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James Charles Top Youtube Videos: Social media personality, Instagram influencer, beauty vlogger, and makeup artist James Charles has been rising to fame since 2015. 

He’s known for his YouTube channel with makeup tutorial videos for which fans subscribe for beauty tips and hacks. 

Well, if you’ve already heard of James Charles and Tatti Westbrook’s Halo Beauty controversy, you probably knew the deets of the whole “drama,” right?


…if you’re a new fan looking for James Charles’ best videos, you came to the right place!

Today, we’ll be talking about the top list of videos you must “murder” that replay button for. This article will give you the lowdown on:

  • Saucy Makeup Video Clips
  • Creative Makeup Looks
  • Funny James Charles Video Clips
  • James’ Collabs with Other Instagram Influencers

And a whole lot more…

Raise your makeup brushes and start your makeup journey.

Buckle up, take a look at James’ top list of his best beauty tutorial videos for ideas on how to nail that cat eye and smokey eye you’re oh-so-dying to achieve.

Let’s get started…

1. “Cut Crease Pop of Color Liner Tutorial With Amanda Ensing”

James Charles Top List


Date Released: May 23, 2017

Running time: 14 minutes and 11 seconds

Amanda Ensing is one of James’ best friends. She’s among the most famous social media influencers, too, with her unique makeup video tutorials. 

Amanda currently has 1.45 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and she’s already done several collabs with other well-known celebrities.

In this video, Charles and Amanda just talk about their lives – discussing boys, throwbacks with about friendships, etc. – while James is doing the cut crease pop-of-color liner on Amanda’s face. They’re very natural with each other, and there’s not a single hint of awkwardness between the two.

Watch to have fun!

2. “My Parents Do My Makeup”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: February 28, 2018

Running Time: 19 minutes and 25 seconds

If a phrase would describe this video, it’s “True love goes beyond acceptance.”

I’m sure every viewer of this clip will just be as amazed as I am at how amazing James’ parents are. Christie Dickinson and Skip Dickinson are really rare gems in James’ life.

As fans already know, James has this segment in most of his videos called “Beauty Battles.” His guests get to do his makeup and decide whether it’s a yay or a nay!

This video is one of the few that shows real and genuine happiness in James Charles’ face.

3. “Style Swap ft. Jeffree Star”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: May 5, 2018

Running Time: 34 minutes and 26 seconds

If you’re a big makeup fan, you’ll love this video featuring two of the biggest names in the beauty industry today. 

Jeffree Star is a beauty guru and another good friend of James, and in this video, they try to recreate each other’s style and even personality!

They did this whole thing for about 34 minutes and 26 seconds while also talking about their dramas and little fights.

Yeah right, they’re lovely friends indeed.

4. “Never Before Seen Footage of 2018”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: December 29, 2018

Time Running: 17 minutes and 11 seconds

In this video, James shared the behind-the-scenes clips and cutscenes from the makeup tutorial videos he did with his guests.


In the video, James seemed very pure and fun,  revealing his and his guests’ natural candidness.

If you want to know James on a deeper level, these behind the scene cameras are an excellent way to go.

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5. “Singing My Makeup Routine”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: March 6, 2019

Time running: 18 minutes and 39 seconds

In case you don’t know, James Charles has a passion for music, too. 

In this video, you can hear him sing his beauty regimen.

 The young beauty guru shows off his singing talent as he replaces the songs 7 Rings, Shallow, Without Me, High Psycho, Thank U,  and Next, Girls Like You among others with his own lyrics.

6. “The Biggest Collab in History”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: May 13, 2020

Time Running: 15 minutes and 52 seconds

In this video, you’ll see seven of YouTube’s best beauty vloggers, including James Charles. The rest are Nikkie, Patrick Star, Manny Mua, Mykie, Bretman, Louie, and Nikita.

They’re James’ super friends and are also equally talented.

In this video, the squad does their own makeup tutorials with varying looks, of course – they’re just all in one frame!

Wow, I mean, there’s no need to switch channels, is there?

7. “EXTREME Quarantine Glow Up Makeover!”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: June 10, 2020

Time Running: 13 minutes and 41 seconds

As home quarantine continues to be implemented around the world, most people just lose the motivation to get up and get that glow-up they usually did pre-pandemic. 

Well, in this video, James will provide you makeup tips and ideas to inspire you to glam it up again.

8. “Doing Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Makeup”

James Charles Top List


Date Released: October 28, 2020

Time Running: 16 minutes and 22 seconds

Kylie Jenner – one of the youngest millionaires in the world, an influencer, and a CEO- and James Charles, are apparently close enough to do a Halloween makeup look. 

The first collab was way back on October 10, 2018 and it has 44 million views. They did a spooky skeleton look.

Their part two is far more lit than the previous one. 

In their second Halloween makeup video, James Charles does a scary cheetah look on Kylie’s face while talking about Kylie’s new collection of products, Stormi’s Halloween, Tiktok, and even Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

Recommending it a hundred and more percent, this video is just very refreshing to watch,

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9. “Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: December 23, 2020

Time Running: 16 minutes and 59 seconds

This video is just all just fun and games with James Charles’ best friends and fellow social media influencers – Charlie & Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Larry, and Chase Hudson as they gathered to catch up with each other during the holiday season.

The video shows how super emotional the good friends are towards each other. They got each other meaningful gifts, and have a beautiful message for everyone.


10. “I Paid Off My Parents’ House”

James Charles Top List

Date Released: December 26, 2020

Time Running: 14 minutes and 51 seconds

Unlike most of James’ videos, this one is not a makeup tutorial.

It shows how thoughtful a son the fashion guru is – surprising his parents as he pays his parents’ mortgage.

No other words to describe this video other than love and gratefulness. 

What a gem, Charles! What a gem!

Conclusion:  James Charles Top List [MUST-WATCH] Videos

As intriguing as he surely is, there’s no doubt that James Charles is also very loving and kind when it comes to his loved ones. 

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