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Smokey Robinson Songs & Albums: Fascinating appearance with green-blue eyes and a big smile, popularly known as Smokey Robinson, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former record executive. Born into a low-income family of mixed racial ancestry on February 19, 1940, as William Robinson Jr. in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Did you know…

…that from a young age, Robinson had his interest in music? 

Yes, you read that right…

He and his friends created a ‘doo-wop’ group in 1955 known as “The Five Chimes,” in which they eventually changed to ‘The Miracles’ and rose to prominence at the time, leaving their legacy on the ‘Hollywood Walk Of Fame‘ as stars! 

The Miracles” founding members included Bobby Rogers, Claudette Rogers, Marv Tarplin – the guitarist, Ronald White – a childhood friend, and a class fellow Pete Moore, delivering over 37 ‘Top 40 Hit Songs’ before.


The Miracles’ then changed its name to ‘Smokey Robinson & the Miracles.

Want to know why?…

Well, there is also an interesting backstory to it. Let’s keep reading below! 

Smokey Robinson & Berry Gordy jr. in Motown Records

Robinson met songwriter Berry Gordy Jr. at an audition that ‘The Miracles’ failed, but Berry liked Smokey. Later, Smokey Robinson and the Berry Gordy jr. co-founded their record label, Tamla Records, later reincorporated as ‘Motown.’

‘The Miracles’ released their first single, “Got a Job,” with the help of Berry Gordy Jr. and became the first acts to sign under the label.

Not only that…

…From there was the beginning of a long and successful collaboration for ‘Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ and Motown.


In 1960, Motown’s first million-selling hit single, “Shop Around,” was released, setting a record in the music scene.


The group released many hit albums and singles one after another, including:

  • Hi… We’re the Miracles (1961)
  • I’ll Try Something New (1962)
  • Going to a Go-Go (1965)
  • One Dozen Roses (1971) 

So far, the group has produced:

  • 25 Studio albums;
  • 3 Live albums;
  • 7 Compilation albums;
  • 57 Singles;

With many of the group’s tracks and albums hitting the ‘Billboard and R&B charts.’


In 1972 Smokey retired from the group to focus on his work as Motown vice president. Then in 1973, Marv Tarplin also left, but The Miracles continued with Billy Griffen.

Releasing “Do It Baby” and “Love Machine” was a massive success for the group. Smokey made a comeback in the following year as a solo artist, but his solo music career suffered because of his other work at the label.


His music career wasn’t short of success stories, releasing over:

  • 23 Studio Albums; 
  • 58 Singles;

In Addition to that,

While working as Motown’s Vice President, Smokey wrote a lot of hit songs for other famous groups signed under the same label as well, including but not limited to:

  •  “My Guy” by Mary Wells
  • “My Girl” by Amii Stewart and Johnny Bristol
  • My Baby Must Be a Magician” by The Marvelettes 
  • More Love” by Kim Carnes
  • The One Who Really Loves You” by Mary Wells
  • I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” by Diana Ross and The Supremes and The Temptations
  • My Baby”  & “Since I Lost My Baby” by The Temptations

Most of them reached the top charts, but after the sale of Motown Records in 1988, he left the company in 1990.


Today’s list focuses only on Smokey Robinson’s iconic songs, whether released with ‘The Miracles’ or without. So, grab some popcorn and take a look at the best ‘Smokey Robinson’s Songs’ below.

Let’s get started…

#1. The Tracks of My Tears

Songwriter(s): Smokey Robinson, Warren Pete Moore, Marv Tarplin

Producer: Smokey Robinson

Label: Tamla

Genre: Soul, R&B (Rhythm and Blues)

Release Date: June 23, 1965 

Length: 2:55

The Tracks of My Tears” is an original R&B hit single recorded by ‘The Miracles’’. The song won multiple awards, becoming one of the most outstanding singles ever recorded by the group. 

The million-selling original version peaked at:

  • No. 2 on Billboard R&B chart,
  • No. 9 on UK charts (relaunched version),
  • No. 16 on Billboard Hot 100,
  • No. 18 on US Cash Box Top 100,
  • No. 50 on The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in 2004 by the Rolling Stone magazine,
  • No. 98 on US Billboard Hot 100,
  • No. 127 in the list of the ‘Songs of the Century’– the 365 Greatest Songs of the 20th Century by the National Endowment for the Arts,
  • No. 5 of the “Top 10 Best Songs of All Time” by a panel of top songwriters and producers.

