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Wil Wheaton Net Worth FI

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Wil Wheaton Net Worth, Wealth and, Salary: Richard William Wheaton III is an American actor, writer, and blogger with a net worth of $1 million.

Wheaton has over 130 film credits to his name, and if you’re a real fan, you’d know that he started acting as a child in the 1981 TV film “A Long Way Home.”

He made his big-screen breakthrough the following year in the animated film “The Secret of NIMH,” and he continued to act through the 1980s, earning his first major role in the 1986 movie “Stand by Me.”


I know you’re excited to discuss more of Wil Wheaton net worth as well as his wealth, but first…

… we’ll have to take a quick look back to his early life before becoming one of the most well-known celebrities in the voice and acting scene. 

We’ll be looking at:

  • How he managed to earn his $1 million net worth;
  • His career recognitions, how he started in the film and music scene, and his challenges;
  • Wil’s hard-earned luxurious properties;
  • The philanthropic work he did for the community;
  • Lots more…

Buckle up.

Let’s get started…

Who Is Wil Wheaton

Richard William Wheaton III was born on July 29, 1972 to mother Debra Nordean, and father Richard William Wheaton Jr, (birth place: Burbank, California, United States). 

He is an active actor, blogger, television producer and writer. He’s well-known for his iconic roles in the following TV series and films. Check it out below: 

  • Wesley Crusher  in the television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Gordie Lachance in the film Stand by Me
  • Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers
  • Bennett Hoenicker in Flubber
Wil Wheaton Net Worth

Not only that….

He portrayed Fawkes on The Guild, Colin Mason on Leverage, and Dr. Isaac Parrish on Eureka, as well as a fictionalized version of himself on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Richard William Wheaton III  TV Film, Web Series, TV Movie Career: 

Richard William Wheaton III portrayed Wesley Crusher during the first four seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

Later on in the season, this character was given a regular role.

In the action movie Toy Soldiers, Wheaton portrayed Joey Trotta. 

He’s also looking for a new beginning, so he relocated to Topeka, Kansas, to work for NewTek software company, where he assisted in the creation of the Video Toaster 4000 by doing quality checks and quality assurance.


He then returned to Los Angeles, where he attended acting school for five years before re-entering the industry. 

Wheaton starred in numerous indie films in the late 1990s and early 2000s, including the award-winning The Good Things (2001), in which he plays a disgruntled Kansas toll booth worker.

And, the best part…

He won the Best Actor award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival for his role in Jane White Is Sick & Twisted (2002).

The Wil Wheaton Project

Wheaton revealed on his blog that his latest show, The Wil Wheaton Project, will debut on the SyFy channel at 10 p.m. every Friday for a twelve-episode original rollout.


On the other hand, he also said that SyFy had cancelled the show after just one season.

Other Gigs

Did you know…

As a blogger, he also liked to share his interest in poker games. 

Will used to write about his poker adventures, particularly tales of playing Texas hold’em competitions both locally and in Las Vegas. He worked his way up to regular play, culminating in a victory at the 2005 World Poker Tour Championships.

You’re probably wondering…

…just much net worth Wil Wheaton had over the years of his career. You can check it all out below: 

Wil Wheaton Net Worth : $1 Million
Date of Birth: May 24, 1969 (Wil Wheaton’s age now is 54.)
Gender: Male
Eye Colour:Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign: Leo
No. of Children: 2
Tattoos: Yes
Religion: Atheist
Last Updated: 2023
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: Married
Place Of Birth: Burbank, California, U.S
Profession: Actor, television personality, writer, blogger, voice actor
Favorite Color: Light Gold
Smoking/Drinking: Yes
Language: English

How Much Is Wil Wheaton Net Worth?

Wheaton has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The good fortune stems from the many films he has made, lending his voice to well-known television shows and the blog he runs.

Wil Wheaton Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$1 million
Total$3 million

Wil Wheaton Business Ventures 

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Vicarious Audiobook

This mind-bending, profoundly fictional sci-fi story is brought to life by award-winning actors Wil Wheaton and Katherine McNamara.

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The Martian Audiobook

An adaptation of Andy Weir’s contemporary sci-fi classic, voiced by Wil Wheaton.

The Young Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton Net Worth

Wil started out in the movie industry really young. 

In 1981, he landed a role in A Long Way Home, and his first film appearance was in the 1982 animated movie The Secret of NIMH, based on Robert C. O’Brien’s novel Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (1971). 

He had a tiny contribution as Louis’s pal in The Last Starfighter (1984), but it has been removed

Wil Wheaton Family & Relationships

Anne Wheaton (wife)

Wil Wheaton Net Worth

He married his girlfriend, Annе Prinсе, in 1999. They’re now living together in Arcadia with the other two children that Anne Prince had from her previous failed relationship, namely, Ryan Wheaton and Nolan Wheaton.

How Wil Wheaton Spend His Money

As someone who has been in the film industry for a long time, he invested his salary in real estate property and personal investment purposes which are mostly not available to the public. 

Wil Wheaton  House

Wil Wheaton Net Worth House

As for the fruits of his labor, Wil eventually got his family home in Arcadia California.

 Just a simple, nice house in a quiet neighborhood! Look at how peaceful his house is.

Wil Wheaton Philanthropy

The Foundation To Increase Awesome

The donation drive which Anne and Wil built is for giving people the chance to join the auction for their items which are from their friends in the media scene. 

The foundation receives all of the proceeds from our auctions and puts them to good use, especially through helping organizations that depend on charitable donations to stay afloat.

Fun Facts About Wil Wheaton

  • Wil’s Height is: 5”11 ft.
  • Wil got his first breakthrough in acting when he appeared in a Jell-O Pudding Pops ad alongside Bill Cosby.
  • Hockey, magic, juggling, golf, and guitar are some of his favorite things to do.
  • He is an ardent and committed homebrewer and became one of the first bloggers.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Wil Wheaton

  1. “Save while you’re young.”
  2. “Spend wisely.”
  3. “Never spend when in doubt.”
  4. “Avoid impulsive buying.”
  5. “Spend little if possible.”

Top 3 Quote From Wil Wheaton

  • Fun fact: I hate dancing. It makes me feel self conscious, stupid, uncoordinated, and like a complete idiot. Because I don’t particularly enjoy feeling that way, I probably dance once a year, to only one song, and only to make Anne happy when she wants to dance with her husband at whatever thing we’ve gone to where they have organized dancing.”
  • “Even when I was little, people would always ask me if I wanted to be a movie star, and I would always say, ‘No, I just want to be an actor.'”
  • “I guess I’m up to about 70% of normal, which is a real relief. My doctor gave me clearance to go out in public again, so I’ve been able to go to the store and help out a little bit around the house.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Wil Wheaton Weight?

Wil’s weight is 155.03 lbs or 70 kilograms 

Who Is Wil Wheaton’s Wife? 

Anne Prince is Wil’s wife, and they had two children from Anne’s previous relationship.

What Is Wil Wheaton Net Worth?

He is worth $1 million as an actor, blogger, producer. 

Summary: Wil Wheaton Net Worth

There you have it! I hope you had a good and informative read today! What’s your favorite part? 

Well, to be honest, mine is the fact that I didn’t recognize how his face matured from the last time I watched the Star Trek series! It’s really fun to get to know him better, which I hope you do too.

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