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In today’s Tyga Taste Lyrics Article, we’ll cover:

  • Watch the music video
  • Learn Taste Lyrics
  • Learn the background of the song
  • Fun facts about the song

Lots more….

Song: Tyga Taste Lyrics

Artist: Tyga

Featured Artist: Offset

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

Release Date: May 16, 2018


Tyga Taste Lyrics

The song Taste is a song performed and made famous by rapper-songwriter Tyga. The song features Offset, one of the members of the trio Migos.

According to Billboard, Tyga says the song Taste was the “second or third song he created in one night and that it came to life following a nightclub break he took in between recording. When he returned to the studio – along with a ‘bunch of girls and homies’ – Tyga heard a ‘real slow’ beat, that producer D.A. Doman was playing.”

Talk about coincidence, right?

It’s funny how one night at the club can bring about such a great song.

Being a songwriter himself, he experimented with the beat and pumped it up faster.

“I always like to record the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear something, so I came up with like the first four bars…I did the song in probably 30 minutes. Some eats just bring out that spirit in you, and it was just a cakewalk.”

No wonder Tyga’s made a name in the rap industry. He’s a talented songwriter. Imagine writing a song and wrapping it up in just 30 minutes?

Best of all…

… Tyga co-directed the music video.

Tyga Taste Lyrics

In it, you can see him with Offset at a pool party having fun while being surrounded by crowds of bikini-clad ladies.

As if that’s not enough…

… the music video for Taste is also graced by famous personalities in the rap world. Think Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Ronny J, E., and Joyner Lucas.

Here’s the kicker!

Taste also contains a snippet of the late singer Aaliyah’s song I Can Be, released in 2001.

When asked about the track, Tyga exclaimed, “We dropped it the first day and all the reactions, like it was crazy…It got like, I don’t know…a million views like the first day, something crazy…Kanye hit me up, and he was like, ‘Man, this is the best video of all time.’”

Good for you, Tyga!

Hard work does pay off, of course.

“Taste” Lyrics (Tyga)

[Intro: Tyga]



[Verse 1: Tyga]

Slide on it pimp game with my pinky ring

Lotta gang, lotta bitches, and a icy chain

Why you claim that you rich? That’s a false claim

I be straight to the whip, no baggage claim

Whole lotta styles, can’t even pronounce the name

You ain’t got no style, see you on my Instagram

I be rockin’ it like it’s fresh out the pan

Only when I’m takin’ pics, I’m the middleman

Walk, talk it like a boss, I just lift a hand

Three million cash, call me Rain Man

Money like a shower, that’s my rain dance

And we all in black, like it’s Gangland

Say the wrong words; you be hangman

Watch me stick to your bitch like a spray tan

Aw, Mr. What-Kind-of-Car-He-In?

And the city love my name, nigga; I ain’t gotta say it

[Chorus: Tyga]

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), fuck what a nigga say

It’s all the same like Mary-Kate

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), let you get a taste

(Taste, taste), do you love the taste?

Yeah, that’s cool, but he ain’t like me

[Verse 2: Tyga]

Lotta girls like me, niggas wanna fight me

Nigga, get your ass checked like a fuckin’ Nike

Me not icy, that’s unlikely

And she gon’ suck me like a fuckin’ Hi-C

Aw, chains on the neck for the whole team

And I feel like Gucci with the ice cream

And my bitch want the Fenty, not the Maybelline

I’m the black JB, the way these bitches scream

Make these bitches scream

Ah, pretty little thing

Like my nigga A.E.

Say, “Yadadadamean”

[Chorus: Tyga & Offset]

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), fuck what a nigga say

It’s all the same like Mary-Kate

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), let you get a taste

(Yes, yes), do you love the taste?

Yeah, that’s cool (Offset)

[Verse 3: Offset]

Yeah, I’ma put the drip on the plate, yeah (Drip, drip)

Diamond ice glacier, niggas imitate (Ice, ice)

Ayy, ayy, feed me grapes, Maybach with the drake (Grapes)

Slow pace in the Wraith, got this shit from bae (Skrrt)

Diamonds up to par (Par), the cookie hittin’ hard (Hard)

The ‘Rari sit in park (Park), on Addy on Mars (Mars)

Shotgun shells, we gon’ always hit the target (Blah)

Popcorn, big shell poppin’ out the cartridge (Pop it)

3400 Nawfside, Charles Barkley (Nawf)

4-8-8, Ferrari (Skrrt)

Make her get on top of me and ride me like a Harley (Ride)

She wanna keep me company and never wan’ depart me, depart me (No)

Yeah, fishtail in the parking lot (Skrrt, skrrt)

I don’t kick it with these niggas ’cause they talk about ya (Yeah)

Yeah, and I got the fire, don’t make me spark it out ya (Fire)

Yeah, keep it in my back pocket like it’s a wallet (Who?)

Like the way she suck it, suck it like a Jolly (Woah)

Stack it up and put it with the whole project (Racks)

And she got that Patek on water moccasin (Patek)

I’m rich in real life; I get that profit, copy (Hey)

[Chorus: Tyga]

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), let you get a taste

(Taste, taste), do you love the taste?

Yeah, that’s cool, but he ain’t like me

[Outro: Tyga]

(Taste, taste), LA, you can get a taste

(Taste, taste), Miami, you can get a taste

(Taste, taste), Oakland, you can get a taste

(Taste, taste), New York, do you love the taste?

(Taste, taste), Chi-Town, you can get a taste

(Taste, taste), Houston, you can get a taste

(Taste, taste), ayy, Portland, you can get a taste

(Taste, taste), overseas, let them bitches taste

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), she can get a taste

(Taste, taste), do you love the taste?

(Taste, taste), worldwide, they gon’ get a taste

Facts About Tyga’s “Taste” 

Tyga Taste Lyrics
  • The song “Taste” takes its influence from Trap music – with smooth rap verses. It features Offset. When he spoke to DJ Sour Milk on Power 106 LA, Tyga said, “I sent it to [Offset], and he FaceTimed me and told me the song was crazy, and he wanted to hop on it.”
  • It is Tyga and Offset’s first collaboration ever.
  • The summer-vibe music video had Tyga and Offset host an NSFW pool party in Los Angeles with 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa joining them while eyeing bikini-clad women.
  • “Taste” marked Tyga’s first solo appearance at Top 40 since his song “Faded” in 2012, which reached the No. 33 spot.
  • Tyga created “Taste” in just one night in his studio after his nightclub break in between recording some of his tracks. Tyga recalled to Billboard that D.A. Doman, the producer of Chris Brown’s “Privacy,” played a slower beat of the song. Tyga experimented with the music by speeding it up and adding more instrumentation in it.
  • It was D.A. Doman who first created the beat of the song. As Tyga’s frequent collaborator, he told DJ Booth that he sent it to Tyga after having developed the instrumentatioN – who approved it immediately. While on a car ride with his wife in Chicago, Doman received an unmixed version of “Taste” via a text message from Tyga. They (Doman and his wife) both knew straight away that it would be a smash hit.
  • Doman suggested getting a feature from either Offset or another rapper when he heard the mixed version of “Taste.” Tyga then told Offset about it, who agreed to do a guest verse.
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Conclusion: Tyga Taste Lyrics

Loved singing to the beat of “Taste?”

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