Not only that,

But in 2007, the song was also inducted into The Grammy Hall of Fame. Billboard declared the song as a “first-rate teen ballad with a pulsating dance beat.”

And on March 30, 2021, marking the 60th anniversary of Motown’s first No.1 hit, Rolling Stone ranked the song “The Greatest Motown Song of All Time.

In case you should know…

Linda Ronstadt also recorded this song for her studio album “Prisoner in Disguise” in 1975.

#2. The Tears of a Clown

Songwriter(s): Hank Cosby, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder

Producer: Hank Cosby, Smokey Robinson

Label: Tamla

Genre: Soul

Release Date: July 1970 (UK), September 24, 1970 (US)

Length: 3:02

Tears of a Clown,” a multi-million international seller, was first released in 1967 in the album “Make it Happen” but was later re-released in the UK as a single in July 1970, reaching at:

  • No. 1 on the UK singles chartfor the week ending 12 September 1970.
  • No. 1 on US Billboard Hot 100 
  • No.1 on the R&B Singles chart

In 2002, the track was also inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Also, because of the multi-million international of this song’s success, despite having plans to retire, Smokey decided to stay till 1972.

#3. Cruisin

Songwriter(s): Smokey Robinson, Marv Tarplin

Producer: Smokey Robinson

Label: Tamla

Genre: Soul, Pop, R&B

Release Date: August 1979

Length: 5:53, 4:11 (edit)

The song is included on Robinson’s ninth studio album, “Where There’s Smoke…

Cruisin’” became one of the most successful singles of his solo work, peaking at:

  • No. 1 on U.S. Cash Box Top 100
  • No. 4 on Billboard Pop Hit for the Week of February 2, 1980.
  • No. 1 on the New Zealand Country Chart.


In 2009, Essence Magazine included the track in their list of the “25 Best Slow Jams of All Time“. While in 2021, Robinson’s version of the song appeared in a TV Commercial for ‘Allstate.’  

#4. Being with You

Songwriter(s): Smokey Robinson

Producer: George Tobin, Mike Piccirillo

Label: Motown

Genre: R&B, Soul

Release Date: March 9, 1981

Length: 4:06.

This song was first released in English versions, one by Motown and later a Spanish version under the title “Aqui Con Tigo,” backed with a bilingual English/Spanish version by Tamla, a former subsidiary.

This musical composition was one of the greatest hits of Smokey’s solo career reaching:

  • No. 1 on Hot Soul Singles chart,
  • No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100,
  • No. 1 on the US CashBox Top 100,
  • No. 1 hit in the UK Singles Chart in June 1981, becoming Robinson’s second UK No.1 single and his first solo artist.

The song is a title track from his gold-certified album “Being With You.

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#5. Just to See Her

Songwriter(s): Jimmy George, Lou Pardini

Producer: Peter Bunetta, Rick Chundacoff

Label: Motown

Genre: R&B, Pop, Soul

Release Date: March 4, 1987

Length: 4:02

Album: One Heartbeat

The album sold a little short of million copies becoming the most successful albums of his career.

Just to See Her” peaked at:

  • No. 7 in Cash Box
  • No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in June 1987
  • No. 2 on the R&B Chart 
  • No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. 
  • No. 52 on the Singles Chart in the United Kingdom

In 1988, Robinson won his first Grammy Award for ‘Best Male R&B Vocal Performance’ for the song.

#6. You’ve Really Got A Hold on Me

Songwriter(s): Smokey Robinson

Producer: Smokey Robinson

Label: Tamla

Genre: Soul

Release Date: November 9, 1962

Length: 3:02

Album: The Fabulous Miracles

One of the most covered tunes for ‘The Miracles.’ The song was a 1998 Grammy Hall of Fame Award inductee, selling over a million copies after the group’s hit single “Shop Around.” The single reached at:

  • No. 1 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart,
  • No. 8 of the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop chart

The hit single was included on the album “The Fabulous Miracles” over three months after its release.


