 

And all that I keep hearing Are the cruel, cruel things that you said

I’ve got bruises on my memory; I’ve got tear stains on my hands

And in the mirror, there’s a vision, Of what used to be a man

Check Out: A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

List Entry #4: Fast as You

Artist: Dwight Yoakam

Album: This Time

Released: 1993

Fast as youis an extraordinary song by Dwight Yoakam from his albumThe Time.” It is a motivational song where the singer talks about being stronger than he is now; he is talking about being the tough one real soon. 


The lyrics say, 

Maybe someday I’ll be strong, Maybe it won’t belong

I’ll be the tough one, and You’ll be the one who’s got it rough

It won’t be long and, Maybe I’ll be real strong

Maybe I’ll do things right; Maybe I’ll start tonight

You’ll learn to cry like me, honky-tonk roots

Check Out: Fast as you

List Entry #5: Turn It On, Turn it Up, Turn it loose

Artist: Dwight Yoakam

Album: If There Was a Way

Released: 1990

Producer(s): Pete Anderson

Genre: Country

Songwriter(s): Kostas, Wayland Patton

Turn it on, turn it up and Turn me Looseis a title track from the album “If they released away, and You’ll” in 1990.


The singer talks about coming home after a long day, and now the loneliness seems to soothe him down, as it says…

Well, I’m back again for another night.

Of trying to break free from this sadness that I can’t lay to rest

This old honky-tonk sure does feel like home

And the music with the laughter seems to soothe my loneliness

Turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose

From her memory, that’s driving me lonely, crazy, and blue, and She wore red dresses

It helps me forget her, so the louder, the better.

Check Out: Turn it on, turn it up and Turn me Loose

List Entry #6: Streets of Bakersfield

Artists: Dwight Yoakam, Buck Owens

The songStreets of Bakersfieldis by the artists Dwight Yoakam and Buck Owens.

Simply put…

He talks about being someone important, and he wants to give himself a chance; the song adds,

I came here looking for something I couldn’t find anywhere else

Well, I don’t want to be anybody; I just want a chance to be myself.

I’ve done a thousand miles of thumbin’, Yes, I’ve worn blisters on my heels

Trying to find me something better, On the streets of Bakersfield.

Check Out: Streets of Bakersfield

List Entry #7: I Sang Dixie

Artist: Dwight Yoakam

Album: Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room

Released: 1988

I Sang Dixieis an American song by the artist Dwight David Yoakam. It was released in 1988 from the album Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room. 


The song narrates a story of a man dying on the streets of Los Angeles while crying, and the dixie dies; it adds, 

I sang Dixie as he died

People just walked on by as I cried, wanna love

The bottle had robbed him of all his rebel pride

So I sang Dixie as he died

Said way down yonder in the land of cotton

Old times there isn’t near as rotten

As they are on this damned old L.A. street

Check Out: I Sang Dixie

List Entry #8: Suspicious Minds

Artist: Dwight David Yoakam

Album: Honeymoon in Vegas

Released: 1992

Suspicious Minds is a title track from the album Honeymoon in vegas by the artist Dwight Yoakam released in 1992. 

Turns out…

The song is about a misunderstanding developing between in their minds, and they are both worried about how to sort their minds,

We’re caught in a trap, and I can’t walk out.

Because I love you too much, baby, Why can’t you see

What you’re doing to me, When you don’t believe a word, I’m saying, 

We’re caught in a trap

I can’t walk out, Because I love you too much, baby, when you wore red dresses.

We’re caught in a trap, and I can’t walk out.

Because I love you too much, baby, We’re caught in a trap.

Check Out: Suspicious Minds

List Entry #9: Please, Please Baby

Please, Please Babyis a song by the artist Dwight Yoakam from the album “Hillbilly Deluxe,” released in 1987.


The song adds,

Please, please, baby, baby, come back home

Because it’s so cold and dark here all alone

If you come back, I promise I’ll be good

If you come home, baby, I’ll act as I should

Check Out: Please, Please Baby

List Entry #10: Little Ways

Artist: Dwight Yoakam

Album: Hillbilly Deluxe

Released: 1987

Little Waysis a song by a very famous artist Dwight Yoakam from the album Hillbilly Deluxe. It was released in 1987. 

Simply added…

The song is about being hurt by his lover and finding a way to come back strong; the lyrics add…

You’ve got your little ways to hurt me

You know just how to tear me up

And leave me in small pieces on the ground

You’ve got your little ways to hurt me

They’re not too big, but they’re real tough

Just one cold look from you can knock me down

Don’t forget to grab a tissue box before listening to this one. 

Check Out: Little Ways

Conclusion: Dwight Yoakam Songs

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