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Smokey Robinson Quotes FI

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Smokey Robinson Quotes: Everyone knows about Smokey Robinson, also known as William Robinson Jr., was born an American singer, known as a songwriter, producer, and former record executive. 

Robinson was awarded an individual star on ‘The Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 22, 1983. 

…After four years, he was inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll hall of fame.’ In 1998, Smokey Robinson received his first Grammy award for his album “One Heartbeat.” 

Not only that

Everybody loved him speaking at churches, juvenile jails, rehabs, and hospitals, as he saved many lives.  

…You hear many things about him and his music, but this article will show you heart-warming quotes by Smokey Robinson that will surely lift your spirit and hopes.

Buckle up! 

…as things might get juicy from now onwards.

Let’s get started

Quote # 01

”Mistake, I know I’ve made a few. But I’m only human, you’ve made mistakes, too.” 

Smokey Robinson Quotes

Quote # 02

You know what, I’m probably one of the most blessed people there’s ever been, and I thank God for it.”

Quote # 03

Songwriting is my gift from God.” 

Quote # 04

As human beings, we’re very materialistic and have all this stuff – furs and cars and diamonds and money.” 

Smokey Robinson Quotes
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Quote # 05

‘’The only thing you’re taking out of here is your spirit and your soul, so we need to be conscious to try and develop that part of ourselves because we’re all spiritual creatures.” 

Quote # 06

I don’t ever balk at being considered a Motown person, because Motown is the greatest musical event that ever happened in the history of music.” 

Smokey Robinson Quotes

Quote # 07

When you write a song, a song has longevity.” 

Quote # 08

As a kid, this is what I wanted my life to be. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever dare to dream that it would be this.” 

As a kid, this is what I wanted my life to be. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever dare to dream that it would be this.’’Smokey Robinson

Quote # 09

‘’I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day” 

Quote # 10

We’re all going to be victims of temptation at several points in our lives.” 

Conclusion: Smokey Robinson Quotes

Those were some inspirational quotes by Smokey Robinson; I am amazed how he can write songs and put his soul in them! 

His career hit the peak because of these two sensational steps, The Miracles and Motown,”You’ve Got a Hold on Me,” “Mickey’s Monkey,” “I Second That Emotion,” “Baby Baby Don’t Cry,”  and “The Tears of a Clown.”

As if that’s not enough…

Are you someone like other musicians nowadays who enjoy writing songs like him or someone who aims to be an inspiration to others like Smokey? This article probably put you in good mood today, so don’t forget to share the quotes with your friends. 

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