The song was selected as one of ‘The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.’

You’ve Really Got A Hold on Me” also has versions of the song by many musicians, including ‘The Beatles.’

#7. Mickey’s Monkey

Songwriter(s): Holland – Dozier – Holland

Producer: Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier

Label: Tamla

Genre: Soul

Release Date: July 26, 1963

Length: 2:48

Album: The Miracles Doin’ Mickey’s Monkey

‘The Miracles’ third million-selling hit record after “Shop Around” and “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me,” hitting,

  • No. 8 on Billboard Top 10 Pop chart,
  • No. 3 on R&B Top 10 chart.

…And because of this song, “The Monkey” became a national dance craze in the early 1960s. Smokey described the song as “one of our biggest records ever in life.”

Also, “Mickey’s Monkey” was often used as a closing number, where it would usually “bring the house down” during live performances and on famously covered “Motortown Revue,” a touring show for ‘The Miracles’ in the early 1960s.

#8. I Second that Emotion

Songwriter(s):  Smokey Robinson, Al Cleveland

Producer: Smokey Robinson

Label: Motown

Genre: Soul

Release Date: October 19, 1967

Length: 2: 48

Smokey Robinson & ‘The Miracles’ version was an excellent smash for the band, selling over a million copies and charting at,

  • No. 1 on the Billboard Best Selling R&B Singles chart,
  • No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks
  • No. 27 on the UK Top 30 chart.

The track became the sixth song to set a million-selling record for ‘The Miracles.’


The song’s version of the group duet, “Diana Ross & the Supremes” and “The

Temptations” was also a great hit!

#9. Baby That’s Backatcha

Songwriter(s): Smokey Robinson

Producer: Smokey Robinson

Label: Tamla

Genre: R&B/ Soul Music

Release Date: 1975

Length: 3:36

Smokey Robinson was an all-rounder for this song; that is to say, the song was written, produced, and performed all by himself, peaking at:

  • No.1 on the US R&B chart
  • No. 26 on Top 40 Hits 

From the album, “A Quiet Storm,” this disco/dance record was Robinson’s first of two solos to hit number one on the ‘R&B Chart’ and his second ‘Top 40 Solo Hit.’  

#10. One Heartbeat

Songwriter(s): Brian Ray, Steve LeGassick

Producer: Peter Bunetta, Rick Chudacoff

Label: Motown

Genre: R&B, Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary

Release Date: June 1987

Length: 4:07

Musician Brian Ray co-writes the song along with keyboardist Steve LeGassick. The song was a solo hit for Smokey peaking at:

  • No.10 on the Billboard Hot 100, 
  • No. 3 on the R&B Singles chart,
  • No. 2 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The song can be heard in the opening credits of a 1987 romcom “Cross My Heart” starring Martin Short and Annette O’Toole.

Other Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Top List Songs:

  • Got a Job (1957)
  • Bad Girl (1959)
  • Shop Around (1960)
  • Mighty Good Lovin (1962)
  • Ooo Baby Baby (1965)
  • Going to a Go-Go (1965)
  • The Tracks of My Tears (1965)
  • More Love (1967)
  • The Agony & the Ecstasy (1975)
  • Let Me Be the Clock (1980)
  • Tell Me Tomorrow (1982)
  • Ebony eyes (1984)

No wonder…

In 1987, Smokey was inducted into ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,’ and in 2016, Robinson won The Library of Congress ‘Gershwin Prize’ for dedicating his life to popular music. 

Smokey Robinson and ‘The Miracles’ reigned over people’s hearts from the ’60s until now and became the most important musical acts in pop music history.

Want to know how Smokey got his name?…

Well, Robinson himself explained the answer to that in 2012 with a childhood story, 

So, William says, and I quote:

“My Uncle Claude was my favorite uncle; he was also my godfather. He and I were close. He used to take me to see cowboy movies all the time when I was a little boy because I loved cowboy movies. He got a cowboy name for me, which was Smokey Joe.”

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I second that emotion! 

Smokey Robinson Top List

Conclusion: 10 Top Smokey Robinson Songs & Albums 

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